Why David Gilmour Rarely Speaks Even To His Wife

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David Gilmour, the legendary guitarist behind Pink Floyd’s iconic sound, is known for his soulful melodies and soaring solos. However, some say his expressiveness diminishes when he’s off stage.

Steve McElroy, founder of The Australian Pink Floyd, mentioned in a recent interview that Gilmour is a man of few words, especially at home with his wife, Polly Samson.

This might surprise fans who feel deeply connected to the emotions Gilmour pours into his music. As McElroy explains, the guitar is Gilmour’s true voice. Through his instrument, he communicates his feelings.

He expresses his emotions through his Stratocaster. Luckily for us, he recorded much of it, so we can enjoy it!” McElroy shared.

A Tribute Fit for a Rock Icon

Steve McElroy isn’t just a Pink Floyd fan; he’s dedicated to recreating their music with meticulous detail. In 1988, he formed The Australian Pink Floyd Show in South Australia. Their dedication extends beyond the music.

McElroy even uses a guitar setup similar to David Gilmour’s. This attention to detail is evident in their live shows, earning them the title of undisputed champions in replicating Pink Floyd’s sound.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show’s success is undeniable. With over five million tickets sold worldwide, they’ve captivated global audiences. Their dedication even led to an invitation to perform at David Gilmour’s 50th birthday party.

This approval from Gilmour himself is a testament to the band’s ability to faithfully recreate Pink Floyd’s music.

David Gilmour’s Signature Sound

Gilmour’s iconic guitar sound is practically synonymous with the Fender Stratocaster. While he’s used other guitars like Telecasters and Les Pauls, the Strat remains his favorite. His love for Strats dates back to his early musical influences.

One key inspiration was guitarist Hank Marvin, known for his distinctive Stratocaster sound. Upon joining Pink Floyd, Gilmour faced expectations to play instruments similar to Syd Barrett, the previous guitarist. Despite this, Gilmour remained loyal to the Strat.

McElroy highlighted the tremolo arm as crucial to Gilmour’s style. Gilmour’s unique and precise use of the whammy bar added a new dimension to his playing, allowing him to express himself in ways no other instrument could.

Capturing the Pink Floyd Experience

Steve McElroy and The Australian Pink Floyd Show are dedicated guardians of Pink Floyd’s legacy. McElroy emphasized the importance of replicating not just the band’s iconic sound but also the emotional essence of their music.

Pink Floyd created their own universe of sound,” Steve explains. “No other band has ever sounded the same. It’s vital to capture not just the sound but also the feel and emotion of their amazing music.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show is currently on a North American tour. They will perform in various cities across the United States and Canada throughout the summer, giving fans a chance to relive the magic of Pink Floyd live.

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