Warren DeMartini Says RATT Reunion Isn’t Worth The Trouble

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In a unique conversation with Guitar World, famed guitarist Warren DeMartini shared some intriguing insights about his musical journey, particularly his time with Whitesnake and his final days with RATT. DeMartini admitted to a limited familiarity with Whitesnake’s earlier works, aside from those involving John Sykes.

His involvement coincided with the release of a “best of” album by Geffen, during a period in the mid-90s marked by a rock music downturn. This phase led to memorable tours across Japan, Europe, and even Russia, which was particularly notable given RATT’s infrequent European performances.

Regarding his tenure with Whitesnake, DeMartini clarified that neither he nor David Coverdale viewed it as a long-term commitment. The experience, however, was enriching and diversely engaging, broadening his exposure to international audiences.

The conversation then shifted to his concluding chapter with RATT. DeMartini described this period as tumultuous, overshadowed by legal battles over the rights to the band’s name. Although these issues were eventually resolved, the band’s dynamics continued to deteriorate, leading to a pattern of fleeting progress followed by significant setbacks.

Reflecting on these challenges, DeMartini expressed a sense of regret and questioned the worth of the efforts to maintain the band’s cohesion.

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