Phil Collins’ Son Nic raises concerns about performing Genesis hits

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Genesis’s current drummer, Nic Collins, recently took to Instagram to share his anxieties about performing the iconic band’s tracks.

Joining Genesis in 2022, Nic stepped in for his father, Phil Collins, who had been dealing with long-lasting hand issues stemming from a 2009 upper neck surgery. Though Phil hoped for a complete recovery, his ability to grip a drumstick never fully returned.

Reflecting on past performances, Nic shared some archived drum footage from the Genesis ‘The Last Domino?’ Tour, saying:

“I stumbled upon some old drum camera clips from our recent tour and decided to mesh them with some live audio for a quick montage.”

While proud of his achievements, Nic revealed he often questions his performances, saying:

“Revisiting past shows evokes mixed emotions. I’m proud of my accomplishments, yet there’s always that nagging thought – ‘Could I have done something differently?’ Particularly, my rendition of ‘Cinema Show’ took inspiration mainly from its mid-’80s versions.”

Shifting to his sense of duty, he added:

“My main goal was to uphold the song’s legacy, ensuring the band felt at ease and familiar with the rendition. On reflection, there are aspects of the ‘Seconds Out’ version I’d have loved to infuse more.”

Expressing gratitude, he remarked:

“Nonetheless, I’m thrilled with our performances. Cherishing the moments shared with my father and his longtime bandmates has been invaluable. Kudos to my percussion mate, DTale – rocking out with you has been phenomenal.”

In earlier chats, Nic had echoed Phil’s heartache at having to retire from drumming. He emphasized how Phil, despite missing his active role, cherished watching his son share the stage with his bandmates of many decades.

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