Phil X Expresses Guilt Over Taking Richie Sambora’s Spot In Bon Jovi

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In a recent episode of Talking Shred, Phil X, the current guitarist for Bon Jovi, opened up about his feelings regarding replacing Richie Sambora. During a fan Q&A session, he expressed empathy for fans who had hoped to see Sambora perform instead of him. Reflecting on fans’ reactions after shows, Phil X admitted to feeling a sense of remorse, wishing those first-time attendees could have experienced the band with Sambora.

He recounted a poignant moment during a show at Milton Keynes Bowl where fans displayed overwhelming support with signs, prompting Jon Bon Jovi to halt the performance due to the emotional impact. Phil X was moved by the display but felt conflicted, believing it should have been Sambora receiving such adoration.

Since joining Bon Jovi in 2013 and officially replacing Sambora in 2016, Phil X acknowledged the challenge of stepping into his predecessor’s shoes. He recalled initially doubting his ability to fill the role, revealing the intense emotions he experienced while adapting to the band’s dynamic. Despite embracing his own style, Phil X recognized the unique essence Sambora brought to Bon Jovi, making it clear he could never replicate it.

Overall, Phil X’s journey with Bon Jovi has been marked by respect for Sambora’s legacy and a deep appreciation for the band’s passionate fan base.

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