ACE FREHLEY On His Absence From KISS’s Final Show: ‘I Did Try, But I Couldn’t Make It Happen’

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In an exclusive interview with Rock Candy magazine, Ace Frehley, the founding member, and beloved guitarist, opened up about why he didn’t join KISS on stage for their final show at Madison Square Garden in December. Despite constant fan requests, Frehley expressed his efforts to return but clarified that the band never extended an invitation.

Addressing his past struggles with drugs and alcohol, Frehley asserted his sobriety and debunked any notion that it played a role in KISS not reaching out to him. Expressing love for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, despite longstanding disagreements, he also held no ill will towards his replacement, Tommy Thayer.

With his upcoming solo album, “10,000 Volts,” Frehley is optimistic about his musical future outside the iconic band. Confident in the success of his new music, he emphasized personal satisfaction over financial gains, stating, “I can wake up each day and know that my soul is mine… I got my soul and my music back.”

Reflecting on KISS’s final concerts, Frehley expressed his lack of resentment, emphasizing that he wishes the band the best. Despite potential monetary incentives, he emphasized that money wouldn’t compromise his principles. The interview highlighted Frehley’s openness to playing with KISS under the right circumstances.

Gene Simmons, in an earlier interview, lamented the absence of Frehley and Peter Criss at KISS’s final shows, expressing sadness and acknowledging their pivotal role in the band’s history. However, logistical challenges and the band’s commitment to current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer were cited as reasons for not altering the lineup.

Despite the ongoing complexities and differing perspectives among KISS members, Ace Frehley fondly looks back on the band’s legacy. He stressed his love for his former bandmates, acknowledging the special bond they created, while also desiring to clear his legacy of misunderstandings.

The article sheds light on the ongoing negotiations and discussions between Frehley and KISS, providing insights into their attempts to reconcile for the final shows. The door remains open for potential collaborations, but Frehley’s conditions and the band’s commitment to its current lineup pose challenges.

As the KISS farewell tour, “End Of The Road,” faces extensions due to pandemic-related interruptions, the interview captures the intricate dynamics and sentiments surrounding the iconic band’s concluding chapter.

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