Nuno Bettencourt Responds To Joe Satriani’s ‘Screwed-Up’ Van Halen Attempt: ‘I’m Pissed’

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In this intriguing discussion, guitar maestro Nuno Bettencourt shares his insights on Joe Satriani’s bold endeavor to play Van Halen songs during a Howard Stern show appearance. He conveys a mix of caution and frustration, particularly during an interview with Jeremy White. Bettencourt doesn’t shy away from expressing his views on the inherent risks of delving into Eddie Van Halen’s legendary musical territory.

Bettencourt acknowledges the immense challenge that comes with attempting to replicate Eddie Van Halen’s unique style, underscoring the potential pitfalls of such an endeavor. He describes this venture as stepping onto “hallowed ground,” illustrating the reverence and respect held for Van Halen’s work.

Adding another layer to his commentary, Bettencourt extends a degree of understanding towards Satriani, recognizing the immense pressure involved in trying to embody Eddie Van Halen’s unparalleled talent.

However, his frustration also extends to Sammy Hagar for endorsing this risky undertaking. Bettencourt critiques Hagar’s decision, suggesting that it unfairly put Satriani in a difficult position and exposed him to the challenges of emulating Van Halen’s iconic sound.

Throughout his remarks, Bettencourt emphasizes the difficulty of the task and the potential repercussions of attempting to replicate such a distinct and revered musical style. He concludes by acknowledging Satriani’s excellence in his own right, cautioning against the attempt to mimic someone as singular as Joe Satriani.

Overall, Nuno Bettencourt’s comments shed light on the complexities involved in playing Van Halen’s music, highlighting the fine line between paying homage and risking the disapproval of dedicated fans. This conversation reveals the deep respect and consideration that musicians have for the legacy of their peers, especially those as influential as Eddie Van Halen.


  1. David Durst Reply

    Oh spare me Nini, seen you screw up plenty of times playing messy Vvan Halen songs. You act like your the greatest but to be honest you screw up as well.

  2. Birdie Jordan Reply

    With all due respect to Mr Satriani, but I have heard guys who are struggling musicians, doing a much better job with EVH.

  3. I agree with Mr. B I saw the Sat video and was appalled and shocked and how terrible it was. I have seen 11 year old asian girls play this piece far better

  4. Drexel Lake Reply

    If Nuno is triggered by Satriani’s playing, Nuno has serious issues.

  5. y’all who are putting down Joe, just stfu. He was put on the spot on Howard Stern show,. Hes got months to polish up the material. satriani is not there to mimic Eddie, we all know that, Sammy, Michael and Jason know that. Joe will do Van Halen tunes the way that Joe plays them. I for one and many other look forward to this historic show and i’ll be watching from the 4 row.

  6. Rick Bevilacqua Reply

    This guy has ruined my image of rock stars – he’s actually intelligent and well-spoken. Can put logical English sentences together. I still think his solo in Rest in Peace is the solo of the century. Without making comparisons, this guy can play.

  7. dont think a performance on Sterns show is gonna make or break the great one. Satch rules!

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