In a recent edition of Revolver magazine, the spotlight turned to Corey Taylor, who took readers on a soulful journey through his music tastes.

With candid revelations, he highlighted one album that initially failed to find a place in his heart but eventually became a beloved favorite.

Which album held this rollercoaster of emotions? None other than Metallica’s iconic yet divisive ‘St. Anger.’

Taylor reminisced, “During its launch, I was sailing stormy seas, with alcohol as my navigator. I couldn’t quite get past the distinctive mix of the album, and admittedly, I found myself echoing the sentiment of the masses.”

Yet, the compass of his opinion began to shift, thanks to a nudge from an unlikely ally. Taylor elaborated, “Josh Rand, the string maestro from Stone Sour and a dedicated Metallica aficionado, introduced me to a treasure – a deluxe version of ‘St. Anger’. This edition was like a backstage pass, unveiling Metallica performing each song raw and unfiltered in their sanctum. It was akin to deciphering a puzzle, understanding the soul and spirit behind each note. My entire perspective transformed.”

Revisiting ‘St. Anger’ today, Taylor confessed, “It’s like an old wine, maturing gracefully with time. Some tracks resonate profoundly, exuding underappreciated rhythms. Especially the headline act, the title track, it’s a force to reckon with.”

Since its dramatic entrance in 2003, ‘St. Anger’ has been the topic of heated debates, with its unconventional drum tunes and the glaring omission of guitar solos drawing both admiration and criticism.

The debate crescendoed when the album found itself on Rolling Stone’s 2023 compilation of 50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brilliant Artists, sitting at the 43rd spot.

Yet, every coin has two sides. Lars Ulrich, Metallica’s celebrated drummer, championed the album in a heartfelt discourse with Classic Rock in 2011.

He professed, “The distinctive aura of ‘St. Anger’ was a calculated choice. It was our audacious foray into the unknown. Remember, we love to tread where few dare. With masterpieces like ‘Ride The Lightning’ already in our arsenal, we sought a fresh canvas.”

Echoing this sentiment was Bob Rock, the genius behind the album’s production. In yesteryear conversations, he hinted that musical virtuosos like Jack White and Jimmy Page had showered accolades on the album’s distinctive charm.

Freddie Mercury’s extensive and never seen before private collection has gone on display at the exhibition!

Sotheby’s London galleries are currently hosting a month-long takeover of the private collection of the legendary musician Freddie Mercury.

The collection, which has never been seen before, was acquired by the auction house from Freddie Mercury’s close friend Mary Austin, who had cared for his home and belongings for the past thirty years.

The exhibition will run until September 5, which would have been Mercury’s 77th birthday, and the items will be auctioned off on September 6, 2023.

The collection includes a wide range of personal belongings, such as iconic stage costumes, handwritten lyrics, and works of art that Mercury acquired over the years.

Among the most notable items on display are Mercury’s crown and accompanying cloak, which he wore during the finale rendition of “God Save The Queen” on his last tour with Queen.

Other items include handwritten lyrics to “We Are The Champions” and “Killer Queen,” as well as the lavish ceremonial military-style jacket created for Freddie Mercury’s 39th Birthday Party Drag Ball.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the many facets of Mercury’s life, both public and private.

The collection offers a unique insight into the mind of an incredible and intelligent collector, who found beauty and conversation in everything he encountered.

The exhibition will close on September 5, and the collection will then go on sale in six auctions in September, each one devoted to a different aspect of Mercury’s life.

Freddie Mercury’s Crown and accompanying cloak

Mary Austin, Freddie Mercury’s close friend, expressed her sadness at the decision to sell her friend’s belongings but felt that it was time to close this special chapter in her life.

She wanted to do it in a way that she felt Freddie would have loved, and there was nothing he loved more than an auction.

According to Austin, the sale of the collection is an opportunity for the world to understand more about, and celebrate, Mercury’s unique and beautiful spirit.

Address: 34-35 New Bond Street, Mayfair W1S 2RP


Chris and Leah O’Kane’s wedding ceremony became truly remarkable when their priest delivered an unforgettable performance of Hallelujah. Father Kelly, shedding light on the couple’s backgrounds, mentioned that Leah hailed from Dublin while Chris came from Cookstown in County Tyrone. Opting for their church despite the reception venue being ten miles away, they had no idea what surprise awaited them.

Father Ray Kelly, a renowned figure in County Meath, possessed a captivating singing voice. His talents were frequently sought after for weddings and funerals, and he even had three albums to his name. However, the bride and groom remained unaware of these facts on their special day.

Sunlight, the hired band responsible for providing music throughout the wedding, concluded their performance as the ceremony drew to a close. Suddenly, Father Kelly’s backing track began playing, leaving the crowd bewildered and Sunlight shaking their heads in confusion.

Perplexed by the source of the music, everyone’s surprise peaked when Father Kelly stepped forward and began to sing. He skillfully adapted Leonard Cohen’s timeless melody, crafting new lyrics to suit the newlywed couple embarking on their journey together. The audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation at the conclusion of this breathtaking performance.

Typically, this rendition would have remained a treasured memory shared exclusively among the wedding party and guests. However, fate had other plans as a local man named Patrick Rushe, operating a video company, happened to film the entire ceremony. When he uploaded Father Kelly’s performance, it swiftly garnered over 2.5 million views within four days. If you haven’t witnessed this awe-inspiring moment yet, I encourage you to watch it here. Father Kelly’s talent is truly extraordinary and must be experienced firsthand.

If you’re curious whether this astonishing event marks a potential career shift for the remarkable clergyman, you may be disappointed. When asked about the possibility, Father Kelly humbly stated, “While I enjoy singing, I wouldn’t want to pursue it full time—I am passionate about my role as a priest.” It seems a visit to Ireland may be in order to witness this remarkable display of talent.


The vocalist is typically referred to be the “de facto boss of the situation” when analyzing the structure of any significant rock band. The majority of the top bands in the world use the vocalist as the mouthpiece to assist sell whatever they’re trying to convey, and they have the microphone in their hands. But there’s always more to a band than the lead vocalist, and groups like Oasis and Aerosmith realized they could hang around behind the microphone as well.

Even while some of the band’s silent musicians may be recognized by fans as a certain voice, certain songs have a way of shaking things up and bringing out other players to sing a song. Each musician fits the lead role wonderfully, creating a distinct vibe from what listeners would generally hear on the album, even though this is typically the result of egos and people trying to exert their dominance in the group.

Since not every musician has the same vocal range, adding a new vocalist allows musicians to show off their versatility by using various voice timbres. Even while the lineup may not have changed, the tone has shifted, giving the impression of listening to an entirely new band.

Since the original vocalist is all that most fans are familiar with, it’s wonderful to hear someone else’s perspective on the band. This will allow the singer to breathe a little more between onstage belters. Even though many fans might not have anticipated it, including these songs on the album gave the whole track much more personality.

10 rock songs that are not performed by the lead singer:

‘Cold Dark World’ – Weezer

The Red Album stands out a little bit when compared to the rest of Weezer’s catalog as a whole. This album was primarily about the band attempting new things whenever they could, for better or worse, even if it is wedged between two of the more divisive songs in their discography. Even while ‘Troublemaker’ has lost favor with listeners over time, the record’s most daring moments occur when Rivers Cuomo isn’t on the mike.

Every band member takes the lead on a song in the second half, with Scott Shriner’s “Cold Dark World” unquestionably being the finest of the group. The song, which Shriner originally wrote as a warm-up exercise to keep his fingers going before performances, is far less frightening thematically than it seems as Shriner sings of wanting to court a woman whatever she wants.

While Shriner portrays the more cynical side of Cuomo’s geeky nature, Cuomo can be heard providing the song’s backup vocals toward the conclusion, and their voices merge pretty well. Shriner ultimately sang the B-side song “King,” demonstrating his vocal talents even more in the background. This is the ideal case of Weezer taking a chance and having it pay out, especially in light of all of the experimental catastrophes that occurred on Raditude afterward.

‘Liquid State’ – Muse

Muse won’t ever actually be in need of a lead vocalist as long as Matt Bellamy is still in the group. Bellamy’s theatrical style of singing has guided the band into arena-sized rock and roll arenas throughout the years, putting on some huge rock extravaganza that seems destined to reach other planets. His delivery is equal parts, Freddie Mercury and Thom Yorke. For most progressive performers, change is a constant, and sometimes being progressive entails Bellamy taking a backseat.

The back part of their electronic album The 2nd Law actually has two songs performed by bassist Chris Wolstenholme amid the more glitchy elements. ‘Liquid State’ is undoubtedly the better of the two songs, written on his battles with alcoholism over the years, even though ‘Save Me’ may be a good simple ballad about his own troubles. Although the song’s riff may be evocative of the band’s heavier side, which is heard on songs like “Stockholm Syndrome,” Wolstenholme’s lower register works much better for this song and breaks up Bellamy’s high-end vocals.

Wolstenholme is no slouch either; he adds a lot more drama to his voice every time he hits the peak of each chorus even when they perform the song live. Even though he probably won’t ever take Bellamy’s place, songs like this one allow the other men to show off their skills a bit more.

‘Medicine Jar’ – Wings

After quitting The Beatles, Paul McCartney didn’t really need to start a brand-new band. Despite the fact that Paul McCartney and Wings may have made music well together, there’s a solid reason why the record business referred to them as ‘Paul McCartney and Wings’ for a long time. This was done to make sure that everyone understood that the former Beatle was writing the majority of the songs. After Band on the Run ignited the world, Macca decided it was time to distribute lead vocal responsibilities more evenly.

Denny Laine had been a part of the group from the start, but Jimmy McCullough provides the strongest voice on a Wings album that isn’t by Paul. He adds a lot of swagger to the song “Medicine Jar.” Being the new kid in the band, McCullough comes through with a tune that was almost too perfect for Wings’ first arena rock endeavor, fusing the sounds of Aerosmith-style boogie rock with the more technical prowess of a song like ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd. While the song’s pace and groove are ideal for a rock performance, the lyrics are far more somber as McCullough discusses the death rate in rock and roll, counting the number of his friends who have died as a result of drug use and the perils of narcotics.

It’s just bad he never bothered to heed his own counsel, passing away from a heroin overdose not long after Wings split up. This song has a certain attitude that is absent from much of Wings’ other work, but it also shows how terrible that medicine jar can be.

‘Mankind’ – Pearl Jam

It wasn’t always the greatest to be a Pearl Jam member in the mid-1990s. Pearl Jam had their fair share of issues before Kurt Cobain’s death, including taking on Ticketmaster and becoming increasingly eccentric on their album Vitalogy, which had a few moments that left fans perplexed, even though grunge had already started to lose its luster. Why not give Stone Gossard some time in front of the microphone because No Code was the project where the ‘everything goes’ mindset was in effect?

‘Mankind’ is really one of the rare moments of hope on this record, even though Gossard had already been working double-time on his side project, Brad, at this time. Eddie Vedder’s attempts to minimize his status as a rock star resulted in songs like “Off He Goes” and “Red Mosquito” that were either excessively aloof or outright alienating. Aside from those songs, this is essentially a pure power pop song, with Gossard’s delivery being considerably different from what is typical of a Pearl Jam release.

