When asked to name Radiohead’s greatest album, the two most common answers are OK Computer and In Rainbows. Released a decade apart, the latter blends the former’s alt-rock instrumentation with the band’s previous electronic experiments, such as Kid A and Amnesiac. Whether you prefer OK Computer or In Rainbows, it’s safe to assume that both are masterpieces in their own right, highlighting Radiohead‘s endless creativity and pioneering musical skills.

In Rainbows was self-released by the band as a pay-as-you-like download in 2007 before XL Recordings distributed physical copies of the album. Lyrically, Thom Yorke strayed away from his usual political musings, instead incorporating more personal themes and storytelling. According to Yorke, the initial writing and recording process was challenging. “We spent a long time in the studio just not going anywhere, wasting our time, and that was really, really frustrating,” he said. The band even considered breaking up, although they ultimately decided not to “because when you got beyond all the shit, and the bollocks, the core of these songs were really good”.

Luckily, the band continued and ended up creating one of their strongest albums. The record was teased by the singles ‘Jigsaw Falling Into Place’ and ‘Nude’, although ‘Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi’ has also become a firm fan favourite. Another standout track is ‘Bodysnatchers’, driven by an aggressive riff and infectious drum beat. During the album’s creation, the band posted frequent updates on their website. On October 25th, 2005, guitarist Ed O’Brien posted the statement: “It’s always difficult to judge right now, but I think we may have got ‘Bodysnatchers’.”

During a 2006 interview with Mojo, Yorke described the inspirations behind the track, describing it as “a little bit like Neu! meets dodgy hippy rock. It sounds like that new Australian band Wolfmother – I really like them, actually.” Elsewhere, Yorke has described Victorian ghost stories as a source of lyrical inspiration.

However, speaking to NME in 2007, Yorke detailed the recording of the intense track, revealing that his vocals were completed in one take. “I have this thing… just before I get sick, I’ll have this 120-hour hyperactive mania, and that song was recorded during one of those. I felt genuinely out of it when we did that. The vocal is one take, and we didn’t do anything to it afterwards. We tidied up my guitar because I was so out of it, my guitar playing was rubbish. My best vocals are always the ones that happen there and then.”

If you’re trying to pursue the path to learning guitar in your life then going through some apps might help you to enhance your skills and make them more playable. If you’re trying to play some Wonderwall on your guitar but don’t have a single clue then take a look at some of these guitar apps for beginners.

In the modern day, there are many technologies that can help beginners to enhance their skills in a particular platform but trying to find the perfect one to start your journey can be challenging for beginners.

Now let’s take a look at some o the best websites and apps that will help to improve you better in your guitar career.


If you’re trying to learn guitar by sitting at home but you need a proper teacher then this will be the perfect one for you because this app allows you to learn guitar through videos.

Truefire is an app that gives you video lessons on how to enhance your skills, well if you are afraid that the teachers won’t satisfy you then wait till you hear the names of the teachers.

The Thre Fire has some skillful teachers such as;  Joe Bonamassa, Grech Koch, Tommy Emmanuel, Kirk Fletcher, Tim Pierce, and Steve Vai. Did you change your mind?

The app allows you some of the best teachers and also a wide range of courses that allows you to dive more deeply into different genres and know about your own taste. The number of lessons and contents you’ll find on this app is truly mind-blowing.

The app allows you to find your own way of jamming the instrument, if you’re a beginner then it also helps you to go slowly with the help of its Learning Paths. They even teach you lessons by giving a variety of camera angles. They give you a loop from the closeup, and even on the chords, right hands, and left hands.

If you’re low on the budget then the courses of this app will seem costly to you. You can buy one course at one time, but if you are trying to buy the whole course then it might be costly. Well, for that you can also purchase the “All Acess Subscription” which will give you access to unlimited courses.


  • It has a wide range of courses and a lesson catalog
  • They have some of the big named teachers


  • It is expensive

The Gibson App

Gibson has been the face of the guitar for many decades and the introduction of their new smartphone app, allows the guitarist to learn about the instrument more thoroughly. The app is not only made for beginners, it is for guitarists of every level.

The Gibson App is a great learning app because they have adjusted a software called, Audio Augmented Reality. The Thai system is very effective and responds to you while you start to play through the lessons. It will make you experience like you’re learning the guitar with someone in reality.

The Gibson app also provides you with tabs on popular artists. Not every tab can be easier for you, don’t worry, the app will set the tab to look through your skill level. More amazingly, there are some legendary artists such as ts such as Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, The Beatles, and even modern artists like Billie Eilish.

One special feature of this app is that the players get a free consultation video with a Gibson teacher which will help you with the basic tune-ups, maintenance, and many more. This is perfect for beginners.


  • Makes you feel like you’re interacting with the teacher
  • It is totally free to give it a go


  • Some features like sheer volume can be difficult for the beginners


This might be a challenging app for beginners, but it is one of the most efficient apps that helps every guitarist to enhance their skills.

AmpliTube is a free guitar learner app that allows you to use this on every device of yours. You can use this app on your tablet, phone, desktop, on any device you would think would be easier for you.

