Ronnie Radke Addresses Contradictions In The Hardcore Scene With A Bold Statement

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Falling In Reverse lead vocalist Ronnie Radke recently expressed his views on the inconsistencies in the music scene, specifically addressing the behavior of certain fans and the shifting perceptions towards bands.

He pointed out the hypocrisy in fan reactions, citing how Bring Me The Horizon faced backlash from hardcore fans when they gained mainstream popularity. Similarly, he noted that Slaughter To Prevail (STP) was initially embraced by fans but later criticized as they became more successful.

Radke highlighted the irony in the hardcore scene, where some advocate for communism while living in a capitalist country. He contrasted this with STP’s move from Russia to the US for better opportunities, commending STP’s frontman Alex Terrible for seeking a better life in America.

Alex Terrible’s relocation to Florida in 2022 was initially attributed to Russia’s stance on heavy music, support for Ukraine, and potential legal issues. However, Terrible revealed in a YouTube video that his love for Melbourne, Florida, during a tour stop was a significant factor in his decision. His move became more urgent due to travel restrictions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, leaving him stranded in Poland while waiting for a visa.

Despite his appreciation for Florida, Terrible acknowledged America’s own complex international role. He clarified that his move was motivated by the desire for a better life for his family and to advance his music career, rather than any political stance.

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