The Rolling Stones song Keith Richards plays “more than any others”

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Keith Richards, a renowned musician with a vast repertoire of songs, holds a special place in his heart for the song ‘Happy’.

Despite its upbeat title, ‘Happy’ emerged from a challenging chapter in Richards’ life. During this time, the band faced public scrutiny as tax exiles, adding to the complexity of Richards’ struggles.

Keith Richards was grappling with heroin addiction, losing touch with his essence amidst the haze of substance abuse. Yet, his guitar emerged as a beacon of hope, guiding him through these turbulent times.

‘Happy’ was born in the midst of this turmoil, crafted in the historic Villa Nellcôte in Southern France. Remarkably, the song’s creation was swift and effortless, contrasting with the struggles surrounding its inception.

Completed in just a few hours, ‘Happy’ not only symbolizes Richards’ creative genius but also represents a moment of triumph over his personal demons.

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