This app also gives you a wide range of lessons and allows you effective online guitar lessons. This app might look complex but in reality, it is really easy to use. One special feature of this app is that it allows you to drag and drop gear, and with that, you can even make your costume rigs.

AmpliTube has a wide selection and collection of gears, including 11 pedal effects. With the help of this app, you can make the bass rigs that you’ve been dreaming of. It helps to get you into a creative mode and with so many editing tools and features, the app allows you to do multiple purposes.


  • It is easy to use
  • Except for buying the real gear, it is much more affordable


  • It might look much more complicated for the beginners


If you’re just staring at the path of your guitar then Yousician is just the perfect one for you, and to make learning fun.

Many lessons on the guitar can be boring and frustrating but Yousician will help you to begin your career as your guitarist in a very entertaining way.

The Yousician allows new learners with the teachers that are there to help any level of guitarists. It even offers a wide range of instruments to teach. You can even learn Ukulele, guitar, and bass with this app.

The app teaches you lessons step-by-step. It gives you video tutorials and missions that you have to complete which are over 1500. Another special feature of this app is that it even gives you feedback on your lesson immediately.

And the best part of this app, it is free to use and learn but it requires a premium subscription for unlimited playtime. The app is truly useful to beginners who are trying to pursue the path of the guitar.


  • It instantly gives you feedback on your lesson
  • It is free to use and easy for beginners


  • Not every guitar learner might be fond to play video games

Fender Play

Trying to take tuition to enhance your skills? Fender Play is just the perfect app for you!

Fender Play has to be the best app that is out in the market that offers you guitar lessons. In 2017 they added the tuition platform and since then, they’ve been upgrading their app to make the best one.

The app is easy to use and has unlimited easy lessons and guides that will help you to improve your playability and also to enhance your skills. The music also finds the appropriate lesson for you as it asks for your music genre and preferred instrument while signing up.

And if you’re feeling bored and uneasy with the lessons then don’t worry because it will help you to keep on engaging with their progressive new micro-learning strategy. This strategy will help you to get focused and concentrate more on your lessons.

You will have to pay an extra  £15.99 a month for a progressive new micro-learning strategy but the quality and the amount of research you’ll get from this lesson is totally worth buying it. It was actually cheap.

Try the Fender Play app and get better at guitar in no time.


  • The app helps you to get engaged with your guitar lessons
  • It helps you to get improved in the minimum amount of time


  • It might be a little expensive app compared to others

GarageBand for iOS

This might be the best app to experiment with your music on. This app is just perfect and allows its user a wide range of tools and it will inspire you to record your song, and just experiment with it.

Garageband is generally a Digital Audio Workstation. Now the Workstation is available in your pocket, you just have to open your iPhone and boom! You can get the experience and jaam like you’re in a studio.

The instrument will be provided by the app and all you gotta do is make your guitar and microphone ready. Yes! There are many virtual instruments provided by the app, all you gotta do is find the matching one from the GarageBand sound library.

You can make music, edit it, and when the final result is ready, you can also directly post your piece of art on YouTube and SoundCloud. If you’re trying to persuade a road of being the next artist, then you might want to give this app a try


  • It is a Digital Audio Workstation
  • Teaches you a variety of lessons
  • Offers you to experiment with your virtual guitar gear


  • The beginners might find the app more complex


BandLb is one of the efficient guitar leaner apps that help players to experiment with the music. This is also one of the famous platforms to use the platform with over 20 million learners.

The app allows you to use a variety of instruments and experiment with over 100 guitar and bass instruments. It even has the ability to record multiple instruments such as; pianos, keyboards, guitars, and many more.

You can practice and record unlimited music in this app because it comes with unlimited storage. This app also helps you to explore many musics because it offers a massive library of loops to the learners and with that help, you can create your own track.

The app helps you to get engaged with your guitar lesson and it will also keep you entertained. This will help you to pursue the path of the artist and will ignite the fire of your hidden artist form.


  • It is free to use and has various features
  • It gives you various experiences and you can even do experiments


  • The beginners might have trouble learning about the app

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

This one is just the perfect guitar-learning app if you’re a beginner. The first special thing about Songsterrr is that it is easy to use and it has a wide list of lessons and exercises that you can practice.

Songsterr has over five hundred thousand chords which will give you a wide area to choose from and learn from. If you have tried different other guitar learning paps then you can find various versions of tabs or each song which can be difficult to choose but Songsteer won’t present you tabs in that way.

There is a single tab for each song, why you may ask. Songsterr provides its students with high-quality tabs and thus, only one is required for you to learn your favorite songs. This will make your morals stronger and will keep you enhanced with the lessons.

The purpose and use of both electric and acoustic guitars are different which is why most of us differentiate them. Since the invention of these instruments, the world of music has changed drastically.

The existence of both of these guitars is the same i.e. to produce amusing tones. However, they have significant differences between them.

If we observe it carefully, both of these guitars have a different world. The difference between these guitars can be determined through various comparisons.

