Stevie Nicks Recalls The ‘Mystery Man’ Saving Her Life

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In a recent performance, Stevie Nicks reminisced about an incident at San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium in 1970. During this early gig, she faced heckling from an audience member. A man intervened, sternly warning the heckler to leave and never return, threatening him if seen again.

Afterward, Stevie Nicks discovered this man was Bill Graham, a prominent concert promoter responsible for launching artists like the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin.

Nicks, though strongly associated with Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon through Fleetwood Mac, has deep ties to San Francisco. She lived there for several years before her musical career took off. Attending high school in the Bay Area and later San Jose State University, she developed a lasting connection to the city.

During her recent concert at the Chase Center, instead of the usual greeting, Nicks expressed a heartfelt sentiment, feeling like she was ‘home.’ She shared her enduring love for San Francisco, mentioning that she would have continued living there had she not joined Fleetwood Mac and moved to LA. Nicks concluded her performance by expressing her love for San Francisco and her eagerness to return.

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