Stewart Copeland Wasn’t A Fan Of Robert Plant’s Singing And Bonham’s Drumming

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Stewart Copeland, the iconic drummer from The Police, took a while to warm up to Led Zeppelin, initially put off by Robert Plant’s vocals. In a 2018 interview with Ultimate Guitar, he confessed that Plant’s singing style initially prevented him from appreciating John Bonham’s drumming talent. However, over time, Copeland grew to recognize Bonham as a “monster” on the drums, shifting his perspective.

Interestingly, in a 2019 conversation on BBC Radio 4, Copeland revealed a forgotten encounter with John Bonham, learning about it only through Bonham’s son, Jason. Despite his fame, Copeland was astounded that he had no recollection of meeting such a legendary figure.

Copeland also shared his views on Bonham’s demeanor and his powerful drumming style. He acknowledged Bonham’s reputation for being challenging in person, but marveled at his “monstrous” sound and the mystery surrounding his technique.

Reflecting on Bonham’s influence on his own drumming, Copeland, in a 2022 interview with Farout Magazine, noted that while initially inspired by Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell, he later drew inspiration from Bonham. This evolution shows how even seasoned musicians like Copeland can discover and embrace the talents of their contemporaries, leading to a newfound appreciation and influence.

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