‘Rite Here Rite Now’ was evidently a full success at the box office. The film by Ghost even broke a record in the process.

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Ghost’s Blockbuster Film ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ Breaks Records

The highly anticipated film by Ghost, ‘Rite Here Rite Now’, recently hit theaters worldwide. This blend of concert and feature film was showcased from June 20 to 23, 2024, in over 1,800 theaters across 49 countries, achieving remarkable success. According to various media reports, including Metalsucks, the band managed to break a hard rock cinema record.

**Impressive Debut**
According to distributor Trafalgar Releasing, ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ achieved the ninth highest international box office gross. The film earned an impressive $5.04 million (4.7 million euros) over these four days. In North America, the film performed even better, becoming the highest-grossing hard rock cinema event ever with $2.65 million (2.47 million euros).

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Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge had high hopes for such success. “Having wanted to make a film for most of my life, I was overwhelmed to see that our fans were interested in the film even before it was released. Now that people have not only seen it but seem to like it, it really touches my heart. Thank you all!” The strongest day for ‘Rite Here Rite Now’ was June 20, ranking third with earnings of over $1.12 million and an average of $1,492 per screen across 755 theaters.

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