Rachel Bolan Hints Re-recording Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach Era Album With Erik Gronwall

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In a recent interview on the Jeremy White Show, Rachel Bolan of Skid Row reflected on the tumultuous times surrounding their 1995 album “Subhuman Race.”

He candidly expressed how the band was unraveling during that period, with the album potentially being their last with former lead singer Sebastian Bach.

Despite the challenges and the sense that the band was reaching its end, Bolan still sees value in the album’s tracks. Looking forward, he expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of re-recording some songs from “Subhuman Race” with Erik Gronwall, the band’s new vocalist, offering a fresh take on the music that emerged from a pivotal time in Skid Row’s history.


  1. Rachel obviously wants to completely ruin the legacy of one of the greatest bands in one of the greatests music eras in history. Subhuman race was a Sub-par album. SR started to sound like they didn’t give a shit about writing good music on this album. Go ahead and re record it..there are still a few people in the fanclub that like the ORIGINAL. SR. Pull the KISS thing and ruin your reply with those people you POS.

  2. Bob,,,who the fuck are you to have a say on this ?,,,,It’s up to the band to decide if the re-record old stuff or not and if you don’t like it then fuck off/ Rod

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