Roger Waters calls U2’s Bono “disgusting” and “a shit”

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In a recent discourse, Roger Waters delivered a vehement critique of U2’s lead singer Bono, labeling him as repugnant and objectionable. This denunciation emerged from an interview with Waters, where he vehemently rebuked Bono for his remarks concerning the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

During an engagement at their Sphere residency in Las Vegas, Bono dedicated a moment to honor the victims of the October 7 onslaught at the Israeli Supernova music festival. “Given the recent events in Israel and Gaza, a hymn for non-violence might appear absurd, even derisory, yet our supplications have always been for serenity and non-aggression,” he articulated to the audience prior to initiating a rendition of ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’. “Our indignation is directed, you comprehend its direction. Thus, vocalize with us… and those angelic youths at the festival.”

He then intoned the song with modified lyrics, substituting “Early morning, Oct. 7, the dawn ascends in the desert sky… Stars of David, they claimed your existence but failed to seize your dignity,” for the original verse.

Waters, a staunch critic of Israel’s policies, targeted Bono in a fresh dialogue with Al Jazeera (via Clash), condemning the live performance remarks as repulsive. “My progenitor always advised, when confronted with formidable dilemmas, to immerse oneself in literature—peruse, peruse, peruse. Subsequently, the solution becomes effortless: act with integrity,” he shared, referencing his familial history marked by his father’s demise in the Second World War.

He suggested that acquaintances of Bono should physically reprimand him until he abandons his reprehensible behavior. “We must confront such individuals, decrying their viewpoints as vile and demeaning… endorsing the Zionist faction,” he continued. “His act a fortnight ago in the Sphere at Las Vegas, serenading about the Stars of David, represented one of the most vile spectacles I’ve ever witnessed.”

Waters has not shied from expressing his disapproval of Israel previously. In recent times, his commentary on the Palestine conflict and allegations of anti-Semitism have captured headlines.

He has consistently refuted accusations of anti-Semitism, clarifying that his criticism targets Israel’s government rather than the Jewish faith. He further accused Israel of exploiting the term anti-Semitism to silence critics like himself.

Waters recently became the focus of a documentary, “The Dark Side Of Roger Waters,” produced by the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. This film compiles various instances of alleged anti-Semitic actions attributed to Waters.

In response, Rogers denounced the documentary on his official web page as “a flimsy, unapologetic piece of propaganda,” claiming it unjustly amalgamates alleged statements and actions from different contexts to falsely brand him as anti-Semitic without any factual basis.

The documentary also covers a contentious concert in Germany in May 2023, which the US State Department found “deeply offensive to Jewish individuals.” During the show, Waters donned a black trench coat adorned with a symbol resembling a swastika. He defended this act, asserting it symbolized a stand against fascism, injustice, and bigotry, and criticized the backlash as “insincere and politically charged.”

In a significant legal victory, Waters was permitted to conduct a concert in Frankfurt after initial cancellation due to allegations of anti-Semitism. Recently, reports surfaced about his departure from the label BMG following his contentious remarks about Israel.

Meanwhile, U2 once again utilized their Las Vegas residency to make a political statement, dedicating their Saturday performance to Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, following his sudden demise in a Russian penal colony on February 16.


  1. Leigh stewart Reply

    It’s a pity someone of Roger Waters calibre has become so one eyed and vindictive.
    I would suggest the great man gets over himself.

    • Bono works already long for the deep state and about Waters, sorry for you but he is mostly right in his world politics or corona or rest views . And I think he has nothing anti semitic but anti the world system nowadays – and read more about that please

    • Steinthor B. Grimsson Reply

      Roger Waters has fought against Neo-Nazism and fascism everywhere. Today as decades ago. It is not new. But what is new is that Bono has moved to another team, has come with the foreign policy of the USA and Victoria Nuland, worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, joined Russia and with the fascist state of Israel, which is committing genocide in Gaza. And Bono just thinks it’s cool.

    • “I suggest the great man gets overhimself” as in please allow the genocide of palestian people to continue un challenged???

  2. Fiona McConnachie Reply

    Anti Zionism is not anti Semetism & I whole heartedly support Mr Waters’ courage in voicing exactly what people don’t want to hear. Israel’s actions are those of a war criminal & the attempted genocide of the Palestinian people is an act on par with the Holocaust.

  3. Dimitri Djanbani Reply

    Always been a fan of Pink Floyd. But Mr. Waters takes it to a while new level. Unbound respect for this man and his unapologetic and just criticism of a vile, murderous and wholly unjust system of subjugation. Shame to anyone who criticises this man for speaking out against evil.

  4. Anybody or anyone seeing the killing of thousands of children being genocidal slaughtered and approve of it has is less than a immoral human It is the duty of every soldier on all sides to ensure the battle is between soldiers not CIVILIANS in an disproportionate matter . There are rules for term of engagement. Zionist have razed the whole place to the ground.

  5. Tony Donnelly Reply

    Hear hear Mr Waters. A man whose soul is not for sale unlike the vile Bono

  6. Roger Waters is an idiot. He always was. Of course the anti israeli love him. Bye the way, on the october 7 people were killed but it does not matter because its not palestinian. All the same, israeli and palestinian

  7. Sinclair wood Reply

    Whatever happened to free speech, that’s a very Islamic view Waters, thrusting your beliefs on everyone who doesn’t agree with you, I’m afraid I agree with David Gilmour, you are an idiot!