So, what are the dissimilarities between electric guitar and acoustic guitar? Let’s get to know!

Cost Comparision Comparision

electric guitar vs acoustic guitar cost

An electric guitar is way more expensive than an acoustic guitar as it needs other tools such as amplifiers and cables. In fact, it is almost double the price of an acoustic guitar. The price ranges differ according to the quality of these guitars.

A normal acoustic guitar costs around $150, while an electric guitar will cost twice more than that including other materials. In amazon, the price of best selling guitar ranges from 40$-200$.

There are guitars that cost more than 10 thousand dollars but it being expensive doesn’t mean that it produces a good quality sound than cheap guitars.

And it has already been proved in a certain youtube video by comparing three guitars of different price ranges of 100$, 700$, and 10,000$.

All those guitars significantly produced the same sound. If you’re an equal interest in both of these guitars and you’re on a low budget, the acoustic guitar would be best. However, don’t forget that the electric guitar is precisely great on its own.

Learning curve

The difficulty in playing guitar is determined by the different chords you play. There are a lot of chords on the guitar and some of them are easier whereas a few others are complicated.

However, you can master any chords of a guitar, it only depends upon how much time you give to learning guitar. But the major interrogation here is, which guitar is easier to learn? So, here it is!

The electric guitar is easier to play than the acoustic guitar and certain reasons proved it. The electric guitar is not much complicated to play because it is very easy to set up the guitar, the guitarist doesn’t have to press hard on the strings and the strings are closer to the frets.

While at the other side, an acoustic guitar is very complicated to learn as the strings need to be pressed harder. Learning to play acoustic guitar doesn’t seem to be as easy as it sounds. The tip of the fingers hurt until it becomes habitual to our fingers.

Unlike electric guitars, the heights of acoustic guitars are higher and heavier which is why this guitar is known as harder to learn in comparison to standard electric guitars.

Comfort and Portability Comparison

The shape and size of both electric and acoustic guitars are different. So, we can determine which one is best by comparing their comfort and portability.

Talking about comfort, the electric guitar steals a point here as it is very easy to handle and use. Unlike, acoustic, these guitars have very small body sizes.

It is also quite convenient to rest the electric guitar on a lap and play it as it has a slimmer body shape which is why most guitar players find it easy to use.

While at the other side, an acoustic guitar is quite inconvenient to play because of its big and bulky size.

Pros of electric guitars

  1. You can practice playing it by using headphones without disturbing other people.
  2. As these guitars have soft strings, it is not quite a big deal to play barre chords.
  3. Even the strings are easy to learn because the amplifier and pickups project all the tunes.
  4. There is no limit to the sound of this guitar. As long as the speaker has the capacity to produce a thousand decibels of sound, this guitar can produce millions of decibels of sound.
  5. The most utilized use of this guitar is during concerts as no limit to its sound.
  6. In addition to a smaller body, electric guitars have a thinner body and light gauze.

Disadvantages of Electric Guitar

  1. An amplifier is a must be purchased to play this guitar which might seems costly for most beginners.
  2. It is quite complex when it comes to managing the tones of the guitar which discourages most beginners.
  3. Being capable of playing the electric guitar doesn’t mean that you can play the acoustic guitar significantly.
  4. Electric guitars are quite costly.
  5. It cannot be played without electricity.
  6. It is not portable and not favorable to be carried on journeys.
  7. The instruments used in this guitar are complex to use.

In comparison to an electric one, acoustic is harder not only because of its shape and size. But it is also because acoustic guitars that are wider than electric ones.

This doesn’t cause much impact on adults their limbs and fingers are long. However, it might cause problems for children who are determined to learn guitar.

Well, if we compare the portability it is the total opposite. An acoustic guitar is more portable than an electric guitar as it is very easy to travel anyplace with it.

While at the other side, it is very inconvenient to travel with an electric guitar because not only guitar, but one has to even carry wires and an amplifier to play it.

Another reason is that the electric guitar is heavy despite it being smaller in size whereas the acoustic guitar is lighter in weight in comparison to the electric one although it is large in size and shape.

Advantages of Acoustic guitars

  1. As we know that the tones released by this guitar are quite calming and pleasant, the tone produced by your guitar won’t be so bad although you are bad at using it.
  2. The more difficult it is to learn to play this guitar, the more proficient you can be if you keep up the continuation of learning it.
  3. Unlike electric guitars, it doesn’t require any other tools like amplifiers and additional cables.
  4. You can even play electric guitar with relative ease if you are a skilled acoustic guitar player.
  5. A decent normal guitar is cheap.
  6. It is portable and can be carried during travel.
  7. The instruments used in this guitar are convenient to use.

Disadvantages of Acoustic Guitar

  1. It is quite difficult to learn as this guitar is made up of heavy gauge strings.
  2. The sound volume of this guitar is limited.
  3. In Comparison to electric ones, acoustic is considered to be more fragile.
  4. Because of increased gauze, the strings of this guitar often produce a buzzing sound.
  5. This guitar is not considered quite friendly to beginners as the fretboards are quite wider.
  6. As it has higher gauze strings, it is inconvenient to hold the barre chords compared to standard electric guitars.