While he doesn’t have Eddie Vedder’s shrill voice and is a touch hesitant on stage, it works well in the song’s setting by giving it a somewhat new-wave vibe when he had to shout out the lyrics. It’s good to hear one of the rare times the band was truly having fun because No Code may have been the album where their morale was at its lowest.

‘In the Cold Cold Night’ – The White Stripes

Numerous fans have wrongfully criticized Meg White’s position in the band for as long as The White Stripes have existed. Even if she fills pale in comparison to what Jack is accomplishing on the guitar and at the microphone, it was always the goal to infuse each of their songs with a whimsical, even childlike quality. Meg was capable of being much more ominous when she so desired.

After getting into the rhythm of Elephant, the White Stripes immediately launch into one of their most eerie songs, “In the Cold Cold Night,” which is propelled along by Jack’s dead simple acoustic guitar riff and features Meg singing about being left outside in the cold and pleading for help. Even if there isn’t much happening, what it does capture is much more intriguing than the instruments themselves.

It nearly feels as though you are right there on the route with Meg, attempting to carve a path through snow in the moonlight, waiting for someone to come to your aid. There are just those few components to lead the way. However, the song ends before any of those persons arrive, leaving it unclear as to what exactly transpires. She may still be out in the cold right now, for all the listener knows.

‘Walk on Down’ – Aerosmith

There won’t be any discussion about why Steven Tyler is Aerosmith’s main singer. Tyler’s interpretations of his sexual experiences, which combined the voices of Mick Jagger and Robert Plant into one voice, served as the ideal backdrop for hard rock enthusiasts to relive the ’70s. Tyler always had Joe Perry as his sidekick in his mischief, thus it was high time Joe Perry get some attention in the 1990s.

Perry would occasionally switch off on lead vocals with Tyler on songs like “Combination,” but “Walk on Down” marks one of the first occasions he takes over the full tune. Although Get a Grip is regarded as one of the group’s “sell-out” albums, Perry is in terrific form and brings the same vigor to his performance as his heroes Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards.

It’s good to hear a song every now and then that pays homage to historic inspirations like The Yardbirds, especially during a period when the majority of Aerosmith fans were spoon-fed pop masterpieces like “Cryin” and “Amazing.” Does he intend to take Tyler’s place any time soon? No, however, this is a good palate cleanser from the rock that has been scrubbed clean.

‘Coming Down Again’ – The Rolling Stones

The majority of rock and roll vocalists who have come and gone throughout the years continue to imitate Mick Jagger’s style of delivery. Jagger was always affected by the more blues-based vocalists he heard in his childhood, such as John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters, tapping into something a little more primal in his delivery. While there are seeds of everyone from Little Richard to Chuck Berry in his delivery, Mick Jagger was always influenced by these artists. However, there were always two “Glimmer Twins,” and by the time the band began recording Goats Head Soup, Keith Richards was wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

It’s simple to detect the tiredness in Keef’s voice on “Coming Down Again,” as if he’s coming off another heroin binge, despite the fact that they are still riding the high of their great productivity on albums like Exile on Main Street and Sticky Fingers. Although the lyrics would seem that this song is about drugs, he is actually dealing with other complex situations in his life, such as the breakdown of his love relationships and his attempts to make peace with Brian Jones, who had to be sacked from the band and passed away soon after.

Richards is the only person who could have done this song properly, portraying the lonesome troubadour seeking to find some peace at the end of the day, despite the fact that Jagger may have his sensitive side on ballads like “Angie.” The rock and roll way of life might sound like fun, but if this song is any indicator, it can also be very taxing on a person.

‘Marigold’ – Nirvana

According to Dave Grohl, he never in a million years imagined adding any songs to the Nirvana discography. Grohl realized that he would never be able to destroy the synergy that existed when he played the drums to Kurt Cobain’s songs, transforming those straightforward recordings into something exceptional, even with all of his brilliance working with the Foo Fighters. Cobain was intrigued by one of his demos, which was hidden on the B-side of “Heart Shaped Box.”

It’s simple to tell that “Marigold,” which was recorded during the In Utero era, is more worn-out the moment it starts playing; it nearly sounds like a demo of the song’s intended tone. The song is just based on a few chords, but Grohl already has a knack for hooks. The majority of the time, he stays true to the core melody, and the chorus builds gradually with the most basic drumming ever recorded by Nirvana. Despite Cobain’s original interpretation that the rest of the band could participate, the truly collaborative Nirvana record would never materialize, inspiring Grohl to found Foo Fighters as a new artistic outlet.

At the earliest Foo Fighters concerts, this song was continually shouted out by fans, which greatly irritated Grohl over the years. However, Grohl appears to have found peace with his straightforward little song that launched the grunge era after years with it in the rearview.

’39’ – Queen

Who the heck even cared if the other members of Queen could sing? Since Freddie Mercury was the perfect showman and the composer of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Don’t Stop Me Now,” no one needs to worry about singing when he is a member of the band. The more delicate songs occasionally need the touch of a different band member, even if they may have had the musical equivalent of a Ferrari behind the mike.

A folksy song served as the centerpiece of “39,” which was performed by Brian May doing his best imitation of Bob Dylan while also singing in tune. The twist in this song takes the worn-out narrative device of a man setting sail in quest of new places and has the hero boarding a spacecraft in an effort to spend a year away from his family in pursuit of his real calling. While the song’s story is rather fanciful, the production is just as intricate as any other Queen song, with Roger Taylor’s falsetto accompanying the trip portion before bursting back into the song.

In the final line of May’s song, in which he explains that the main character has been traveling at lightspeed for a year and returns to Earth that has aged a century, can still be heard Mercury singing in the background, proving that certain voices never fully go away. The time dilation effect is returning after years, yet I’ve only aged a year, what’s going on? It appears that Christopher Nolan took notes.

‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ – Oasis

There was a reason Liam Gallagher was given the responsibility of singing each and every one of the fantastic songs that Noel Gallagher composed for Oasis. Liam was always known as the rock star in the group, and the attitude he brings to each and every one of their great songs is unequaled by any other rock vocalist from the ’90s, regardless of how much his voice may have degraded over the years. Noel did choose to preserve one classic for himself when it was time to go up to the major leagues.

When they were recording the tunes for What’s the Story Morning Glory, Noel, who always reserved his solo songs for the B-side of singles, gave Liam a little bit of an ultimatum, telling him that he could either sing this song or “Wonderwall.” ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ may be Noel’s single greatest achievement as a songwriter, rivaling such timeless masterpieces as ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Stairway to Heaven’ while Liam chose the song that would become the soundtrack of open mic nights all over the world.

Every element of this song is just right, moving around the chord changes as Noel tells the tale of what sounds like a bittersweet breakup song, which may or may not have been a true story of what occurred when he was living on the road. The vocals have a distinctly British flair. On the other hand, if people don’t dig into it, this song doesn’t necessarily have to be about a breakup. Everyone has a few setbacks in life, and it is their choice whether or not to react negatively.

Genre organizations can be quite arbitrary sometimes and when we look at it, it is kind of hard to detail how the genre is evolved because, in the past, heavy metals used to be a very broad term that during the 70s, it meant anything that nowadays is considered hard rock.

So, what makes Heavy Metal different from Hard Rock?

Metal is based on classic music, Hard Rock is based on blues

Comparatively, Metal and Hard Rocks are totally different things. One is based on classical music and the other is based on the blues which is why they are somewhat varied from each other.

Every genre of music is peculiar in its own kind, so why not try metallic or hard rock a few times? you’ll instantly feel the difference in it. Despite the fact that metal is strictly based on classical music it doesn’t mean that you have to hear it directly.

In a sense, metal songs use scales that are typically found in classical music rather than itself being classic songs. It also uses the same template as classical music which is the structure of metal songs, simply backbone in other words.

Moreover, metal music progresses the same way as classical music does which is the main reason why they are absolutely compatible with each other.

While at the other side, Hard Rock uses blue scales. It is an accepted fact that several heavy-sounding bands are not metal and it is only for one reason, it is based on blues.

Most people still think of Guns n Roses, Whitesmith, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Motorhead Led Zeppelin, and so on as metal bands but they are misunderstood.

However, there might also be possibilities that led to this outcome because very often, heavy metals are confused with heavy blues.

Even though old-school heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath started out as blues bands thus, Metal owes just as much of its origin as Hard Roxl does to the aforementioned genre.

The primary difference in our honest opinion is that Hard Rock grasps its roots while Metal is hell-bent on typically straying from its roots or evolving and amusing us with the release of new ones.

Metal is more complex than hard rock musically

It is not surprising to ask whether the metal is more complex than rock since rock tends to be an umbrella label covering multi-tentacled sub-genres. Both of these branch out from the usual minor and major scales however, metal is more likely to.

This doesn’t make any individual metal music more complex but considering the collection of metal songs entirely could prove it to be spread out in its use of modes.

Even in the case of structure, metal songs have likes of Pink Floyd around it and I for one explores an entire album created to be highly complex as a single piece.

However, metal music way more usually crowbar long middle sections into or else short fast songs. Most metal songs tend to be faster which is also a reason why it seems to be more complex than hard rock.

History and Musicology

Starting off in different eras, there’s variation in the history between hard rock and metal. The roots of the metal can be trailed back to blues in the early 1950s when guitarists kicked off the research with harsher tones; music like the Kinks’ 1964 You Really Got Me centered near two heavily-warped guitar chords.

While the roots of hard rock can be trailed the back to mid-1950s, especially electrifying blues that settled foundations for key components like heavy guitar riffs, strong beat, harsh declamatory vocal style, thick riff-laden texture, string-twisting blue-scale guitar solos, and posturing performance.

Stating taxonomically, the variation of rock songs has existed longer than heavy metal although not by too much. Led Zeppelin is most appreciated as the origin of the hard rock band, followed by such moves as Cream, Deep Purple, and The Who.

Despite both of these being familiar with each other in sound, and ranges and being influenced directly by hard rock, the root of heavy metal music trails back to 1970s bands like Steppenwolf and Black Sabbath importantly.

The explanation of the period marked a turn to a more mesmerizing hard rock genre into precisely what the name “heavy metal” indicates: darker themes and hefty sounds.

As the blues, genre primarily influenced hard rock, its main factors consist of virtuous guitar riffs. We can also realize it with swaggering bass and loose drum lines.

When it comes to musical tempo, hard rock is slower than heavy metal because it leans more on being slow and sexy likewise rock n roll during the 60s.

Their pace is the most precise element to differentiate them because of the extreme sound. But the fact is that there is a misconception among some people that underneath the hellish, there are slow riffs that are as good as a dead giveaway.

Created to extremely brutal, heavy metals are irrational. If a song details sex and love, possibilities are it is hard rock. And if it demonstrates blood and death, it is most likely a heavy metal track.

Many of the hard rock compositions like Ace of the Spades by Motorhead and Casino Boogie by The Rolling Stones are motivated by casinos and gambling.

Fan following and commercialization

Despite the fact that rock has a humongous share of devotees, its fans deprive of the madness that is frequently demonstrated by metal fans.

Numerous metal bands are designated a “cult level” therefore making most of their fans, in exchange, do facto cult representatives who adopt lifestyles opposite to that of the bands’ pictures.

The fan base of heavy metal, often regarded as a ” subculture of alienation” hugely constitutes young white males who embrace an individual fashion and boast of dispersion from the rest of society.

