Sammy Hagar on David Lee Roth: “He Refuses To Acknowledge That Hagar-Era VAN HALEN Was More Successful Than His Era”

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In an interview with Planet Rock magazine, Sammy Hagar discussed his views on David Lee Roth and the dynamics that led to the end of his first tenure with Van Halen.

Sammy Hagar expressed a lack of respect for Roth’s artistry, though he acknowledged Roth’s cleverness, showmanship, and pivotal role in Van Halen’s early success.

He pointed out the irony in Roth’s refusal to acknowledge the success Van Halen achieved with Hagar, comparing it to how foolish it would be if he didn’t recognize Roth’s contributions before his time in the band.

Hagar also delved into the reasons behind his departure from Van Halen. He described the period surrounding the making of the ‘Balance’ album as challenging, marked by increasing dysfunction within the band.

According to Hagar, this was due to a mix of substance abuse, insecurity, and poor management, factors that ultimately led to the end of his initial run with the group. He clarified that these issues were not related to him or Mike Anthony, the bassist.

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  1. Tamela Beckman Reply

    7 years for CVH & 11 years for Van Hagar….yeah more #1’s but a Different Kind of Truth did what, 93 MILLION on the tour?…Fans FLOCKED to see Dave & the boys!!

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