Appearance difference

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitar

Well, if we are to talk about the appearance of an acoustic guitar, it always has a circular hole in its body. It is known as a sound hole with the help of which sound can be modulated and the sound volume of the vibrating string can be increased.

Even though it appears to be huge and bulkier, it is surprisingly hollow and lighter. Also, the frets are quite wider than an acoustic guitar. The hollow part is the design of each and every acoustic guitar.

Well, there is also a classic guitar which is quite dissimilar in appearance to normal acoustic guitar although it is of the same kind.

Particularly, the neck can be easily differentiated between regular acoustic guitar and classical as it is broad. An acoustic guitar can have steel or nylon strings whereas classical guitar uses three latter of the string.

Electric guitar

Electric guitar

Coming to the electric guitar, it doesn’t have any circular holes like the acoustic one. The only hole in this guitar is the whole female plug that specifically connects the guitar to an amplifier.

It appears to be small in shape and size but it is heavier than they actually look. As suggested by the name, the electric guitar is typically designed to be partnered with sound amplifiers. Most of the guitars have different sliders, buttons, knobs, and switches which help in controlling the sound and manipulation of volume.


Both acoustic and electric guitars should not be put into direct contact with heat moisture or cold. It should be protected from various kinds of cleaning methods that could dent or scratch your beautiful guitar.

To help yourself to preserve your guitar you can put it in a case. The frequent use of the guitar can lead its sound to being buzzing and dull. Thus it should be replaced timely along with the cleaning of the fretboards

Both of these guitars need to be frequently tuned. In acoustic guitars, there might also cause a drying of wood that needs to be maintained.

However, that problem can be eliminated with relative ease as it can be provided with a guitar humidifier that goes between the strings and stops the wood from drying.

While in the electric guitar, the only maintenance that needs to be done is adjusting the pickups which can be done with a screwdriver.

Is it harder to play electric guitar or an acoustic?

Of course, acoustic guitars are much harder to play because the strings of these guitars are higher and heavier in comparison to electric guitars.

Which type of guitar is best for beginners?

Despite the fact that it is hard to play, the acoustic guitar is the best for beginners among all other guitars. This is because it is the most balanced guitar in terms of playability and tone.

Moreover, this guitar consumes a lesser amount of time to gather the basic concepts of playing than any other guitar.

Is there a difference between playing an acoustic and electric guitar?

There are multiple differences between playing acoustic guitar and electric guitar and among all, and one of them is comfort. It might not seem while looking at the players, but the player can feel the change in convenience when they play it.

Are electric guitars good for beginners?

Yeah, this is an undeniable fact that electric guitars are good for beginners. It is because the player can play this guitar for hours without hurting their fingers. What is more fascinating is that this guitar is easier to learn.

However, always remember that although it is easy to play, it is equally hard to master this guitar.

Although there are lots of acoustic guitars in the market. The ones on the mark of $2000 are one of the best that can be found. Acoustic guitars under $2000 are the guitars with better everything.

The thing about music and musicians is that with more experience, you begin to look forward and begin to look for the best and better upgrade to what you currently have. Acoustic Guitars are a must for every musician and under 2000 here are some of the best ones you can find anywhere in the world.

Many of us look for a better professional set of acoustic guitars after we get better at it. After we dive into the higher range of pricing, we expect top-notch build, and sounding quality of the guitar.

Here are our picks of the Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000.

1. Martin 000-15SM

Martin 000-15SM

Body Shape: 000-12 Fret

Body Scale: 25.4”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Bone

Fingerboard Material: East Indian Rosewood

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Satin

Price: $1799

The best acoustic guitar you can get for about $2000 is the Martin 000-15SM. This Martin guitar is one of the best-finished guitars and it is very solid. The sound beautifully resonates throughout the body of the guitar and improves every time you play it.

It is made of East Indian Rosewood and we can easily hold and play this guitar. It is lovely to listen to and overall the appearance of this guitar is also beautiful.


  • It is very good for fingerpicking.
  • The build quality is very great.
  • It gives a warm tone which sounds very good.
  • It has a comfortable neck


  • The guitar feels less premium.
  • Optional electronics are needed.

The best thing about Martin 000-15SM is its versatility. This guitar is best suited for someone who wants a guitar that can play all the tunes.

It is well suited for group performances as well as solo and studio performances. And if you think this is not the one for you, well you guys can take a look at another guitar from the Martin D series below.

2. Martin D-16 E

Martin D-16 E

Body Size: D-14 Fret (000 Depth)

Body Scale: 25.4”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Bone

Fingerboard Material: East Indian Rosewood

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Satin

Price: $1999

Martin D-16 E has to be one of the best guitars to come out of Martin ever. It is an all-solid wood acoustic guitar that lives up to its name. It is not very fancy but is great when it comes to tunes.

The wildest thing is that this is one of the best guitars for beginners out there too. This gives a great platform for beginners.