  8. Mr waters speaks out against the Israeli government and their policies not against the Israeli people or their faith even the Israeli people protest against the killing of the Palestinian people the total destruction of gaza and its inhabitants ,the Israeli government say they want to wipe out hamas so their answer is wipe out Palestine and it people, what happened that morning in Israel was wrong this was hamas with other forces behind them ,the calls for a crease fire was answers with Israel has the right to defend themselves by western government rather than a call clm was ignored Netanyahu will only stop when the last man woman and all the children of Palestine are dead and buried under the rubble of gaza is this the answer ,

  9. Walter Dunphy Reply

    Right on, Roger. You speak the truth. Somebody has to call out the Genocide. The Zionists are as evil as the Nazis were. Fellows like Bono were never even out in a shower of rain!

    • How is that Zionism is the word i cannot say, you idiot did you read the Hamas constitution? do you know what is the status of Israel in the UN? Didn’t hear any complains that Asad murdered 500K of his people, that some of Syrian got medical assistant from our brave and humanin Israeli’s doctors.
      All of you stupid walk culture Anti Semitics Jew haters, do not worry Europe will already gets Islamic terror in their capitals, the tree will not full with an Axe it will with the warm, it will eat you from inside.

      • Well Israel do it’s best to send all radical islamists from Gaza in Europe, you see Palaistinians are free to leave their homeland but they will never return. Eternal exile, how nice. Demolishing palaistinian houses because Jew radicals are ok, right mate? A racist country that’s Israel, the only reason West “loves” it so much is the need for a stable ally in the region with the biggest reserve of hydrocarbons. Nothing started at 10/7 as that idiot Bono said, it all started at 1948. Nobody asked the Palaistinians about their country. Can you even imagine that happening today? Or maby it is happenig, almost the same, in Ukraine. So stop that hypocritical nonsense about anti semitism. It’s all about power and geopolitics, nothing more.

  10. Vicky Sherwood Reply

    Waters choosing to be on the right side of history. Bono choosing the path of least resistance for his career at this moment. But all that is set to change in the coming decades. And those who chose to stand with illegal occupation and genocide will eventually come to pay the price of public condemnation and shame.

  11. Patricia Gonzalez Reply

    You are brave Roger always in the si de of the optessed

  12. And yet Hamas is a terrorist’s organization that commit crimes against humanity, rape killed and burned alive babies women and men and kidnaped kids from their beds on October 7th, Waters is an anti sematic idiot as Mr. Gilmore said of him.
    Israel may have the right to defend it self from the evil Iran and it proxy Hamas Hezbollah and other militant groups that call for destruction a legitimate UN member from the Map.
    For all of you Walk Culture stupid idiots like Waters just wait for Islam concord your Europe countries, it will not end with Islamic Terror violent.
    Not all Islam are terrorist but all terrorist are Islam.
    Well done Mr. Bono keep it that way.

    • Poppycock. Your personal appraisal of Hamas as “terrorist” is factually wrong, and plays to wafer thin fanfare outside of Israel, the US, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the EU (which counts as ONE and not 27). In summary, this is the Five Eyes regimes plus the EU. Outside of this champagne bubble, Hamas’ labelling as “terrorist” is confined to two western clients: Japan & Paraguay, and that’s your lot. Where you’re concerned, look no further than the 2018 UN General Assembly fiasco where this cohort failed miserably to have the international community defy Hamas as “terrorist”.

      Israel’s “right to exist” is questionable given the fake state is composed of colonial-settlers that have left millions of previous residents as refugees in neighbouring countries, and this goes back to 1948. For Hamas to envisage a Palestinian state consistent with the British mandate (pre-1948) amounts to innocent irredentism. If the Zionists chose to create a new republic in the middle of Texas, no Palestinian would stop them.

      As for your “rape babies” and the rest of the BS you regurgitate from i24 on 7th October, I strongly suggest go read the Haaretz investigations into those claims, because they debunked those “bona fides” which you think serves as an excuse for Israel’s continued illegal blockade of Gaza, and de-humanising apartheid towards Gazans (source: 2022 Amnesty International repot), including stealing their water, and pumping their sewage onto Palestinian farms (including West Bank).

      As for your “Roger Waters is an anti-Semite” fantasy. Wrong sunshine. Roger Waters has strong ties with many Jewish people including Norm Finkelstein and Katie Halper inter alia. If he hated Jews, he’d hate them as well. His objections to Israel are related to his objections to the behaviour of Israel’s allies: the collective west. So yes Waters may be anti-Zionist, or better still anti-Imperialist, but anti-Semitic? Not a hope in hell.

      And you’re right that not all of Islam is terrorist – but that what is (e.g. Jaesh al-Islam) all receives funding from the west to fight its dirty wars against secular governments such as Syrian, or pro-Iranian governments such as post-2003 Iraq. I know you like to call them “moderate” terrorists, but until you can distinguish what it means to cut off heads and eat hearts “moderately” as opposed to “radically”, you’re not out of the gates on any matter raised in your post Jon-jon. Bye now.

  13. It’s amazing that Waters’ critique of Bono wasn’t because he actually took a side but because on October 9th, weeks before Israel started its offensive, Bono dedicated a song to the 350 Israelis who were slaughtered in a music festival.
    How can anyone, Waters or any of the commenter’s here, say it is wrong to show sympathy to that?!
    He didn’t even set anything political, he didn’t say who the killers were, he didn’t condemn the Palestinians or even hamas!
    He said what everyone in the world said back when the truth was simple and obvious, before the lies and chants in the streets blinded many of you.

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