Watch: Yayo Sanchez, Or KISS Guy, Plays Monkeywrench With Foo Fighters

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Yayo Sanchez, known as “KISS Guy,” rose to fame after Dave Grohl dubbed him with this nickname during a Foo Fighters concert in Austin, Texas, on April 18, 2018. Sanchez, wearing Gene Simmons‘ “The Demon” face paint, caught Grohl’s attention by holding up a sign asking to play “Monkeywrench” with the band.

Dave Grohl, intrigued by the face paint, invited Sanchez onstage, leading to an unforgettable performance that even made Grohl momentarily forget the lyrics.

Sanchez’s journey to this moment is remarkable. At age nine, his father introduced him to KISS, sparking his passion for music. He had already played with stars like Slash and Paul Stanley. His talent was recognized 11 years before the Foo Fighters concert, when he attended Rock’N’Roll Fantasy Camp in London, described as an opportunity to play with rock legends.

Sanchez, with his band Y, had been making strides in the music world, having opened for bands like Quiet Riot and LA Guns, and was ready to release new music when he played with the Foo Fighters. His impressive performance fueled speculation of a setup, but Grohl affirmed it was a spontaneous and genuine moment.

Grohl himself has been a lifelong KISS fan, having bought their album “Destroyer” in 1976, which deeply influenced him. This shared love for KISS created a special bond between him and Sanchez, making the onstage moment even more poignant.

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