Slash names the heaviest guitar riff in rock history

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Guns N’ Roses might not be the heaviest music band around, but their guitarist, Slash, really loves heavy music.

When he’s asked about his biggest musical inspiration, he consistently points to one source: Black Sabbath.

While he’s known for those catchy rock and roll tunes like “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” some of the coolest guitar parts on their album ‘Appetite For Destruction’ have a bit of a metal feel, like in songs such as “My Michelle” and “It’s So Easy.”

In a documentary called ‘Metal Evolution,’ Slash talks about how he sees Black Sabbath as the ultimate heavy music creators.

He says, “Black Sabbath was the first band that showed me what heavy metal was all about. Their music had this powerful heaviness that made you believe they were dead serious.”

Even though Black Sabbath had some incredible songs on their early albums, like the ones titled after the band itself and “Iron Man,” Slash thinks their music got even more mind-blowing as they evolved.

Besides the older stuff, Slash thinks that “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath,” a song from their album with the same name, has one of the most intense guitar riffs he’s ever come across.

He told Matt Pinfield:

“The title track, especially that part near the end of the song. It doesn’t get any heavier than that. I can’t think of any other band with a riff as heavy as ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’.”

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