Ted Nugent’s Wife Shemane: “They’re Trying To Kill Us By Poisoning The Air”

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Shemane Nugent, known for directing “Killer House,” has recently used her Instagram platform to express concerns about potential toxins in the air, food, and water.

In a video, she suggested that these elements might be causing a range of symptoms, such as dizziness and a general feeling of being unwell. She emphasized the importance of boosting health and the immune system as a defense mechanism.

For improving health, Shemane recommended various products, including grass-fed beef free from chemicals and steroids, available on her website, Switch To America With Shemane.

She also mentioned products like Sentry H20 and, which she believes help protect against 5G radiation.

In addition to these product recommendations, Shemane stressed the importance of lifestyle practices like exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and prayer. She shared her personal experience of doing a cold plunge and how it positively impacted her well-being.

Shemane’s interest in wellness and health is rooted in her own experiences. She suffered from health issues due to toxic mold exposure, which she revealed in her documentary “Killer House.” This personal journey has motivated her to educate others about the dangers of toxic mold and the importance of maintaining good health.

You can check out Nugent’s recent post here.

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