Anthrax’ Scott Ian Explains His ‘Easy’ Offer To Dave Grohl

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In a recent update on Instagram, Anthrax’s guitarist, Scott Ian, spilled the beans on an exciting team-up with Dave Grohl, the lead of Foo Fighters. He detailed how effortlessly the collaboration was proposed.

The post narrated that during a serendipitous moment at Studio 606, with Anthrax laying down tracks for their upcoming album and Foo Fighters tuning up nearby, Grohl dropped by Anthrax’s studio. This casual visit sparked an idea in Ian, who reached out to Grohl the next day with a simple message, suggesting they jam out on a track:

“We were all at 606, us working on our album and the Foo Fighters prepping in the same building. Dave swung by to check out our session, and we caught a bit of their rehearsal too.

Scott’s message to Dave was straightforward: ‘Caught up the other day, was cool. You guys rehearsing today? I’m tracking guitars. How about we lay down a Minor Threat or Bad Brains track?’ Dave shot back with a song choice instantly, and they agreed to meet. Just like that, it was set.”

The project, named G.B.I., also brings in Anthrax’s Charlie Benante to pay homage to ‘The Regulator’ by Bad Brains, a gem from their 1982 debut. Set to drop on April 20, 2024, this collaboration isn’t just for kicks; it’s aimed at supporting Bad Brains’ lead vocalist, H.R. (Paul ‘H.R.’ Hudson), by donating all proceeds to his healthcare.

Anthrax shared that nailing ‘The Regulator’ took just two live sessions, with Grohl behind the drums and mic, Benante crafting the single’s artwork, and Ian on the guitar.

This special edition for Record Store Day will be a collector’s item, limited to 3,000 copies. It’s also a gesture of support towards H.R., who has been battling SUNCT syndrome, a debilitating headache disorder, for years. After a brain surgery in 2017, H.R.’s health struggles have led to financial difficulties and the cancellation of his 2023 tour.


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