Sebastian Bach Recalls David Lee Roth Forgetting Van Halen Lyrics

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In a recent conversation with KLPX, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row reminisced about the carefree spirit of rock and roll in its heyday, particularly sharing a humorous anecdote about witnessing David Lee Roth’s lyrical slip-up during a Van Halen concert.

Bach expressed his concerns about the current state of rock music, pinpointing the internet as a divisive force that dampens the once ubiquitous joy and camaraderie in the genre. Reflecting on his early days with Madam X in ’87, he nostalgically recounted the sheer delight of the era:

“Back when I was rocking out with Madam X in ’87, and you were at KUPD, rock and roll was synonymous with fun,” he lamented.

He fondly remembered a Van Halen concert where Roth amusingly forgot the lyrics, turning the moment into a lighthearted, shared experience among the audience:

“There was this time at a Van Halen gig when Dave just blanked on the lyrics. We all just burst into laughter, celebrating the blunder. It was moments like these that truly embodied the spirit of rock and roll. And I’m striving to bring that unabashed joy back with my new album. Watching the latest video, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear; it’s all about that pure, unadulterated joy.”

Bach Almost Joined Van Halen

The narrative took a turn, delving into the tumultuous history of Van Halen post-Roth era, notably during Sammy Hagar’s tenure. Hagar replaced Roth in 1985 but left prior to the band’s first major compilation release, ‘Best Of – Volume I,’ in 1996. Gary Cherone stepped in briefly, contributing to ‘Van Halen III’ before their split.

Amidst these transitions, Bach mentioned a curious episode where he was considered for the lead vocalist spot, a prospect discussed in a meeting with Doc. However, the idea never materialized into an actual audition, partly due to reservations about him leaving Skid Row.

Reflecting on the earlier chapters of his career, Bach shared a touching memory of touring with Van Halen, expressing how surreal it felt to mingle with rock legends like Eddie Van Halen:

“When Skid Row opened for Van Halen’s ‘Balance’ tour, it was surreal. Eddie and Alex Van Halen weren’t just legends on stage; they were warm and personable offstage too. I remember Eddie dropping by our dressing room, casually strumming his guitar, making us feel like we were all part of one big rock family.”

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