  • It is beautifully built.
  • Very high-quality electronics are also included.
  • It has easy-to-press strings.


  • Can be less responsive when compared to other expensive guitars.
  • Quieter than other guitars

The Martin D-16E is another versatile guitar on this list. It has the best craftsmanship and unique tones that are very recognizable.

It is best suited for every artist or player out there as it is. It can be on the stage or the studio with amateur or professional musicians playing it. Heads up as this is one of the best acoustic guitars.

3. Yamaha AC5M ARE

Yamaha AC5M ARE

Body Shape: Concert Cutaway

Body Scale: 25.6”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Tusq

Pickups: SRT System and SRT Piezo Pickup

Controls: Vol/Mic/Treble/Bass/SRT-Piezo Blend/AFR

Fingerboard Material: Ebony, rolled edges

Left-Hand Availability: No

Price: $1499

The Yamaha AC5M ARE is designed to be a performance guitar. It is from Japan, with a natural plugged-in tone. The pick-up system is also very good and it’s very simple too.

It has a concert cutaway body and 20 frets. This Japanese beast is well suited for stage performance and other funky performances.


  • Comfortable and Easy
  • Great Electronic options
  • Is great for beginner’s choice


  • Pickups may not be ideal for everyone.
  • The sound may not be as satisfactory as other higher-end guitars.

Yamaha AC5R ARE is for those players who are looking for a more vintage sound. It is also very budget-friendly for those who want vintage-sounding guitars. Its electronics are also another big factor. This guitar is brilliant over other guitars in its price range due to its preamp system. That’s the reason it’s more suitable for those who want a quality vintage sound.

4. Taylor 214 CE Deluxe

Taylor 214 CE Deluxe

Body Type: Grand Auditorium with Venetian Cutaway

Body Scale: 25 ½”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Bone

Pickup: Expression System 2

Controls: Volume, Bass, and Treble

Fingerboard Material: Ebony or West African Ebony

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Gloss Top, back, and sides

Price: $1599

This Taylor 214 CE provides us with everything that a great guitar has to give. This guitar gives us a sweet balance of aesthetic and good-sounding tunes. Also, the body shape it has gives a very versatile sound.

The electronics in this guitar are very great. The amplification of it is very good. It has features of three unique calibrated pickup sensors. This helps and gives dynamic acoustic sound.


  • Produces very enriching sound
  • Easy to play
  • Very beautiful guitar


  • The action of the guitar may not be that great.

Well, the Taylor 214 CE Deluxe is suitable for those looking for a smaller body. For those people who are looking for a Grand Auditorium body style guitar in a smaller body, this is the best deal for you.

The guitar gives easy access to players to perform in live performances and recording sessions. If this is not the one, be sure to look at the next guitar on our list.

5. Gibson J-15

Gibson J-15

Body Type: Jumbo

Body Scale: 24.75”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Tusq

Pickup: LR Baggs Element

Controls: 1 Volume

Fingerboard Material: Walnut

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Nitrocellulose

Price: $1800

Gibson J-15 was introduced in 2014 and has been one of the most loved acoustic guitars in the guitar world. It is very beautifully handcrafted. This guitar is kind of big and gives power and volume to the sound of the guitar.

This guitar gives us very good strumming and fingerstyle sounds. It has a great chime and sustainable sound. It is very pleasant.


  • It costs very less for a Gibson guitar.
  • It is one of the best-handcrafted guitars


  • There is only volume control.
  • It sustains less than other Gibson guitars.

The Gibson J-15 is surely a short-lived guitar but it is one of the best acoustic guitars. It is outright best for beginners. While it costs a bit more than a beginner instrument, one can easily keep up with it. It is best suited for songwriters who need instruments for both live and recording performances

6. Taylor 317 Grand Pacific

Taylor 317 Grand Pacific

Body Type: Round Shoulder Dreadnought

Body Scale: 25.5”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Graphite

Fingerboard Material: West African Ebony

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Satin

Price: $1799

The 317 Grand Pacific acoustic guitar has to be one of the best-sounding guitars on the list. It comes up on one of the most affordable Taylor guitars too.

The vibrating sound this guitar provides is also very impactful. It blends very well with the surroundings and also the sound beautifully resonates within the body. It also has the best playable necks and gives great proportions of sound.


  • Is very cheap.
  • Is best for smaller and live performances.
  • This guitar can be very flexible.


  • Extra electronic parts are needed.
  • Looks very basic

This guitar is best suited if you guys want a quick response and a natural bright tone. Also, those people who primarily played electric guitar but want to feel acoustic guitar can also pick this up without having to adjust that much.

7. Martin SC-13E

Martin SC-13E

Body Size: S-13 Fret Cutaway

Body Scale: 25.4”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Corian

Fingerboard Material: Ebony

Pickups: LR Baggs Element

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Gloss

Price: $1599

Martin SC-13E has one of the best sounds. The body shape may look skeptical but the shape is really comfortable while playing. It is one of the most comfortable guitars.

