Wolfgang Van Halen Shares Why Bon Scott Is Better Than Brian Johnson

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In a recent heartfelt discussion, Wolfgang Van Halen, offspring of the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen, opened up about his deep appreciation for AC/DC’s Bon Scott.

He nostalgically painted a picture of his introduction to AC/DC, which remains etched in his memory:
“As a kid, around seven, I was on this epic road trip to the Grand Canyon with my parents. We halted somewhere briefly, and as mom stepped out, dad played ‘Big Balls’ for me. Watching him break into fits of laughter, I couldn’t help but join in. That melody, especially the part where Bon chimes in with his ‘Ooooh…’ was just unforgettable. That was my doorway into the world of AC/DC, and the distinctive voice of Bon Scott.”

Wolfgang expressed his respect for both of AC/DC’s stellar lead singers, Bon Scott and Brian Johnson:

“Brian is such a gem of a person and an extraordinary vocalist, but Bon had this gritty charm to his voice that’s irreplaceable. Both my father and I found that deeply captivating.”

Reflecting on a memorable encounter with AC/DC during their ‘Black Ice Tour’, Wolfgang held guitarist Malcolm Young in high regard:

“I was fortunate to meet AC/DC during the ‘Black Ice Tour’, and Malcolm Young really stood out to me. Always drawn towards rhythm guitar, Malcolm epitomized perfection in that role. The vibe and rhythm he brought to the band were unparalleled.”

Brian Johnson, AC/DC’s lead vocalist, echoed Wolfgang’s sentiments, emphasizing Malcolm Young’s influential role. Speaking about their album ‘Power Up’, Johnson shared:

“Malcolm’s essence was palpable during the album’s creation. Even if I’m not one to believe in the intangible, Malcolm’s presence felt undeniably real. He and Angus had penned half the songs in this album years ago.”

In his autobiographical work, ‘The Lives of Brian,’ Johnson touched upon a serendipitous encounter with Bon Scott back in 1973 when both were budding musicians:

“I reminisce about a gig in Torquay [England] where we were accompanied by a band named Fang. I remember thinking, ‘Not bad at all.’ Post the gig, sharing a drink with their frontman, Bon Scott, we found common ground over our shared roots. Only later did I realize the identity of my drinking buddy from Torquay – it was none other than Bon Scott.”

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