Few bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath mostly find themselves indulging in both of these genres which have caused a misconception among the ones who are struggling to differentiate hard rock from heavy metal.

To get rid of this confusion, taking a look at the other side, non-musical elements can provide some help in the variation of one genre from the other.

Numerous heavy metal bands rarely find commercial success due to their less-accessible musical characteristics with an achievable band like Metallica.

However, the same philosophy doesn’t go for the multiple other hard rock bands, like Aerosmith and Van Halen, two of the largest artists of any musical genre that have succeeded to earn fan bases wider and much more mainstream than those typically enjoyed by metal bands.

Learning to play bass guitars? If you’ve just begun your bass journey then mastering some easy songs will help you start.

Playing a new instrument is never easy, so choosing songs that are easy to master goes a long way. To learn the instrument you should always start with the basics or your learning rhythm will break and you’ll have a tough time recovering it.

If the song is easy and comfortable for you to use then you’ll get joy while playing the guitar. This will sharpen your guitar skills and you’ll also have fun while playing the instrument. Let’s take a look at some of the easy bass songs that you can learn!

Longview by Greenday 

When it comes to the punk rock genre, Greenday always comes at the top of the list. The group has won 5 Grammy Awards wins and 75 million albums sold worldwide which makes them a well-known band. But slowly they started to change their music genre from punk rock to pop and alternative style.

Longview is another perfect song to boost you up in your bass journey. If you want to try something more interesting than the regular songs, then this is the perfect song to master.

You’ll be focusing on the main intervals of the songs where you’ll need to handle the melody. To learn this song you’ll have to play the 3rd and 4th strings together, let the 3rd string out while the melody of the song is being played on the 4th.

Another One Bites The dust by Queen

If you’re into swag then Another One Bites The Dust is the perfect song to listen to, the song’s bass part is what will inspire you to wear tight pair of jeans.

Taking look at the members of Queen, each of them was a talented individual. From guitars to drums, to voice, we could hear the signature talent of each member when we play Queen’s songs. Talking about bass lines, Another One Bites The Dust is the one where we can see the hooky bass lines of John Deacon.

If you’re looking for some cool bass lines but also want easier ones then give a try to Another One Bites the Dust.

Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson

If you want to learn some catchy and groovy basslines then consider playing Smooth Criminal by King of the pop.

Jackson might not have had any idea of how to play instruments, but he sure was a talented individual. His songs kept on giving hit, after another hit, and this couldn’t have been possible without the help of Quincy Jones.

His songs are just masterpieces in the music industry and no other song can portray the groovy bass lines as Smooth Criminal does. You’ll have lots of fun while playing the song’s bass because it is fun to play and has an interesting choice of notes.

You might have some difficulty while trying to play because of the fast tempo, but after a few tries, you’ll perfect it in no time.

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana 

You’re trying to learn some bass lines from famous songs? Why not give a try to Nirvana’s biggest single from their Nevermind album?

Smells Like Teen Spirit is arguably one of the best songs in the world. After the release of Smells Like Teen Spirit, they did a sale of roughly 6 million and when the official video got released, it got about 1.3 billion views on youtube.

The chorus of the song contains high energy and even the riff is strong which might seem difficult but trust us after a few tries you’ll master the bass lines in no time. If you’re a beginner who trynna hit a rock bass, then what’s stopping you?

Yellow by Coldplay 

With seven Grammy Awards and nine Brit Awards, over 100 million albums sold worldwide, Coldplay is just the perfect band for alternative rock, pop-rock, alternative pop, or whatever you want to call them.

In their 25 years of journey, they have produced some of the best songs and Yellow is easily one of their signature songs. If you’re a fan of Coldplay then starting your bass journey through Yellow can be perfect because there are hardly any difficulties while playing the instrument.

The progression of the song is very easy and you’ll have no difficulties mastering the song. Yellow is played at a slow BPM which is perfect to give you good consistency on your guitar.

You Really Got Me by The Kinks

You Really Got Me will always be knowns as the signature song of The Kinks.

The song has the best riffs of Eddie. If you are into songs that have a punch in their melody then try learning this masterpiece. The bass of the song is east and it has the perfect aggressive and pitch harmonics.

You can really use this song at any time. If you want to show off your skills, went for a rehearsal, jam session, and anything else. there isn’t a NY reason why people won’t learn this song.

Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People 

The year 2010 was known for modern artists and ‘Pumped Up’ by Foster The People was the song that was heard by almost everyone.

This was one step ahead of success for the band, the next year they secured a record deal in 2011 and got the opportunity to work with one of the most talented musicians, deadmau5.

When you take a look at the bass lines of Pumped Up Kicks, you can find the bass lines pretty simple, so simple that bass masters can master them perfectly and sound like advanced players.

You’ll have lots of guns while playing the music, it has upbeat music, and it is played at a fast tempo (128bpm). You’ll need some precise playing if you want to master it, so get out of your comfort zone and master it right now!

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor  

All About That Bass, who doesn’t remember this popular single hit from Meghan Trainor?

The song is beautiful and it is even fun to play on your guitar because has the ability to teleport players back to the music era of the 1960s. The rhythm and the melody of the song will make you keep on jumping.

The structure of the bass is also easy. If you’re having trouble learning all of them at once then try to practice the timing of your bass. After you’ll master the timing, you’ll be able to play the bass in no time!

The best part is, you’ll only need three chords to master the bass of this song.

Money by Pink Floyd

If you’re trying to learn a bass song that is also mixed with modern pop culture then you should try looking after bands like Pink Floyd. Every song of Pink Floyd is unique in various ways and Floyd’s, “Money” is also unique because of its distinct bassline.

The song is easy to play on your bass and also has a unique time signature of 5/4 and 7/4. Many people who usually play ¾ and 4/4 might have some problems while learning the bass at first but after ew practice you’ll master it in no time.

This will also help you to sharpen your skills and get you out of your comfort zone so you can play any bass lines. The song is fun to play and you won’t even forget the rhythm of the bass lines because they are catchy.

I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

James Brown’s 1965 masterpiece, ‘I Got You’ contains one of the most unforgettable tunes. It is so beautiful that many film industries have included some portion of the song in their movie and according to Rolling Stone Magazine, it is the 78th greatest song ever to grace mankind.

The song gives you an idea of how a bass should be actually played. The original tune might contain some weight in the instrument but it still sounds gorgeous on your guitar.

‘I Got You’ might need some practice to master it because it contains multiple finger movements, so you’ll need to be flexible with your fingers. It’s not a song to give up just because it has the same hard-finger involvements. In fact, it is a chance to sharpen your skills by practicing each day.

If you want to get famous among your friend group, this is the perfect choice to play!

Come Together by The Beatles

Could The Beatles band be any more perfect? The group has some of the best songs to listen and to enjoy. Decades have passed away and still a vast number of audiences listen to their song each day.

If you’re also a fan of The Beatles and want to follow in the footsteps of Paul McCartney then you have to start learning “Come Together”.

If you’re starting your journey as a bassist then you have to consider playing ‘Come Together.’ It is useful because it’ll help you to sharpen your skills and you’ll feel easy learning new lessons, and if you’re trying to learn some new tricks on your guitar then this is the perfect song.

Chameleon by Herbie Hancock

If you’re trying to pursue your path to be an aspiring bass guitarist, then this is the perfect song to sharpen your skills and make a good impression in front of your friends.

Chameleon is one of the must-learn songs in your bass. It is the perfect one for a starter because the song consists funky beat and has specific bass lines which are easier to remember and master in no time.

The duration of the song is pretty long at 15 minutes and 41 seconds, but don’t lose hope yet. Throughout the whole song only two chords are played, Eb7 and Bbm7. You’ll only have to the basic patterns and you’ll master the song in no time. Don’t underestimate these two chords because they are essential for fingerstyle practice as well.

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

When you listen to the song for the first time. the bass lines might seem a little tough to you, but after some practice and dedication, you’ll be able to play one of the best lines in the world.

When you’ll start to learn this song, the bass line will get glued in your mind and you’ll start humming the tune the whole time. You’ve to get credit for Louis Johnson for his bass skills. Although he is not with us today, his masterpiece will always remain with us.

The song is played in standard tuning and even the fingerstyle is easy. This is a merit for the players because the song will also sharpen their fingerstyle skills. You might get some problems while doing the movement of the song because it is played at a fast tempo.

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

All the respect goes to 3 Doors Down for making such a sung with a unique rhythm and groove. When you play the song you can just differentiate the excellent bass skills of Todd Harrell. The timing and melody of the song are just perfect.

The song is an excellent choice for beginners. They will love the bass verse and the intro of the song, another reason why you should pick thing is that it is easy to play the chorus and the pattern is very easy as well.

If you want to take out the original tune of the song then we recommend you play an electric bass guitar. When you use electric bass guitar, it will do the perfect mimicry of the song and you can even operate the same fingerstyle in your guitar.

Under Pressure by Queen

When you listen to Under Pressure and Vanilla Ice you’ll find John Deacon’s signature rhythms matching with each other. We don’t blame them for having similar rhythms because John Deacon has been an inspiration for most artists.

When we take a look at Under Pressure, we can find similar rhythms and the same melody structure as they do in most of their movies! If you want to learn a song with a stable bass foundation then under Pressure will be the right choice for you.

Seven Nation Army by White Stripes

If you’re searching for a song that has a recognizable and easy bassline then you should stop scrolling right here. “Seven Nation Army” is a perfect art of Jack White where he uses a hollow body guitar and plays the tune in low E which matches completely with the drumbeat.

The song is perfect for beginners, it is fun to play and even simpler to learn. Anyone can play the bass line of the song just by tuning their guitar down. You’ll only have to  7 notes, most of the notes are tuned in A string. After some practice, it won’t be a big problem for you.

The players might find difficulty while trying to do the movement of the fretting fingers. After a few lessons and practice, you won’t even consider that minor thing a problem.

Stand By Me by Ben E. King

Give a close look at the tunes when you listen to Stand By Me. You’ll notice the song is a perfectionist because of its bass line. The song is so great that there are radio stations dedicated to this musical art. The lyrics might sound odd at first but remember that almost 6 decades have passed since it was released, and it is still considered a masterpiece.

The beginners will find it fun while playing the bass lines, and it is also easy and there’s no need for complicated tuning. You just need to break the song into four sections and it will be easier for players to learn the bass in a perfect way.

When you break down the sections of the bass, you’ll get the confidence to play the song. The best thing about the songs is,m even if you play the bass only, the song will still sound amazing.

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley

Bob Marley was a legend in the music world. Many people might not be a fan of Boby Marley’s music but the real music artist knows how Bob Marley made a huge impact on the world of music. And one of his most popular songs that left a mark on the world was “Three Little Birds”.

the hit song of 1977 was popular because many famous artists tried to do the cover of the song. If you want to cover the bass of this song then, it’s not hard and any beginner can learn and master this song.

While learning the song you will also sharpen your skills in fingerpicking and you can even perfect your sliding technique. These are some vital roles of bass if you wanna develop a good career in it. The song is just a perfect choice for everything.

Tonight, Tonight by The Smashing Pumpkins

If you’re seeking a bassline from the alternative rock group then “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins will give you the perfect catchy tune and a feel-good vibe.

The song has a unique and cinematic sound in it, and when you’ll listen to this song for the first time, you won’t find any difficulties after listening to the bass line of it. The only thing that beginners can find difficult is catching up with its fast tempo.