This cutaway guitar has a very great acoustic set. Also, the availability of electronics is very reasonable. It gives us a more sound and balanced tone. The tone control covers a range of sounds which provides great details.


  • It has quality electronics.
  • The fingerboard is very good.
  • Innovative design.


  • The tuner is very slow.
  • There are some problems with the action.

The Martin SC-13E is designed for players who desire electric guitar-like playability and sound in mind. It can also suit any style right on the spot. Also, it is best for ambitious beginners who want a great-sounding guitar. With its well-balanced sound, it is designed for every all-rounder player.

8. Gibson G-45 Standard

Gibson G-45 Standard

Body Style: Round Shoulder

Body Scale: 24.75”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Walnut

Fingerboard Material: Ebony

Pickups: Under-Saddle Fishman Sonitone

Finish: Chrome

Price: $1299

Gibson G-45 has the superb build quality and is very premium. This electro-acoustic guitar has high-quality Fishman electronics which gives us very good tunes.

It has an antique natural finish, and it is very comfortable. The G-45 is excellent for group and solo sessions. Thai guitar gives a fancy tone and the craftsmanship of this guitar is top notch.


  • It sounds very dynamic.
  • It has a great neck and the play it provides is very smooth
  • It is very economical


  • It may not sound that great with heavy strummings.
  • The bridge feels less premium.

Gibson G-45 is for players who want antique natural sound and feel. It is a perfect mid-range acoustic guitar that can be played by anyone and is the best choice for guitars in this price range.

9. Gibson J-200 EC

Gibson J-200 EC

Body Shape: J-200

Body Scale: 25.5”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Tusq

Fingerboard Material: Ebony

Pickups: LR Baggs Element Bronze

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Chrome

Price: $1999

This is another Gibson guitar here on the list. This guitar is a big powerful guitar and can have a very loud sound. This is a very bold-sounding acoustic guitar. The G-200 EC is one of the best guitars under 2000.

Gibson J-200 EC provides us with immersive sound. The ebony fretboard and neck design is also made with the player’s comfort in mind. This guitar is very loud, so it could be quite a challenge to hear your voice if you’re not singing into a microphone.


  • It is very easy to play.
  • The electronics included in this guitar are great and you can even plug an Amp.
  • It provides a balanced tone.
  • It is very immersive.


  • The finish of the guitar could be better.
  • Hardshell Case is not given.

This guitar is well-suited for people who want a warm and strong treble. This guitar is a versatile guitar that is well suited for strumming and fingerstyle. For players who want a guitar that is well-equipped with everything, this is a go-to guy.

10. Epiphone Slash J45

Epiphone Slash J45

Body Shape: J45

Body Scale: 24.75”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: TUSQ

Fingerboard Material: Indian Laurel

Pickups: LR Baggs VTC

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Gloss

Price: $1000

Epiphone Slash J45 is a part of the Slash Collection inspired by the Gibson Collection. This guitar features all-wood construction with solid mahogany back and sides. This also has a 50s-style pickguard.

The electronics used in this guitar is LR Baggs VTC and it provides a natural acoustic sound when it is plugged in. It is also very responsive to changes. Thai guitar provides very beautiful subtle tones which will be heard by anyone in the room.


  • All solid wood
  • A variety of options are available
  • It is very premium


  • Slash branding might not be for everyone

Epiphone Slash J45 provides a classic Gibson J45 slope shoulder design which is very comfortable to play with. Everyone who is looking for an incredible playing experience can get this budget guitar. While this may look very intimidating due to its price, this guitar can be best suited for both professionals and beginners.

11. Takamine EF360STT

Takamine EF360STT

Body Shape: Dreadnought

Body Scale: 25.55”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Bone

Fingerboard Material: Ebony

Pickups: TLD-2

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Natural Gloss

Price: $1899

Takamine EF360STT is made to match the look of Martin D-28. And believe us it sounds better than Martin. As in the name TT, one of the best features of this guitar is the thermal top it provides.

It has TLD-2 electronics within it, which gives better acoustic tonal qualities. This helps the guitar perform in a better environment be it live or studio. The comfortable size and comfortable ebony fingerboard fit all hands and supply us with better playability.


  • High-quality
  • Best dreadnought shape
  • A lot of drive and power


  • Controls are side-mounted

This Japanese brand guitar has great volume and great sustainability. On top of that, it can hold the tunes for a very long time. It is one of a handful of models in ‘Thermal Top’ which provides great sound and playability. It is very impressive and can be well-suited for beginners or professional players.

12. Guild D-20

Guild D-20

Body Shape: Dreadnought

Body Scale: 20”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Bone

Fingerboard Material: Indian Rosewood

Pickups: L R Baggs

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Natural Satin Varnish

Price: $1700

The Guild D-20 is a dreadnought acoustic guitar that has a Dreadnut body shape. It has an extremely light finish and sounds really mature. It is a classic guitar with warm mid-range and muted highs.

It is a great acoustic guitar with a modest look and great playability. It has a vintage feel to it, and is great for acoustic sound. The Guild D-20 produces a big and rich sound.


