Tracii Guns Blasts Fan For Calling Guns N’ Roses ‘A Wannabe Poison Band

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Tracii Guns found himself in a heated exchange with a music fan recently after being called out for his association with Guns N’ Roses.

It all started when the fan, in a dispute about Phish, took a swipe at Tracii Guns for allegedly playing in a band akin to a “wannabe Poison.” The fan’s comment insinuated that Guns N’ Roses hadn’t aged well and was a product of its time. This sparked further debate among users defending Guns’ legacy within the music industry.

In response to the criticism, Tracii Guns simply stated, “I quit GnR,” emphasizing his departure from Guns N’ Roses. He later reinforced his stance, asserting, “Guns N’ Roses ultimately sucks. Tim, 100,000,000 rock fans would like a word with you.”

This isn’t the first time Tracii Guns has found himself defending his musical contributions. Last year, he engaged in a similar altercation when defending Brazilian model Ana Braga from users profiting off her identity. When challenged as a “poser,” Guns countered by asserting his pivotal role in founding both Guns N’ Roses and LA Guns, pushing back against derogatory remarks and setting the record straight on his musical history.

Throughout these incidents, Tracii Guns has consistently reaffirmed his contributions to the music scene, responding assertively to detractors and defending his legacy against misconceptions and personal attacks.

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