The fast tempo can prove to be quite tricky but with difficulties, you’ll learn new chapters. While learning to make the song perfect, you will also learn the art to pick the right strings. The song has the easiest bass line you can find, so just go for it!

Music has a lasting impression on most of us because of its impact on our minds and moods, and so has been done by rock songs. Evocative, evergreen, and often epoch-defining, the magic of rock songs has given a good shape to the musical landscape.

It Is legendary, complex, unique, and strange at the same time which is why there never will be songs that are more exceptional than rocks.

Whether it is a moment of war, love, rawness, or sex, rock songs grab those emotions and transcend them into something timeless. However, not only these elements make rock songs the best. So what are they?

Enormous fanbase

If you haven’t seen something crazy, just look at the fanbase, it’s ridiculous. Well, if we really have to compare the fanbase of rock, no other song genre comes even close.
The days of outrageous guitar riffs, big hair, tight spandex, and screams were just unparalleled. During the early time when rock songs were starting to rise, they got renowned throughout the world in an instant.
So popular that, there were very few people who didn’t listen to these songs. What’s more fascinating is that these songs were most popular in Mexico, with 51 percent of the population listening to them daily, fascinating isn’t it?
This came to happen only because of the greatest bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beetles, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Queen including Bill Haley and His Comets which is apparently known as the first rock band to be ever created led to the legacy of rock to this point.
Just give it a thought, streaming would’ve killed off the Rock genre, but people still purchase the physical records. It was not quite amusing until Statista found that rock is positioned with 3rd rank in physical music just recently in 2020.
People are fazed after seeing 2.46 million concert attendance led by BTS, little did they know about 1944/45’s New Year’s Eve, the mass of the crowd then was totally absurd.
During that following year, a British singer performed a concert where over 3.5 million people were present succeeding to set a world record as the biggest concert in the history of the world to take place ever.
And it was who made it happen? It’s non-other than the legendary rock singer Rod Steward proving himself better than anyone else.
The information about the fandom of rock songs that I just provided is just a small page of a book, meaning there’s a lot more than just this.

It’s overrated

Submerged from a relatively simple blue/country mash-up, rock songs have developed massively that have dominated the entire world since the early 1940s.
The wild music genre became a massive hit when some fellow groups with unmatched instrumental skills and vocals started to make songs relating to daily life issues of people.
Perfection or being close to perfection is what makes something overrated and rock songs don’t miss any element to be called so. It is all over the collection of the greatest drummers, guitarists, bassists, and vocalists.
Over these few decades, rock songs have lasted a great impression on millions of people because of their minds and mood. Not only that, the song genre was so popular at the time that it reached the point where its craze was totally unstoppable.
This genre is something that is way too exceptional than any other song genre. These songs are pills that can cure your depression and help you get over the distress you’re going through. If taken in a positive way, everything about these kinds of music is mesmerizing.
We know the fact that the majority of people struggle to maintain a quality life and while doing so, they suffer from the hardest situations. And here rock songs play the most important role in the lives of people.
As I’ve mentioned earlier that the song genre mainly relates to the daily life of people, it helps its listeners to share their suffering with it.
Rock songs motivate their listeners by telling their listeners that everything is not ok but you have to move on, while also telling us that everything is fine when it’s not.
People listen to this song to make themselves feel that they are not the only ones who are suffering. Thus, they listen to it as it makes them feel good.
Different bands came up with the story of their own struggle and sufferings engraving it in the lyrics along with mind-blowing jamming of instruments making rock songs totally exceptional and mesmerizing.
The world of rock music is the world where you can vibe carefreely to make yourself feel better despite the absurd events that are taking place in your life. No wonder why this wild music is so underrated, it is the key to our happiness.

Less autotune more original

From powerhouse belters to multi-scaled singers accompanied by overwhelming versatility, the underrated male rock singers have left their impression in the history of rock music.
Words don’t often fail me but they do when I detail the greatness of the vocals of the rock singers. Most rock singers sing with their realistic vocals while performing on the stage.
The songs of this genre might have a lot of screams because of the wildness but a whole lot better voices in comparison to other song genres. Matter of fact, no other song genre can beat rock in terms of vocals because it’s insanely pure and original.
Well, a few rock singers also use autotunes but in extremely rare cases. Rather than pop and other music that is released full of autotunes nowadays, rocks are way too better because of how original and classic it actually is.
Talking about the vocals, among the top 10 vocalists of all time, you can see half of them are rock singers and no one can dare to deny this fact.
Moreover, rock singers like Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Robert Plants are the main reason why rock songs earned massive respect as a huge collection of extreme vocalists and none of them use autotune.
What’s more fascinating is that the legendary rock singer, Freddie Mercury was considered to be blessed with the greatest vocals by god himself.
It was so impactful that even the scientists researched and found out what made his vocals so unparalleled. Singers like him don’t need autotunes, they naturally have autotuned in their vocal cords.

It has the most versatile genre of music

From classic to rock and roll, rock music has a remarkable amount of sub-genres and all of those are exceptional of their own kind. There are so many of them that you would never expect.

It is closest to becoming ‘the most diversified’ and it is a matter of fact that all of us have realized. Not mentioning anything about the quality as I’ve already cleared it above, the fact stands that rock music has a lot to grant all of us whether it’s in the aspect of lyrics, structures, and atmosphere.

Among all the various kinds of sub-genres of rock music, the most appreciated or loved ones are rock n’ roll, classic rock, alternative rock, and progressive rock. Rock songs itself being a collection of various sub-genres can surround a wide range of influences and styles.

This means that it has something for every one of us within its subgenres. Notwithstanding what contemporary critics stated about the rock songs and their dislike for them they possibly couldn’t be more wrong.

The major subjects of rock don’t influence us to develop an interest in worshipping or rituals, it is not to glorify or create a negative impact on the youths. The main subject of rock is just the demonstration of the average human condition through music.

Divided into various sub-genres, rock music details the ups and downs of love life, the positive and negative sides of human progress, politics, friendship, human emotions, all the great things about living as well as the injustices that many of us suffer from.

Not only that it’s more like an expression of being free from oppression, wild fun times with friends, loss, and the founding of love, description of experiences whilst added on drugs, sad times, fighting for the right, and all the other crazy stuff.

While deeply thinking about this genre, the common themes are endless, anything and moment can be turned into a beautiful song which is the greatest attribute of this song.

The most impressive thing about the rocks songs is that it is a combination where one recalls previous memories while listening to them whether it was a good experience or bad.

At a time, rock songs were relatively simple, country mash-ups/blues has developed into an awesome monster over these 70 years.
It is a multi-tentacled subgenre beast with over 250 of them at last count which is why most people enjoy rock the most.

Watching guitar solos for the first time can be surprising. The musicians move their fingers so comfortably, and the way they just flawlessly hit the right note at the right note is truly mesmerizing.

The solos seem to look difficult, too fast, and much more complicated. If you think learning the guitar solo is out of your league then we’ve all been through that stage. We all have felt that, but after starting your solo journey through some basic solo you can also upgrade your level.

If you want to call yourself a proud “lead guitarist” then you have to start from the basics and make a stable surface for yourself. To sharpen your skills, here are some easy guitar solos you can learn!

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton 

If you want to call yourself a ‘lead guitarist’ then you have to start with the basics first, and the first song to start your solo journey can be by trying to learn the classical ballad by Eric Clapton ‘Wonderful Tonight.’

The song is counted as Eric’s ‘prettiest and mellowest’ tunes which is just the right thing that beginners should look after. The song is easy and has a melodious tune to learn. It is played at slow 92bpm and this tempo helps players to give attention to the phrasing of their solo.

You can carefully see how to need, slide, and place your fingers through the song. If you ask most guitarists which was their first solo, Wonderful Tonight has to be on their list. This song was the first solo of many guitarists, it might be to impress their girlfriend as Eric Clapton did with this song.

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Another perfect song that you can practice to make your base in solo is by learning the psychedelic song, ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd. There are numerous things that happen in Wish You Were Here. From bending and sliding with distortion, there are numerous things you can learn from it.

Well, another impressive thing about this song is that its solo was actually played on acoustic guitar. You can use your electric guitar but trying on an acoustic will be much more challenging and it will take you out of your comfort zone.

There are just so many things you can learn from this song. If you want to learn the original solo by playing it on acoustic guitar then your fingers might feel the sourness at first, but remember, nothing can be achieved when you take the wide road.

Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers

This alternative rock song will not only push you out of your comfort zone but will help you to be a much better solo guitar artist in the future. This is also an awesome song to play, I mean who doesn’t want to learn Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers!?

Californication has some of the best and cool riffs you can find in easy guitar solos. Just like Wish You Were Here, the song offers you rooms full of improvements. There are bending, sliding, speed, and every other essential thing you need to learn in solo.

This is an important lesson for beginners. The solo will teach you many things and once you master Californication you can believe in yourself that you are ready to step up through basics.

Come Together by The Beatles

‘Come Together’ is one of the famous opening tracks of the Beatles from Abbey Road. This is one heck of a song to learn in the basics. When you hear the original recording of the song, there are actually two guitars played to record the song, but it doesn’t mean you will need to have two as well.

If you are bad with bends then learning Come Together by the Beatles is the perfect task you can do to sharpen your skills. When you carefully notice the song, you can find that the entire song was played on a single guitar, in a specific key, A minor.

Another reason why this is the perfect lesson for beginners is that it will keep you guys engaged all the time and you’ll be putting more time into playing your minor pentatonic shapes. It’s not even as challenging as other classic Beatles songs, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Holiday by Green Day

You might be surprised to see ‘Holiday; instead of ‘American Idiot’ but there is a reason. The song Holiday was written to be stronger and harsher than American Idiot, so this is going to be much more helpful to create a bass in your solo lesson.

It is easy and just the perfect song for beginners. After mastering the solo, you can even look at other solos of Greenday because they sound similar in various ways, and their technique is also familiar.

The song was directed toward American Conservatives, and when you look at the lyrics of the song you can find political messages. Besides that, the song also has a catchy pop-punk tune within it and also possesses a catchy guitar solo. The technique is even simple, it shouldn’t be hard for you to try this one out.

Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N Roses

Sweet Child o Mine has the best guitar riffs that have been ever written in the industry. The legendary guitarist, Slash just didn’t write the lightning-fast guitar solo just for fun, he created and focused more on phrasing, feel, and a stellar rock guitar tone.

The performance of Slash is a portrayal of what perfection looks like. This might be a challenging lesson for you but after some trial and practice it daily, it won’t be much of a problem for you, and you can show off the skills of Slash in front of your friends.

The song is iconic, and a must-learn. It might take some time to learn the lesson at first, but after giving it a few tries, you’ll learn to sharpen your skills and within no time you’ll be a great solo guitarist.

High and Dry by Radiohead

When it comes to delivering alternative rock songs, we know that Radiohead is always at the top. They have the perfect solos that will bring you a feeling of melancholy with all those sad melodies. When we add every element that Radiohead do with their music, we get a piece of art.

If you want to learn to play the same melody as Radiohead do with their music then trying to learn ‘High and Dry’ by them will be the perfect choice for you. It is the perfect choice for beginners, it is exceptionally simple to play and there are multiple rooms to sharpen your skills as well.

