Sophie Lloyd Responds To The Hatred She Faced Due To Machine Gun Kelly

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Sophie Lloyd, a guitarist who recently joined Machine Gun Kelly’s (MGK) band, has experienced a substantial shift in her career, facing both positive and negative reactions.

Initially known for playing in local pubs, she was thrilled about the opportunity with MGK, seeing it as a significant learning experience and a chance to grow as an artist. This sudden fame led to unexpected situations, including journalists showing up at her family’s home, which her family amusingly embraced, finding humor in their newfound attention.

Despite her gratitude for this career leap, Lloyd encountered online hate and criticism. She found the experience initially overwhelming but chose to stay unapologetic and true to her passion for music and her unique style. She expressed frustration with how people judged her character based on her association with MGK, noting that the gossip and drama eventually faded away.

Sophie Lloyd reflected that her surrounding community knew the criticisms were baseless, and she felt fortunate for their support.

Additionally, Lloyd has faced challenges regarding the sexualization and criticism of her appearance and the way she portrays herself on social media. She expressed annoyance at the double standards in the rock industry, highlighting how women are criticized for expressing confidence and sexuality, whereas men often exploit women’s sex appeal without facing similar backlash.

Sophie Lloyd pointed out that when women take control of their image for their confidence, they are often judged harshly, a hypocrisy that bothers her significantly. Nonetheless, she tries not to let such comments affect her too much, maintaining a focus on her music and personal expression.

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