  • It gives a warm sound
  • Its pickup system makes it great for even live performances
  • It also resonates very beautifully and gives off vintage vibes.


  • This guitar doesn’t give a modern acoustic sound
  • Very simple design

Guild D-20 is a guitar for you if you’re searching for a guitar with the best body shape. Its Dreadnought is the finest one you can get in this price range. It is best for any singer-songwriter. This guitar can also be used for many genres such as country, blues, pop and folk. The sound this guitar provides is something you will miss when you’re away from this guitar.

13. Taylor 224ce Koa

Taylor 224ce Koa

Body Shape: Grand Auditorium

Body Scale: 25.5”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Black Graphite

Fingerboard Material: West African Ebony

Pickups: ES 2

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Gloss

Price: $1500

The Grand Auditorium body of this Taylor 224ce Koa delivers comfort to its players. This body helps in giving off sharp definitions to each note played on the guitar.

Taylor 224ce Koa can be used to play songs of any musical genre. It is incredibly comfortable. The electronics onboard this guitar is quite fantastic. It provides remarkably clear and accurate sound. It is one of the best guitars in this lineup.


  • The sound quality is top-notch.
  • The koa lamination on the sides and back is great


  • The ES-2 system is not that great in comparison to other electronic systems

According to the Taylor website, this guitar is well-suited for players who love the sound and look of Hawaiian koa. This guitar has a slender neck which provides comfortable fretting. Also best suited for players who want natural sound with full dynamics. The ES2 system gives very clear and accurate sound.

14. Takamine Legacy EF341SC

Takamine Legacy EF341SC

Body Shape: Dreadnought

Body Scale: 25.375”

Number of Frets: 20

Nut Material: Bone

Fingerboard Material: Rosewood

Pickups: CT-4B (Palathelic under-saddle pickup)

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Gloss

Price: $1500

The Takamine EF341SC is a part of the Pro Series in the Takamine lineup. The “X” brace board under the sound hole helps us in achieving better projection and sound stability. The craftsmanship is another great thing about this guitar. It has a smooth fretboard which helps in better playing.

The sound it gives us is really premium. It is a handcrafted guitar for pro musicians and gives versatility in playing. It also has control with an in-built tuner. The controls include 3-band EQ, and volume control along with the tuner.


  • Beautifully crafted guitar
  • Excellent sound and tones
  • Easy free access


  • Not beginner friendly
  • The gloss neck finish looks unattractive
  • EQ controls are unattractive

Takamine EF341SC is part of the Pro Series in the Takamine guitar lineups. This guitar is mostly for live performances due to its high-quality finish. This is a serious guitar that can be sophisticated. Takamine EF341SC is best suited for professional stage performers and singers.

15. Gibson L-00 Studio

Gibson L-00 Studio

Body Shape: L-00

Body Scale: 24.75”

Number of Frets: 19

Nut Material: Tusq

Fingerboard Material: Walnut

Pickups: LR Baggs Element

Left-Hand Availability: Yes

Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Price: $1849

The Gibson L-00 Studio is a great guitar for folk music. The build quality and its mid-range tone works well for a softer sound. Like the Takamine Legacy, it also has X bracing which leads to a richer and more responsive tone.

This guitar is highly playable. It is very easy to hold and is comfortable to play while sitting or standing. It has a relatively small body too. The LR Baggs electronics have a more full and natural sound. It has a very beautiful tone and is a very good acoustic guitar.


  • The tone is well-balanced.
  • It is beginner friendly.
  • The guitar is very immersive


  • There is no hardshell case.
  • The strings are placed close together.

Gibson L-00 Studio is the type of guitar you want if you love playing blues, jazz and indie music. Other various genres can also be played with it and it is also very easy to carry around. This guitar can be carried around very easily. It could be the right pick for you if you like to play around with people.

16. Gibson L-00 Studio

Gibson L-00 Studio

Body Type: Dreadnought

Body Scale: 25.5”

Number of Frets: 21

Nut Material: Tusq

Fingerboard: Richlite

Pickups: LR Baggs Anthem

Left-Hand Availability: No

Finish: Gloss Finish

Price: $1899


  • The playability is amazing.
  • The build and sound quality is excellent.
  • Unique design
  • The reverb quality is very good.


  • The guitar’s build and cedar tops may not go hand in hand and could be quite loud.

Godin Metropolis EQ is an electric-centric guitar with its best LR Baggs Anthem electronics. It delivers one of the best recordings and live performances. This guitar is best suited for people who want to perform using electronics.

Best 7-String Guitars Under Budget

Buyer’s Guide

This guitar buyer’s guide will share with you some information about how to choose a guitar, including what type of guitar to buy, what size and shape, and which brands are best for beginners.

Well, a buyer’s guide is a must when choosing the guitar of your dream. Choosing an Acoustic Guitar under $2000 can be quite intimidating.

Here’s everything you need to help you choose your acoustic guitar.


The very first thing that needs to be considered is the body of the guitar. It can be made out of various types of wood. Also, the guitars in this price range will provide all solid wood designs which is better than other cheap guitars.