It has simple lessons but remembers not to touch the high ‘E’ string by mistake or you’ll have to do the whole song once again. This might seem like a challenge to beginners, but after a few practices, you can hit the solo with perfection.

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes 

When it comes to ‘Seven Nation Army; we know it has some of the best distinguish riffs on the verse. They have uncomplicated, raw, and stripped-downs. They really embodied ‘garage rock style’ with such type of music.

Their riff is easy to learn but powerful at the same type. You can play the track at clubs, parties, events, or on any occasion you want. We mean it has won a Grammy for being the very best rock song, so it’s obvious that it’s a powerful song.

When you try to learn the solo for the first time, remember that you need to take a look at the sliding part. It is an essential part while doing the solo and helps to result in the epic melody of the song.

Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chilli Peppers 

One of the coolest things about Red Hot Chilli Peppers is that never forget to add some insane catchy main guitar riff. RHCP have made some of the best riffs and we can see a glance at their work at ‘Can’t stop.’

The song has instantly recognizable riffs and at the same time, it is also pretty simple to play it on your guitar. The solo is followed by vocals so mastering that will not be much of a deal for you. The song peaked at 57 on the billboard hot 100, no wonder why everyone is in love with this song.

For this one, you have to give your whole focus on bending because that’s where the magic actually happens. When you play the lesson for the first time, it might seem like bending is too hard because they are pretty challenging but after some practice, you can master one of the iconic songs of Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

We Will Rock You by Queen

Decades have passed since the iconic song ‘We Will Rock You was released for the first time, and to this date, it still gets played in many people’s playlists. The song is insanely powerful and well-written by Freddy Mercury and surprisingly it is also easy to play.

The duration of the guitar solo in the song is for about 30 seconds and during that duration, you can find many interesting things going on. When you’ll listen to the song more carefully, you can find melodies being picked, notes being left out to ring, and so many other elements interacting with each other to make a complete masterpiece.

The song is much more easier to learn than it sounds, so why waste time? Go and learn We Will Rock You right now!

Ain’t Talking About Love by Van Halen

There is an interesting story behind ‘Ain’t Talking’. We all know that Van Halen is a talented individual, and despite being such a perfectionist artist he didn’t consider the solo good enough to present for his teammate.

He wrote it by using only two chords, making it a parody style of the generic pop-punk song, but we all know what happened after the release. It went on to become one of their most known single, and a lesson that every beginner should learn.

Most of the solos of Van Halen are in fast tempo which makes it difficult for beginners to learn, but this one is just the perfect one because it has all the easier ones and is completely easy to learn, even for beginners. It goes a but fans in the final moments, but that’s not even a big problem.

Let It Be by The Beatles

‘Let It Be’ by the Beatles is another recognizable song with an incredible solo that is played on C major scale. When the song was released for the first time, there was a heavy atmosphere among the members of the Beatles because the song was released during a tumultuous time during the Beatle’s career.

The song would have made a huge impact on their career, and the song was announced after the official announcement of their breakup. The song was an important part of their history, and you can make that alive again by playing it on your guitar.

The solo is very easy to play and you don’t even need to put too much effort while learning the solo. They have used loads of techniques in this song, so it also is a fair chance for you to learn more about it.

American Idiot by Green Day

‘American Idiot’ has to be one of the very best of their song. The tempo of the song is really fast, and that’s where the beginners have to put their most focus. Well, if you’re worrying if the chords of the song are going to be complex, then that’s not a problem either.

The chords of the songs are really easy and it picks up the perfect theme of general media and overall social instability and dissolution. The solo of the song is filled with energy and the fast tempo will make you try to engage more with the original.

It is a perfect song to play and managing time to learn this lesson will surely be worth your time. The music is from such a popular artist, who wouldn’t want to try out their solo right?

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica 

Back in the era where it sued to be loud and rock music, Metallica came up with “Nothing Else Matters” which mellowed out a bit, and unlike their usual songs, it was slow, which was just the perfect thing that beginners needed.

The beat might be slow and might contain lots of ballads but when you start to play the solo on your guitar, it is one heck of an experience. The song is the perfect example that you can learn and gain lots of experience from slow melodies.

You can try it yourself and find out why it consists of so many things to learn. Although the melody of the song is played by a single tone, there are numerous minor pentatonic double stops that you have to take care of. The song came out back in 1992, but it is still one of the most-watched music videos on YouTube. What are you waiting for?

Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day 

Green Day is just filled with energy and they inspire punk-rock music. But when we take a look at ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams, we can fund that things aren’t exactly going similarly to ‘American Idiot’.

The song is broken down into mellow sounds and it is written in more of a ballad style than usual. Don’t you dare try to underestimate the song because it was a huge success for the band. They sold over 5 million copies worldwide and earned the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and the MTV Award for Video of the Year.

The best part of the song is, it is really easy to play and with a little bit of hard work, everyone can play this song with perfection. The solo isn’t done in single-note passages which are played high up the fretboard. Moreover, it is played as a supporting role, which is essential to make a base for your electric guitar.

Not every day is filled with joy and sunshine, somedays are filled with sorrow and rainy days, the perfect tune to play while you’re feeling low on yourself can be some of these sad songs.

When the feeling of loneliness hits you straight in the heart, What’s the first song that comes to your mind? “Wish you were here?” Well, that’s not the only option you have to satisfy your soul on your sorrowful days!

Let’s take a look at some of the saddest songs that will give you a warm and cozy feeling and will bring a sorrowful smile to your face. Get into our safari bus where we will get into the tour of slow melodies.

1. Nothing Compares to 2U

From the album ”I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got”, Nothing Compares 2 you is a song by Prince which was about a lost lover.

This was actually originally made as a breakup song. But the same song of another version by Sinéad O’Connor channels the intense sorrow after the death of her mother five years ago.

2. Hurt

Hurt by Johnny Cash is a song written by him while he was in the harshest situation of his life. While his health was failing because of autonomic neuropathy caused by diabetes, he recorded this beautiful yet sad song.

According to Rubin, it was a real struggle for him as he sounded broken multiple times because of the complexity he was facing.

3. Traitor

Released in 2021, the song Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo is from the album named Sour. Mostly, breakup songs are written as classic pop or rockstar songs.

Through the song, she brings modern heartbreak to the clump of people as it demonstrates the sorrow she faced while she was being cheated on by her partner in the relationship.

4. Teardrop

Teardrop is a hip-hop song by the massive attack. It is from the Mezzanine album released in 1998. This song tells the story of a woman that is on a dark and insane night of serious change in mental health and seeks true love.

The vocal of this song is done by Elizabeth Fraser who grieves the death of the love of her life.

5. Back to Back

Released in 2006, Back to Back is a song by an artist named Amy Wine house. She is recalled for all the negative seasons.

The writer of this song suffered from the most unimaginable problems such as the battle against daily grubby life and addiction overhauled the style of her delicate writing and lyrics.

Back to Black won’t let you hold your tears if you to it while suffering the sorrow of some kind of loss or breakup.

6. Time by time

Sung by a talented artist Cyndi Lauper, Time by time is a depressing song from the album She is so Unusual which was released in 1983.

This song is about someone whom you love but they are distancing from you because of the misunderstanding and confusion between both of you.

It is about the challenge that love puts on over a certain time either for the welfare or hardship of the relationship.

7. Piledriver Waltz

Released back in 2011 from the album Submarine, Piledriver Waltz is sung by Alex tuner. This song is from a movie where a teenage boy suffers from relationship distress.

Through this song, Alex shows the hopelessness of a young boy who gets aware that his first love life is about to end.

8. Just like Heaven

In distinction to the album Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, Just Like Heaven is a song that was released by The Cure back in 1987.

Robert Smith wrote this son when he was suffering the pain of love. He got married to his girlfriend whom he encountered at the age of 14 after a year of the delivery of this song.

The song is sad enough to make you cry as it portrays the saddest feelings and emotions of Smith.

9. Pink Moon

Released in 1972, Pink Moon is sung by Nick Drake. This song plays the brutal sadness of the British singer-songwriter.

Each and every line of this song demonstrates the distressing feeling a person has gone through. Apparently, this song is haunted by the melancholic hunch that can tear up your eyes without you noticing.

10. Into my Arms

Into my Arms is a song, sung by Nick and the Bad Seeds from the Album named The Boatman’s Call which was released in 1997.

The deep base of Nick along with the sweet melody of the piano has demonstrated that huge production is not needed to make a song sadistic and effective.

Nick is an impassioned and composite character who has put down the story of his tragic life into every sentence of the song.

11. What about us

What about us is a beautiful yet fiendish song from the album named Beautiful Trauma sung by Pink that got released in 2017.

We’ll know that heart aches every single moment it beats while going through a breakup and the songwriter of this music has been through multiple harsh situations.

Through this song, Pink has portrayed faith in her good upcoming days and how her lover shattered her dreams into pieces.

12. Everybody Hurts

Released in 1992, Everybody Hurts is a song by R.E.M from the album named Automatic for the People.

This song is a classic song by R.E.M about the tragic loss and the positive expectations that we all have about the upcoming days.

This song portrays the call of Michael Stipe with his high singing voice aware all of us listeners that although we’re having good days recently, there surely comes a day when we might feel drastically down.

13. A Case of You

Coming from the album Blue, A case of you is a song released in 1971 that was sung by Joni Mitchell. This is a classical song that relates to heartbreak.

Through this song, Joni Mitchell portrays the most distressing feeling of all of us at a certain point in our life. The soothing vocal Mitchell clarifies her departed love who called her “as constant as the Northern Star” before abandoning her.

14. Landslide

From the album Life becoming a landslide, Landslide is a song created by Fleetwood Mac. This song makes us realize that while we enjoy every moment, we don’t realize how fast time passes by.

This song demonstrates the change and hardships of life.

While Nick’s boyfriend was in Buckingham. Journey along with Don Everly, she wrote this song in 1974 at Aspen’s snow country.

15. Love is a laser quest

Sung by the Artic Monkeys, Love is a laser quest is a song from the album”Suck it and See”. This underrated band started its journey from a previously-punk band and has turned into a rock behemoth. Alex Turner clarifies the misery of lost love through the song.

16. The Boxer

From the album FM Broadcasts 1965-1970, vol. 2 (Live), The boxer is a song sung by Simon and Garfunkel.

Both of these artists carried out multiple concerts of this song during the fall of the World Trade Centre. Besides the misery of the song, it focuses more on a male fictional boxing character who refuses defeat from his competitors.

18. Slow dancing in the Dark

One of the exceptional artists of all time, Joji sang this song that belongs to the album named “Ballads”. This song talks about a relationship that is heading nowhere good.

The same artist played the role of an actor in the video who gets helpless because of crippling depression and misery.

19. To build a home

Build a home created by The Cinematic Orchestra is a song from the movie called Step Up Revolution.

This sad and depressing song is played during the most brutal moment in the movie where a male character is gripped by misery, and a part of him will turn to dust when two wretched paths stand before him.

20. Go home

Belonging to the album Sprained Ankle, Go home is a song by Julien Baker that was released in 2015. Dealing with anxiety, the importance of isolation and manipulation of one’s ugliest urge is shown in this song.

Through the song, she tries to demonstrate that she needs to have the hand of someone who helps her get over those mentally devastating circumstances.

21. No Distance Left

No Distance Left is a song that was sung and released by a band named Blur in 1999. Usually, the band was renowned for their stadium-rocking anthem, song 2.

