RATT’s Stephen Pearcy Blasts MOTLEY CRUE For Disrespecting Mick Mars

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In a recent reveal, Stephen Pearcy, the lead vocalist of RATT, shared some surprising details about MÖTLEY CRÜE’s past. He claimed that the band had been contemplating replacing their guitarist Mick Mars since the 1980s.

Moreover, Pearcy mentioned tensions between Nikki Sixx, CRÜE’s bassist, and Vince Neil, the frontman. These insights offer a rare glimpse into the dynamics of this legendary rock group.

Adding to the intrigue, drummer Carmine Appice disclosed last month some striking information about The Stadium Tour held last summer, which featured prominent bands including MÖTLEY CRÜE.

Appice alleged that Nikki Sixx’s bass segments were pre-recorded, a significant claim considering the expectation of live performance authenticity. If true, this casts doubt on the band’s onstage sincerity.

The drama escalated when Mick Mars sued MÖTLEY CRÜE. Mars accused the band of relying on backing tracks for live shows and claimed Sixx misled him about his mental and musical abilities.

He also alleged his earnings were unfairly reduced from 25% to 5% after he stopped touring. Mars’s lawsuit has sparked a divide among fans, with some supporting him and others siding with the rest of the band.

Despite the controversy, MÖTLEY CRÜE continues to make music, having recently started projects with John 5, Mars’s successor. The band’s future remains uncertain, but its influence and legacy in the rock world are undeniable.

Pearcy reflected on the lawsuit in a new interview on the “Waste Some Time With Jason Green” show. He expressed shock and disappointment, especially considering his close ties with Vince Neil and respect for Mick Mars.

Acknowledging the passage of 40 years and the toll it has taken on their generation of musicians, Pearcy emphasized the importance of mutual respect, despite being personally unaffected by the controversy. He sympathized with Mars, lamenting the situation’s escalation into a larger issue.

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