Paul Stanley Admits Success Made KISS Lazy

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Success can occasionally result in complacency. According to Paul Stanley, the band’s co-founder, and leader, that is exactly what happened to KISS.

Stanley recently acknowledged that the band became a little bit sloppy as a result of their 1980s popularity in an interview with Radioacktiva.

In the 1980s, KISS released a ton of albums, such as “Creatures of the Night,” “Lick It Up,” “Animalize,” “Asylum,” “Crazy Nights,” and “Hot in the Shade.”

The band’s musical direction changed at this time as they experimented with various sounds and made an effort to adjust to the shifting music scene. In the 1970s, polished, radio-friendly music had replaced the hard rock and glam metal of the era, and KISS was no different.

In the interview, Stanley confessed that ‘Creatures of the Night’ was his favorite of these albums. He continued by saying that the record was a turning point for the group since it made them reevaluate their course and return to their origins.

The band at the time had grown too used to their success, and the understanding of this led to a wake-up call.

‘Creatures of the Night,’ an album that allowed KISS to rekindle their passion for music, served as this band’s wake-up call. Stanley thinks that the band’s new period officially began with the release of this album.

He also noted that, despite some fans’ possible dissatisfaction with KISS’s 1980s production, the decade was nonetheless a crucial time for development and progress.

In addition to ‘Animalize,’ ‘Lick It Up,’ and ‘Crazy Nights,’ Stanley commended several albums from the time period and noted that each had its great passages.

Stanley said when asked which KISS album from the 1980s was his favorite:

“From the ’80s… Well, I would say ‘Creatures’ because ‘Creatures’ was really an important album for us to try to get back to where we belong because I think we were wandering and I think that success had made us lazy. ‘Creatures’ was a wake-up for us to make an album that was purely what we love, and that was the start of a new era for us.

There were great moments on many of the albums; ‘Animalize,’ ‘Lick It Up,’ and ‘Crazy Nights.’ There are good things about each one of them. So the ’80s, although for some people it wasn’t as exciting as us in our full gear, full makeup, it was a time of trying to survive doing something very different than we had.”

Thus, even renowned rockers like KISS are susceptible to the traps of success. Although the 1980s may not have been their most well-known era, it was a time of personal growth and reinvention.

Another reason KISS continues to be a rock ‘n’ roll force to be reckoned with is the band’s willingness to admit its complacency and battle to get back on track.

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