However, the band showed a discerning side with the release of this song after the Lead singer, went through the breakup of his relationship that lasted had last for years.

22. Angie

One of the songs from the album Goats Head Soup, Angies is a song that was created by the Rolling Stones in 1973. This song is basically about craving for lost love.

We can sense the aching vocal of Mich Jaggers who’s crying over the loss of his lover in this song. Regarding the breakup relationship of Marianne Faithful, the body of this song is written by Keith Richards along with Jagger’s bestowing lyrics.

23. I’m so lonesome I could Cry

Sung by Hank Williams, I’m so lonesome I could Cry is a song that was released in 1949. We know that country song always moves between the thin line of both sorrow and joy.

The songwriter tripped over to the edge of the ridge with I’m so lonesome I could cry. The loss of William’s lover is shown by the depressing lyrics of this song.

24. Swim Good

This song is from the album same as its name that was released in 2011 by Frank Ocean. This song is quite saddening and bleak as it demonstrates the melancholy of Ocean’s main character.

The thought of self-harming and a sense of distress are not lacking on the show as he imagines suicidal attempts.

26. Tear in your hand

Sung by Tori Amos, Tear in your hand is a song from the album named Little Earthquakes which was released in 1992. In the early 1990s and 2000s, the songwriter survived the devastating heartbreak of her relationship.

This song says the story of a woman who is suffering from crippling depression and is trying to think about the meaning of life.

27. Wish you were here

Sung by the popular bad Pink Floyd, Wish you were here is a song from the album of the same nane that was released in 1975. The founder of this band was quite an unhappy and bizarre person.

His bandmate, Rogers Water corresponded this song for his unwell friend and gave creation to this epic classic song for his regret and loss.

The sadness of the song reach a new height when all of us heard the story of Barret approaching the recording unpredictably.

28. Shallow

Lady Gaga and Bradley is the creator of this song was released in 2018 and actually belongs to a movie named A Star is born. Cooper with such a great singing talent gave a heartbreaking opening to the song that no one expected.

29. Laura

Released in 2012, Laura is a song sung by Bat for lashes and it is from the album named iTunes Festival: London 2012. This is a song that indirectly hints to us that heartbreak is not necessary for a song to be distressing.

In fact, this classic music demonstrated the distressing story of her life and her continuous attempts of harming her own self.

30. Cat’s in the Cradle

Cat’s in the Cradle is a vigorously sad song, sung by Harry Chapin released on 1974. This song is from the album named Verities and Balderdash. This song may have fallen into the satire of itself, but it is sadistic enough to make you cry.

This song portrays the tale of a father who can’t give enough time to spend with his son. After a few, the same thing happens but in the opposite. This time the son is way too busy to spend time with his father.

32. Tears in Heaven

Sung by a talented artist, Eric Clapton belongs to the album named Rush was released in 1992. Eric wrote this song as a tribute to his late son who fell to death in an apartment in New York just at the age of four.

After the release of the original song Tears in Heaven, several other versions of this song were released and the songwriter had faith that it will fade into significance after being recorded.

This song succeeded to remain in the at the top of the list and as a result, got swept with different award events turn by turn.

33. Jolene

Via the album of the same name as the song was sung by an exceptional artist Dolly Parton that was originally released in 1974. This song focuses on a woman who desperately tries to hold onto her lover.

Despite the cheerful chorus, Dolly makes an emotional appeal to the title character not to snatch the love of her life. You might need a tissue while listening to this song as its sadistic vibe might lure you into a crippling depression.

34. I know it’s over

Released in 1986, I know it’s Over is a song sung by the Smiths from the album named “The Queen is Dead”.

The start of this song is quite vulnerable as it gives starts with a sadistic sentence sentence” I can feel the soil falling over my head”. The Band who released this song is mostly renowned for their depressing interpretation.

35. Nothing gets crossed out

Precisely sung by the Bright, Nothing Gets Crossed Out is a song from the album, Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil and Keep your Ear to the Ground. This song got released in 2002 and gained a remarkable number of listeners.

The creators of this song have always been famous for the sadistic shade of their kinds of music. This song turns back sentimentally in the past and along with the terror of upcoming days of life.

36. Something in the Way

From the album Nevermind, Something in the Way is a song sung by Nirvana. If we look back into the life of the highly proficient singer Kurt Cobain, loss and misery were flooded every day.

This song was the saddest song recorded by the band which portrays the early life events of Cobain in all melancholy. As this song exhibits sad vibes, this song is still popular among the distressed youngsters of the entire world.

37. He stopped loving her today

Song by the miraculous singer George Jones, he stopped loving her is a melancholic song from an album named I am What I Am was released in 1980.

When the songwriter created this song, he thought that the song was way too drippy but little did he know that its sadistic nature will make it surprisingly popular among dispirited people.

This song includes the story about Jones losing his lover and feeling the regretful feeling that shattered his entire heart.

38. When the Party’s over

Coming from the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where do we go?, is a song released in 2019 sung by a melancholic music artist, Billie Eilish.

This song basically is an emblem of hasty relationship habits where one agrees to be in a toxic relationship that his/her lover has made. This song gives us a brutal sadistic vibe that might make you cry if you recently had a breakup or heartbreaking events.

39. Angels

Released back in 1977, Angels is a song from the album named “Life thru a Lens sung” by a talented artist, Robbins Williams. This song gives an opportunity for all to surge in sufferings for three minutes. This is a pretty renowned song in Europe that is played at a funeral.

40. Under the Bridge

Released by the popular band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Under the bridge is a bleak song that was released in 1991. We’ve always been delighted by the spark that this band throws in a party in life or drives us to sadness.

This songbird Red Hot Chilli Pepper will possibly make anyone sob with its unhappy vibe which talks about the lead singer’s loneliness and unloved feelings.

41. Wicked Game

Wicked Game is a dispairing song sung by Chris Isaak that was released in 1989 from the album Heart Shaped World. This song was made with the track of David Lynch’s Wild at Heart which led it to be widely popular.

This song details Chris’s love life where he lost his lover and found her cheating in the relationship

43. Unchained Melody

A sad song released in 1965 by The Righteous Brothers belongs to the album named Just Once in my Life. This song declares the never dying and incessant love of a lover.

Miserable enough to make you cry, this is a classical song that stomps your heart with the hypnotic melody of the strings and heart-wrenching lyrics.

44. Yesterday

Yesterday is a song that is sung by the popular talented band, The Beetles. This song is from a movie called Help!! This band has always been remarked for its love that details the loss of a lover.

Likewise, Yesterday is a classic song about the regretful and miserable feeling of Paul McCartney after his relationship came to an end. Waiting to go back to yesterday and change things is a thought or feeling that everyone relates to.

45. Morning Theft

Belonging to the album Sketches for my Sweetheart, the Drunk, Morning Theft is a song by an exceptionally talented artist named Jeff Buckley that was released back in 1998.

In this song, the songwriter has probably written the lonely feeling that is haunting him every single moment and misses his friends.

The drawing age of Jeff adds extra sadistic feeling to any love song as he might have faced many complex love situations that are compelling him to create sadistic music pieces like this.

46. With or Without You

Via the album, The Joshua Tree, With or Without You is a song released by U2 in the early 1980s. When Bono wrote this song, he was having a very hard time coping with the Irish band.

He had to visit different parts of the world by being away from his wife and children. This song miserably details Bono’s want and desire to spend time with his children.

47. I will Remember You

Released back in 1993, I’ll remember you is a song from an album named Fumbling Towards Ecstacy sung by Sarah Mclachlan. This song is actually about a boy who is feeling miserable about losing his loved one. This song is so sadistic that it might make you sob by remembering your lost loved ones.

48. The Drugs Don’t Work

Coming from the album Urban Hymn, The Drugs Don’t Work is a song by The Verve with its release in 1997. The lead singer, Richard with his amusing vocal and meaningful lyrics demonstrates his own journey with the use of toxic substances and anxiety. This song reflects the moment when he was lost to the abuse of toxins.

49. Shipbuilding

Sung by an amusing artist Robert Wyatt, Shipbuilding is music released in 1982 that comes from the album named Nothing Can Stop Us. This is also a gem song that ultimately shows that every heartwrenching song doesn’t have to be about disastrous love life. This song encapsulates an exceptionally beautiful story about the men who faced their graves in Shipbuilding during the war. The miserable lyrics and the vulnerability of his vocals add another layer of melancholy to the song.

50. Famous Blue Raincoat

Belonging to the album Songs of Love and Hate, Famous Blue Raincoat was released in 1971 by the appreciated artist, Leonard Cohen. This songwriter is also regarded as the professor of melancholy who comes with songs that compels you to sob. This song will leave you crying from the start of the song to the end.

51. Someone Like you

Adele the popular music artist sang the song, someone like you coming from album 21 which was released in 2011. The love life of Adele has played a great role to be one of the most fascinating singers. Someone Like You states the story of the lost love of Adele who she dreamed of marrying. No sign of effort from her partner to love her back and her future-inspired thoughts encouraged this song that earned her fame.

52. The River

Coming from the album of the same name as the song, this music is sung by Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band that was recorded and finally released in 1980. Bruce is an incorrectly interpreted vocalist and songwriter who focuses on the critical financial situations of the fictional character more than giving importance to the lost love. The Harmonica used in this song is distressing enough to make you cry in an instant.

53. Mad World

Belonging to the album named Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets, Mad World is music sung by Gary Jules. This song was originally released in 2001. Gary unquestionably broke the mold of singers by covering classic songs in a hush and moderate way. With the unspoken misery of Mad World by Tears by Fear covered by Jules can shatter your heart with its sadness.

54. The Streets of Philadelphia

Sung by Bruce Springsteen, The Streets of Philadelphia is a song that belongs to the album named Philadelphia: Music From the Motion Picture. This song was released back in the 1990s. The movie Philadelphia brought the threat of HIV/AIDS to Hollywood. Springsteen encapsulated the mesmerizing soundtrack with a meaningful song about the tragedy of losing an entire community due to the epidemic.

55. Stay with me

Coming from the album Lifted, Stay with me is a song that was released in 2015 and sung by Sam Smith. This songwriter is an accomplished writer who wrote this song within the duration of 30 minutes. In this modern era, this song is popular for its sadistic nature that might make people cry.

56. The Shadowlands

Sung by a talented artist Ryan Adams, The Shadowland is a song that was released in 2003 which came from the album named Love is Hell pt.1. Despite its sadistic nature, This song is beautiful and shows Adam has a great storytelling ability.

57. The Living Years

Released back in 1988, The Living Years comes from the album of the same name as the song that was created by Mike and the Mechanics. This song encapsulates the story of a writer who felt disgusting pain as his father died several months before his own son took a step into this world by birth.

58. Say Something

Coming from the album named Is anybody out there, Say something is a song released in 2014 that was sung by A Big Great World. This song was written by two members of its artist who were suffering from the misery of heartbreak individually. One of the members, Axel says that writing this song was part of healing themselves from the loss and the duo is still getting great affinity for creating such a captivating tune.

59. Good Riddance

Belonging to the album named Nimrod, Good Riddance is a song that was released back in 1997 and created by the popular band, Green Day. This song might’ve been used as a pleasing ballad but it was written about heartbreak. This song details the melancholic emotions of Billie Joe Armstrong about the end of their relationship with his lover.

