Accept’s Wolf Hoffmann: ‘I Don’t Listen To Metal Music’

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Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann of Accept has shattered stereotypes by showcasing that being a metal musician doesn’t mean you’re confined to metal alone in your musical tastes.

In a recent exchange with A&P-Reacts, Hoffmann was probed about his exploration of new bands and genres beyond the realms of metal. His response was a revelation:

“I rarely delve into metal, if ever. It’s peculiar, isn’t it? I appreciate music, but my playlist rarely features metal. Occasionally, I’ll indulge in some classics like old Uriah Heep or vintage Deep Purple, but aside from that, metal isn’t my go-to. It’s just not my cup of tea, I’m afraid. Despite creating metal, I don’t consume it avidly. It’s a curious paradox.”

Accept’s reluctance to embrace the heavy metal label in their early days is another intriguing facet of their journey.

In a separate dialogue with Rockklassiker, Hoffmann elaborated on their initial aversion to being pigeonholed as heavy metal pioneers:

“There’s always been this notion that we were among the first heavy metal bands to emerge from Germany. Yet, in the early ’80s, when ‘heavy metal’ started gaining traction as a term, we were skeptical. It felt somewhat cheap, you know? Initially, I wasn’t keen on being labeled heavy metal. But eventually, it stuck.”

Reflecting on their stance then and now, Hoffmann mused:

“Today, ‘metal’ seems to encompass a vast spectrum of sounds. Back then, it was ambiguous. We hesitated. But eventually, we owned it. If anyone embodies heavy metal, it’s us.”

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