Noel Gallagher says he realized he is not very good playing guitar

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In a recent interview with Gibson, Noel Gallagher, the renowned guitarist and chief songwriter for Oasis, candidly admitted he doesn’t think he’s great at playing the guitar.

Last June, the band “Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds” dropped their fourth studio album, “Council Skies”, a joint production effort between Gallagher and Paul Stacey.

“I’ve come to realize that I might not be the best at playing the guitar. It dawned on me that perhaps playing songs by others isn’t my strong suit.”

“In my early days, I began forging my unique path. While some wouldn’t term it songwriting, I just did what felt right to me. Much of my early work had hints of ‘House of the Rising Sun’, albeit with the chords jumbled around.”

“Reflecting on it, I wasn’t inclined towards covering others’ songs. Probably because I wasn’t great at it or lacked the patience. Crafting my own seemed easier and more genuine. So, carving my own musical path seemed the right choice,” he shared.

An interesting revelation came up during the conversation; before Oasis, Noel had never played his guitar while standing. “There was this one time, we were working on my track, Columbia, which was purely instrumental. We had a performance lined up for Tuesday, and it struck me out of the blue – I had never played the guitar standing! To add to the chaos, I didn’t even have a strap, and I was broke. That following Monday was probably the most nerve-wracking day of my life,” Gallagher recounted.

Despite disbanding in 2009, primarily due to tension between the Gallagher brothers, Oasis remains one of the most commercially successful bands, boasting sales of over 70 million records globally. The hopes for a reunion remain high among fans, but both Liam and Noel continue to pursue their solo endeavors.

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