60. Ben

Released in the 1970s, Ben is a popular song sung by Michael Jackson that comes from the album of the same name as the song. What makes us cry?, the sadistic feeling isn’t it? So yeah, this young singer of this song demonstrated and made us believe the friendship between him and his pet rat. These songs detailed the theme of a movie where killer rats victimize a small town.

61. Candle in the Wind

Sung by Sir Elton John, Candle in the Wind was released in 1973 and came from the album named Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. No wonder why he is one of the most appreciated singers, either you enjoy the princess Diana song or the version about the death of Marilyn, Elton wrote an amusing classic. The intensity of this song compels you to grab the tissue paper while listening to it.

62.  Brick

Belonging to the album Whatever and Ever Amen, Brick is a song released in 1997 sung by the rock trio, Ben Folds Five. This trio has a gentle touch if the sentimental sweetness of a song is overflooded. This song encapsulates the story of abortion and the feelings of uselessness after the process came to an end.

63. Skinny Love

Skinny love is one of the underrated songs of 2011 that came from the album of the same name as the song. This song was by an exceptional artist, Bon Iver. The feeling of Skinny Love flows through the fine vocal of the singer and traps all of us in its fiendish vibe. This song has been appreciated by many artists but the version of Bon Iver is the best among the best.

64. Samson

Sung by a very talented artist Regina Spektor, Samson is a beautiful yet sadistic song that comes from the album named songs which were originally released in 2002. The writer details their feeling of hopelessness of Samson after he got into his love life with Delilah. This song is melancholic and you might get imbraced into the depths of sadness.

64. Green Grass of Home

Green Grass of home is an epic song, coming from the album by Tom Jones that as released early in 1967. Jones successfully became a satire for the mesmerizing ballads of the death in the 60s. His way of creating a classical ballad about the losses with his astonishing skill of soft speech and powerful singing voice is just amusing.

65. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan is one of the renowned and exceptional singers who sang Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door with his band members. This song was released in 1991 and comes from the album named Use your Illusion II. This song details the story of a lieutenant who’s about to face his grave from a gunshot wound. In the 21st century, this song became renowned as the anthem of sadness. No one can escape from the intensity of the sadness of this song. Here, Dylan sketches a picture with his words detailing the deputy calling his mother to be with him in the last few minutes of his life.

66. Black

Sung by Pearl James, Black is a song that belongs to the album named Ten which was released in 1991. Black has managed to maintain its reputation despite its 90s grime aesthetic. This song, Black details the emotions and feelings of a betrayed man for his lost partner.

What songs to listen to when you are depressed?

Generally, slow-tempo songs, downbeat melodies with a lower overall pitch, and soft and lower sound levels are soulful to listen to and bring warmth and comfort to yourself. It can help people to heal from the pain and give them a perfect feeling when they are feeling low.

Well, the songs can be beneficial for people who are fighting depression on a daily basis on their life.

What is the saddest song on Spotify?

  • How Do I Say, Goodbye by Dean Lewis
  • All For You by Cian Ducrot
  • Birthday Cake by Dylan Conrique
  • In The Stars by Benson Boone
  • go by Cat Burns
  • Another Love by Tom Odell
  • that way by Tate McRae

Love songs are one of the material that connects straight to our hearts. The melodies, lyrics, and the emotion of such moments hit us right straight into our hearts. Such kinds of songs give us a peaceful moment and help us be calm. If you also want to learn some love songs on guitar then don’t worry! We have the perfect suggestion for you.

Love songs with the melody of the guitar always give us peaceful moments and fill our hearts with emotions. Love songs are the best way to you express you’re songs to your significant one, but the best way to express is by playing the song yourself.

For those who want to play a love song on their guitar to their significant one but having a problem with choosing then don’t worry! You’ve arrived at the correct place. Without any delay, let’s jump straight into the topic and discuss some of the easy guitar lessons you can learn!

1. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Can’t help falling in Love has been one of the romantic songs that were released away back in 1961. The song is just the perfect one to express your emotions to your partner. Well, if you’re worried about the guitar lesson of it then don’t even sweat.

Can’t Help Falling in Love is the perfect song that is romantic and also easy at the same moment. It has the perfect beginning guitar chords for those who are just learning guitar at the moment. Let’s take a look at the chords.

To play the song you need to use a capo in the 2nd Fret. The tuning of the guitar is standard; E A D B G E. Even the chord of the songs is easy. Such chords like F G Am C. This is one of the simplest and easiest love songs that you’ll find.

2. All Of Me

Artist: John Legend

One of the famous songs of Hon Legen, All of me might be just the perfect song that you might be looking for. It has all the romantic tunes you need and the perfect lyrics for your significant one.

All of Me’s melody will hit straight into your heart and the melodic piano tune will make you cherish your partner. If you are looking to play this song on your guitar then it might just be the perfect one because of how easy the chords are.

This song has easy chords in the intro and in verse such as E minor, C, G, and D. The melody of this song is piano and when you’ll play it on your guitar, you’ll get the same balladic feeling which is the perfect tune for love songs.

John Legend’s All of Me is also an easy valentine’s song. If you’re trying to impress your crush with a balladic feeling but don’t wanna put much effort then this song is just perfect for you!

3. Wonderful Tonight

Artist: Eric Clapton

If you’re looking for a perfect love song to play on your guitar but you want the tune from back in the day then Wonderful Tonight is just the perfect guitar lesson you should consider taking on.

Eric Clapton from Wonder tonight is back in the 70s, and there’s a romantic story behind this song as well. He wrote this song for Pattie Boyd who was going through divorce statements.

If you want to play the same kind of romantic love song for your partner on guitar then Wonderful tonight might just be the perfect option. It even has easy guitar chords such as G, D, C, Em, and G7.

When you’ll play this song on your guitar, you’ll get a calm and romantic feeling. This song portrays the beautiful feelings that you have kept hidden in yourself. The melody and the song lyrics might just be the perfect song that you’re looking to play for her!

4. Perfect

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Now let’s talk about the song that was on the radio of everyone back in 2017. The song was a blockbuster hit and the perfect romantic love song to play on different occasions.

The song was so famous that every wedding, anniversary, or any kind of special occasion had this song on their playlist. If you want to show how much your partner means in your life then, Ed Sheeran’s perfect might just be the ‘perfect’ one for you.

Even the guitar lesson of this song is quite simple and isn’t complicated. The chords are simple such as Em, G, D, C, F#, and Dsus4. Even the strumming pattern from the song is just perfect for beginners.

Perfect might be the missing piece that your partner needs to hear you playing. This love song is perfect because you can fret it or even fingerpick it. It will give you the same angelic melody and your partner will be filled with emotions.

5. A Thousand Years

Artist: Christina Perri

Now let’s take a look at the song that is the most romantic and the favorite love song for most couples. Christina has written this song in a perfect way. The lyrics are so gorgeous and beautiful that you’ll start to imagine yourself and your partner in a Twilight Saga.

The song has a beautiful melody and the perfect chord that will express all the emotions and love you have for your partner. Even the chords of this song are easy and beautiful.

The chords of the song are such as G, Em, Cadd9, D, and Am. The strumming is also easy with the simple standard strumming tune of the guitar. Just the perfect song that you’ll need to play for your partner.

A thousand years of Christina Perri will make you fall in love with the melody and if you want your partner to fall in love just as the way you did then this might be the perfect opportunity.

Learn this easy love song on your guitar, play it for her, and make her fall in love with you. As simple as that.

6. Stand by Me

Artist: Ben E. King

You keep wondering in her thoughts and can’t stop wondering but an amazing future between you two then this song might just be the perfect one for you. This song is best because it has melodies and tunes that will take you back to 1961.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of R&B classic, pop, or soul. Thus melody song will touch your, heart because it is one of the popular songs from back in the day. This love song is elite and the perfect one for you to learn on your guitar.

The strumming is easy and not only it is easy to play, but it will also teach you many things and you’ll be eager to explore more of this song on your guitar. The bass line of that song is spectacular and the perfect one for you to learn fingerstyle.

The slow tempo of this song just might be the perfect one for your love song. Whenever you’ll play its melody on the guitar, you’ll feel like a cold breeze just kissed you in your cheek and left.

7. You’re Beautiful

Artist: James Blunt

James Blunt makes some extraordinary songs and “You’re Beautiful” was truly a gorgeous message for all lovers. The song was a big shot back in 2005 and was on everyone’s playlist. You also might need to put this one in your playlist.

The song is simple and has beautiful pickup lines. It gives you a slow melody and will make you feel like a ballad. Once you’ll start to play this song on your guitar, you’ll dive into its melody and forget about the lyrics and everything else.

The guitar is simple with easy chords such as C, G, Am, F, and B. The melody is so beautiful that it will even make you feel lonely at the same time because James Blunt has portrayed single-sided love in his song.

This is one of the easiest songs you can learn on guitar but be aware because its melody might give you a feeling of heartbreak.

8. It Must Have Been Love

Artist: Roxette

If you’re a fan of metal, or rock types of songs and having difficulty finding the perfect love song which can portray the same kind of melody and tone then congratulations! You just found the gem you were looking for.

It Must Have Been Love was a masterpiece back in 1987 which portrayed a beautiful story where love has no limitations and it doesn’t work with boundaries. This song is the perfect one for beginners as they’ll get a chance to learn soft rock as well.

The chords of this song are simple and only require basic strumming. Chords like G, D, Am, C, and Em, will make you feel comfortable playing the guitar and will give you a soft rock-tone experience.

 9. Fix You

Artist: Coldplay

Another Slow Medoci song that might be perfect for your guitar lesson can be Coldplay’s Fix You. The song was a hit back in 2005, especially because of the history and the romantic story it has behind those lyrics.

The lead singer, Chris had written this song for his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow and now you can sing this song to your amazing partner. This song portrays that you will always be with your partner even at the darkest times, and always support her.

Even the guitar lesson of this song is simple. It has simple chords 4 chords; D, Bm, G, and A, and even the strumming pattern is the basic slow ones.

As you start to learn the song, its melody will hit straight at your heart and you’ll completely fall in love with the song. Fix You is truly a beautiful love song with easy chords to play on guitar.

10. Always On My Mind

Artist: Elvis Presley

Always On My Mind is a love song that is composed by the king of rock n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley. This song really takes you back to the time with its ballad melody and will make you fall in love with it,

The song is gorgeous and even easy to play on your guitar. It has effective lyrics that portray the regrets and suffering you’ll have to face in a relationship. The beautiful melody is just the perfect one you’ll need to learn on your guitar.

The song is beautiful but while learning it the chords might be challenging for you. The chords of the song are G, Dsus, D, Em, C, A7, Am, and D7 the words might look big but the finger positions are easy, you’ll just need to remember its sequel.

This love song is the perfect one to impress your partner or make your crush fall in love with you.

11. Ain’t No Sunshine

Artist: Bill Withers

Ain’t no Sunshine is a beautiful love song from the past days. It has a great melodic tone and portrays the feelings and emotions you feel toward your partner. It delivers the message of love for you in a really poetic way.

The song is beautiful and even the chords are pretty simple with easy strummings. The song has 4 simple chords; Am, Em, Em/G, and Dm. You can use a slow strumming pattern that will give the song a more melodic tone. You can play it by strumming on beats 1 and 3.

