Ronnie Radke Congratulates The Band That Beat Falling In Reverse

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Ronnie Radke, the lead singer of Falling In Reverse, recently shared his thoughts on social media regarding his band’s placement in Octane’s list of the 30 most popular hard rock songs of 2023.

Falling In Reverse’s “Watch the World Burn” ranked second, just behind Bad Omens. Radke congratulated Bad Omens and expressed gratitude to his fans for their continuous support, noting the song’s unique structure and lack of a traditional chorus.

A fan commented, questioning the validity of the list, pointing out that Bad Omens’ song was from 2021 and that Sleep Token’s “The Summoning” might have higher streams.

Radke responded, clarifying that the list was based on more than just stream counts and that “Watch the World Burn” had exceptionally high streams.

Radke also addressed critics on social media, showcasing Falling In Reverse’s impressive Spotify statistics, particularly noteworthy given the release of only two songs in 2023.

He humorously dismissed suggestions of waning popularity, citing the band’s impressive 549.9 million streams.

Falling In Reverse is gearing up for the ‘Take Back Your Life’ tour with Disturbed in 2024, starting in Peoria, Illinois. They will be joined by Plush as supporting acts, promising a series of high-energy performances.

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