Paris Jackson Calls On The World’s Strongest Women, Including Beyoncé, To Save America

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A celebrity recently shared her thoughts on the latest political debate.

The recent debate between two prominent politicians sparked controversy even among their supporters. The celebrity took to social media to discuss other possible candidates.

Although she leans Democratic, she expressed dissatisfaction with both current candidates and called for alternatives. She suggested some well-known women, including a famous singer:

“Please run [famous singer].”

In addition to the singer, she also mentioned other prominent women, but her options weren’t limited to them. She wrote in another post:

“Literally anyone else haha.”

Her Political Views

She has been vocal about her political views. In 2017, she took the stage at an awards show to present the award for best pop video but paused to address political issues.

She shared her belief in the power of unity and stated that if everyone came together, it would be significant. Humorously imitating one of the debated politicians, she said:

“Believe me. And that’s not fake news.”

She then addressed the issue of white supremacist violence, emphasizing that a nation that champions liberty should have zero tolerance for violence, hatred, and discrimination. She called for resistance against these forces.

Despite her steadfast political views, the recent debate seems to have made her reconsider her stance.

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