The song is romantic but emotional at the same time. If you’re looking to play a song for your partner then this will be the right choice.

12. Beautiful in White

Artist: Shane Filan

Trying to look for a song that you can play for your beautiful bride on your wedding day? BINGO! You have just found the jackpot.

Shane Filan’s Beautiful in White might just be the perfect one for you to play on your wedding day. The song will express the emotions and feelings you’ll get when you’ll see your bride in that beautiful white dress.

The song might not be popular like other hits, but it is one of the gorgeous love songs which doesn’t have any kind of complicated chords like some love songs. The chords of the song are G, D/F#(add11), Em7, and Cadd9G, D/F#(add11), Em7, and Cadd9.

The chords might look scary at the first glance but trust me, they are so simple that you won’t even expect them to be that easy. Even the strumming pattern of the song is really simple as usual.

13. Someone Like You

Artist: Adele

When this song came back in 2011, almost everyone knew its whole lyrics. It was a very popular song by Adele and also a really beautiful which portrays the sadness that hides within love.

Adele has a fantastic voice and with this sad, love song, her voice couldn’t match anymore. If you want to express all those sorrowful feelings to your partner then why not try Someone Like You on your guitar?

The song is really beautiful and also easy to play on your guitar. The song has easy guitar chords such as G, Em, C, D, and Bm. The chords are easy and comfortable to use because of their easy finger placements.

Even the strumming of this song is was. The song is a classic love song that you can play it anytime you want to express your feelings to some special and make them feel their importance in your life.

15. Just The Way You Are

Artist: Bruno Mars

“Just The Way You Are” is the perfect love song to make your partner feel special about themselves. The song is so beautiful that it even won the Grammy Awards back in 2011.

The beautiful romantic song will make your significant fall in love with you within a minute. It has a beautiful melody and loving lyrics. The song will amaze your partner, but the more shocking thing, it is built with an easy chord.

The Grammy Award-winning song is incredibly easy with the chords;  D, Bm,7, and G. It even has an easy strumming pattern. Within no time, you can perfect this song and master it.

If you’re comfortable then you can also put a capo on the 3rd fret which will give you a realistic and better sound. This love song will deliver a romantic message to your partner for you.

16. Stay With Me

Artist: Sam Smith

Stay With Me

Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is one of the romantic love songs that you can play for your love. The song was released back in 2014 and many became a fan after listening to its beautiful piano melody.

The song tells you a story about how you fell in love with your partner after the night. Even the chord of the song is simple with  Em, Cadd9, and G. Cadd9. The placement of fingers on these chords is simple and within no time you’ll master it.

The song is just perfect to sing for your crush and the lyrics will surely touch her heart as well.

17. I’m Yours

Artist: Jason Marz

Back in the day, everyone who knew guitar used to play “I’m Yours” by Jason Marz because it was easy to play on guitar and had a beautiful melody in its song.

The song is beautiful and tells you the story of where you are perfect for your partner and the strumming of the makes the song very fun and interesting as well.

The song is very easy and only has four chords; G, D, Em, and C. These chords are some of the basic chords of guitar and you’ll have no problem learning it because of how easy the finger placement is.

The strumming pattern of the song is also beautiful and really fun to play. It has the triplet down and upstrokes, the strumming can’t be any easier than this. You’ll perfect this romantic song in no time.

18. Love Story

Artist: Taylor Swift

The year 2008 was really a big year for Taylor Swift and her romantic love song, Love Story.

“Love Story” is a perfect romantic love song that you can play for your partner. It portrays the story of Romeo and Juliet and their love story as well. It gives you the idea of how strong a love can be, just like in Romeo and Juliet.

The song defines the feelings of a couple and portrays them in a beautiful picture. The song is truly beautiful and even easy to learn on your guitar.

The chords are simple such as; C, G, Am, F, D, A, and Bm. Even the strumming pattern is pretty simple. Just take note that this is a fast-tempo song, so you might need to play it a little fast than you usually do in other songs.

Love Story is really a powerful song that expresses all the emotions you have for your significant one. The melody and the lyrics of the song will truly hit from inside, the perfect to play in front of your partner or loved ones.

19. Yellow

Artist: Coldplay

Coldplay is some of the most talented groups in the music industry and “Yellow” was truly one of their blockbuster songs. It has a slow melody and the song is really gorgeous when you place everything together.

The song gives you a feeling of being loved and fills your heart with joy. The song is perfect to play on your guitar and even fun to play it.

The song has easy guitar chords such as  G, D, C, and Em, which are the basic chords of the guitar but the chords changes during the outro part to Cmaj7, and Dm7. You don’t need to change it. You can ignore and play the same previous chords for the outro as well.

The song even has an easy strumming pattern with 8 beats of downstrokes. The song choice is just excellent to play in front of your partner. Because of its easy chords, you’ll be even able to master it in no time.

20. Fallin

Artist: Alicia Keys

Do you remember what made Alicia Keys famous in the music industry for the first time? It was one of the love songs that she made. The song “Fallin” was so beautiful and wonderful that it went and won three Grammys.

The song is perfect as it portrays the challenges that arise in relationships. If you’re facing the same challenge and need a song to express then “Fallin” might just be the one.

Guitar Chords of the song are easy and you’ll only need to master two chords, Em and Bm7. Both of these hordes are comfortable and won’t do any effect while you change the chords.

Even the strumming pattern for the song is simple and traditional which makes the perfect tone and melody for this Love Song. The only challenge with this song is that you’ll need to memorize the lyrics.

21. Iris

Artist: The Goo Goo Dolls

Now let’s take a look at another romantic song that was made to express your feelings to your crus and also for the movie City Of Angels. Wanna propose? Why not give her signs of your love by playing this song?

The chords of this guitar are really easy. First, you’ll play the D tuning for the opening and then you’ll need to learn 6 easy chords;  5, D, G5, Bm7, Asus4, and G. You might be getting scared after seeing the digit, but these are some of the easy chords you can find in guitar.

The strumming pattern is also simple with a conventional down-down-up-down-up pattern. The song is melodic and filled with emotions. A perfect love song.

22. Heaven

Artist: Bryan Adams

If Love has struck you right at your heart then Bryan Adma’s “Heaven” is the perfect one to practice. The 1983 song is romantic and filled with a melody that people who are in love should listen to at least once.

There are classic chords played in the song like; C, Am, G, F, and Dm. The finger placement of these chords is easy and if you’re having a problem with the barre version of F and then you can try the other comfortable one.

It has only a down strumming pattern which makes it easier to learn on guitar. Make your partner feel heavenly by playing “Heaven”.

23. With Or Without You

Artist: U2

If you’re having a complicated relationship with your partner and are emotional at the same time then U2’s With Or Without You will help you with that.

The song is filled 3with emotions and it will surely touch your heart in one way or another. It is also perfect for beginners as it has easy chords such as G, D, Em, and C, with the usual strumming pattern.

It has the down-down-up-up-down-up strumming pattern, which is one of the easiest and most fun to play strumming patterns in guitar. With easy chords and beautiful lyrics, it is sure to impress your love.

24. Thinking Out Loud

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud has been one of the most romantic songs in the modern generation. Ed Sheeran has portrayed this song beautifully and even you can portray and impress your crush by playing it on your guitar.

The chords of this song are easy and even the strumming pattern is easy. The chords of this song are C, E, F, G, Dm, and Am. These are some of the classic chords on the guitar.

It has easy and comfortable finger positions, you’ll master it within no time. You’ll even have no problem changing the chords. You’ll really be able to hear the emotions and the feelings from this song.

25. Dust In The Wind

Artist: Kansas

The incredible melodic song, “Dust in The Wind” is one of the perfect love songs that was released way back in 1977 and it is still considered one of the best and easy love songs to play on guitar.

The songs’ melody and lyrics will surely touch your heart in different ways and make you feel loved. It is even easy to play on the guitar as you’ll only need to master four easy chords;  C, G, Am7, and Dm.

The strumming Pattern is also easy with the down-down-up-down-up classic pattern. You can even do finger-picking on this song as the original version, but you can choose any comfortable way you want.

26. Hey There Delilah

Artist: Plain White T’s

If you are looking for a love song that is filled with melancholic tone and lyrics then Plain White T’s “Hey There Deliah” is the song that you should check out right now.

The lyrics are filled with one-sided love emotions and will make you emotional. The song is effortless to play on guitar because there are easy chords used. Such as D, F#m, Bm, G, and A.

One thing you need to note is that this is a finger-picked song.

The song is finger-picked, and this song just might be the easiest finger-picked song you have ever practiced. Perfect for every cause.

27. Love Me Do

Artist: The Beatles

The first thing that came to your mind must be the mind-boggling grammatical error after reading the title. But is certainly the hit song of 1962 with a beautiful message.

“Love Me Do” is a beautiful song to play on your guitar, and it also has three easy chords; G, C, and D. Very simple, right? Not only the chords, but even the strumming is in the classic pattern. You’ll have no challenges while learning its guitar lesson.

28. One Last Time

Artist:  Ariana Grande

Takes us back to 2014 when the world went crazy after the release of “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande.

The song is beautiful and portrays the story of how she waits for her love to hold her hands once again. There are only 5 simple chords used in the song which are G, C, Em, Am, and D. Keep a note that the song is on a fast temp, so play it a bit faster than you usually do.

It might look like it’s a bit hard for beginners, so you can start the song by playing at a slow tempo and then slowly start building up your speed.

29. Don’t Let Me Down

Artist:  The Beatles

“Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles was a popular romantic hit back in 1970. It was a very beautiful song and the story behind the lyrics is just gorgeous. John Lennon wrote this song for his future wife. You can sing it for her as well.

The song is easy and has the classic four chords, Em, D, A, and A7. The strumming pattern is easy and with such simple chords, you’ll learn this romantic song within no time.

The song describes the hopes you have for your partner. This just might be the perfect evening for you and your partner.

30. Dance The Night Away

Artist: The Mavericks

If you’re having a breakup then this song just might be the perfect one for you. 1992 release “Dance The Night Away” portrays a story about how you find your freedom from a breakup.

The song was really popular in big countries such as; US and UK. The guitar cho0rds of the song are also very easy. The song consists of only two chords; D and A7 major, which is perfect for beginners.

The strumming pattern of the song is also super easy you’ll master this song within no time and impress your audience as well.

31. Brown-Eyed Girl

Artist: Van Morrison

If you’re trying to play a rock-tone love song but also an easy one then you have just found your treasure.

“Brown eyes Girl” was a popular romantic rock song back in 1967. The song has been played at many events and on many occasions, and you can also play this song in front of many audiences and impress them.

The song is easy to play on guitar s it has the easiest five chords to be ever created in guitar; G, C, D, Em, and D7. The strumming pattern of down strum after every beat will give you the perfect melody and make it more beautiful.

If you’re looking to impress your partner or crush with a love song then this might be the perfect one for you. Does your partner have brown eyes? Secure the treasure by playing this song!

32. Summer Wine

Artist: Nancy Sinatra

Summer Wien was really a lovely and gorgeous song that every person had on their playlist. The 1966 song was really a popular song because of how cute it was. The attractive melody will surely attract your partner as well after you’ll play it for them.

The chords of this song are really simple as you’ll only need 3 chords; Am, G, and Dm. The Strummking pattern is also pretty simple with the down-stroke at the first beat then making the 8th note down, and up in the rest of the beats.