WOLFGANG VAN HALEN On Reconnecting With MICHAEL ANTHONY: ‘It Was Long Overdue’

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In a recent interview with Loudwire, Wolfgang Van Halen discussed reconnecting with former VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony at MAMMOTH WVH’s December 8 concert in Las Vegas.

Wolfgang, who had replaced Anthony in VAN HALEN, shared his thoughts on the reunion, saying: “He’s family. It was long overdue. We had planned it for a while, and it finally worked out. It was wonderful to see him. I love that my mom [Valerie Bertinelli] and my uncle Patrick, who’s also part of the MAMMOTH team and has a long history with them, were there. It was really nice to have that little reunion.”

After the concert, Wolfgang posted a couple of backstage photos with Michael on social media, captioning them: “Ran into an old friend at the @mammothwvh show in Vegas tonight. (Love ya, Mikey)”

Michael Anthony also shared a video of the MAMMOTH WVH concert and a backstage photo with Wolfgang, writing: “Went to see MAMMOTH WVH last night here in Vegas, and they threw it down! Love ya Wolf, so great to see ya! (Proud of you brother!!)” When asked by a fan how long it had been since he and Wolfgang last met, Michael replied: “First time in 20 years.”

In an interview with New York’s Q104.3 radio station before the House Of Blues show, Wolfgang expressed his excitement about meeting Michael again: “I’m gonna be seeing Mike in Vegas, so I’m stoked to give him a hug.” He also mentioned his enthusiasm for the upcoming 2024 tour featuring Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, and Jason Bonham, which will focus on VAN HALEN music: “Yeah, that’s super cool, man.”

Reflecting on the negativity he faced online when it was announced he would be replacing Anthony for VAN HALEN’s reunion tour with David Lee Roth, Wolfgang explained: “I don’t think it was personal. It was their love for Michael Anthony. People didn’t understand the backstory. The reunion probably wouldn’t have happened without me because my dad [Eddie Van Halen] felt incredibly uninspired and had monumental anxiety, especially when sober. Having me there made him more comfortable and creative. Now that people are learning the truth, many have apologized directly to me on Twitter, saying, ‘I hated you before, but I realize I never really knew you. I just hated you for reasons outside your control, and I feel terrible.’ It’s a big thing for people to admit when they’re wrong, especially online. So I’ve been touched by their kindness.”

Wolfgang also noted how important touring with him was to his father, Eddie Van Halen: “In a 2009 interview, dad made it clear that the only way the tour was happening was because he was happy to tour with me. It was incredibly important to him, but people didn’t take his words to heart. In this day and age, it’s always about the cynical reaction. The true meaning behind his words never really resonated.”

Additionally, Wolfgang mentioned that Eddie had considered a “kitchen-sink” VAN HALEN tour that would have included Anthony and featured multiple vocalists.

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