For $2000, you should expect the best craftsmanship of your guitar. Some guitars also offer laminated designs which could be inferior to solid wood guitars but it’s not always the case.

Body Style/ Body Shape

Body styles are one thing that offers different sound and playing experiences. The type of sound you resonate with could have a different body shape than what you are familiar with playing with.

Grand Auditorium

This type of body shape is a cross between a dreadnought and a grand concert model of acoustic guitar. This has a wider lower body than other body shapes. It is one of the most popular body styles in guitars.


It is by far the most popular type of acoustic body style. It is very well known for its big and vibrant sound. While it is not really the most comfortable guitar, its sound is very resonating and rich.

There are also different types of Dreadnought such as slope and cutaway dreads with very little difference in tone. You guys can browse around and take a look at what you want for the best.


Concert guitars are guitars with more narrow waist widths. It is known for its easy playability. Concert guitars have tunes suitable for live performances. Also, it has a very sweet tone.


The most important thing that everyone has to focus on is understanding different types of tonewoods. It is because the tonewoods affect the way guitars sound.


It provides quick responses. It also most commonly delivers bright sounds.


Koa provides a very bright and beautiful sound. It is used to produce most mid-range guitars.


Ebony is mostly used for the construction of fretboards. The Ebony fretboards are very smooth and offer us great playability.


It mostly provides warm and natural sound. It is also very dense which makes the sound flourish.

Best Firefly Guitars Reviews; Are They Awesome?

Which acoustic guitar is best under 2000?

Well, it totally depends. Everyone has their own preferences. While I may like a guitar that provides a brighter tone, you might like another one. But personally, we loved Guild D-20. We think this has just the sound that resonates with most people. Also, it could totally be out of your preference, so be sure to go through a sound check while getting one.

Is a $2000 guitar worth it?

Yes, a $2000 guitar is totally worth it. It is more of an investment as the quality and the material used are top-notch in this price range. Also, sound plays a vital role in this case.

While such an amount could seem very intimidating, the quality of the instrument you’re getting in this price range can last you a lifetime. Spending such an amount is very worthwhile because.. You guys will know after you get one.

Plus, if you guys are just a beginner, be sure to build up your skills first. A professional guitarist can make a cheap guitar sound very professional. Until then, a cheaper guitar is the go-to guitar for you.

Which is the cheapest guitar under $2000?

Epiphone Slash J45 is the cheapest guitar that can be bought for under $2000. It can be bought for $1000 and also provides very good sound for its price. It is also the cheapest guitar on this list.

These were on our top list of best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000. The list may seem very intimidating but believe us these are one of the best guitars you can find within this price range.

You all getting the guitar will be a great investment in the long run. While this list has both pros and cons, be sure to perform your own research too. That way you will also have better ideas and who knows you might even find better options.

We will hope for your best, happy hunting, and have fun!!

Looking for some kind of new sound in your music with the guitar tone, then you might consider getting one of the best 7-string guitars. You’ll additionally have the original flow of the 6-string guitar and in addition, you’ll get to experience a different flow.

The guitar itself is unique and will provide you with opportunities to make a new sound on your guitar and if you’re looking to sound from djent to death metal or even nu-metal then 7-string guitars will be the best option out for you!

Electric Guitars have been famous in the music industry since 1950 and when we add another string to them, the whole flow of the guitar changes and you’ll get to experience a different type of music. The fame of 7-string guitars has been in hype since the 1980s decade.

The 7-string guitars have been on the market for several decades, and as time passes new guitars have evolved making them better than the rest of the ones.

There are different brands, models, designs, signature pickups, and many other options. The choice to pick the right guitar can be difficult and challenging. If you don’t know what kind of guitar you’re looking for and you’re choosing with the looks then it can be a huge gamble.

Well, don’t worry cause we’re here to make your choice be best and you can find the perfect low and high-budget 7-string guitars. Without any delay, let’s jump into the world of guitars and fund a perfect one for you!

Best 7-String Guitars

Let’s take a look at some of the best 7-string guitars you can find on the market today. And don’t worry, we’ll be discussing the feature, pros, and cons of the guitar.

We’ll even give you a brief description of what the guitar is best for, and its special features.

1. PRS SE Mark Holcomb 7-string guitar

PRS SE Mark Holcomb 7-string guitar

Body: Mahogany with maple top and quilted maple veneer

Neck: Maple, set

Scale: 26.5”

Fingerboard: Ebony

Frets: 24 extra jumbo

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Alpha humbucker (neck), Seymour Duncan Omega humbucker (bridge)

Controls: Master volume, master tone (push/pull coil-split), 3-way blade pickup selector

Hardware: Chrome, PRS String-Through Plate style

Left-handed: No

Finish: Holcomb Burst, Satin Walnut (with maple top and the walnut veneer)

The Mark Holcomb PRS SE is one of the best 7-string guitars there’s out there there. If you’re looking to find a unique taste in your metal music then this is the perfect finding for you. It is perfect for a metallic progression 7-string guitar!

The guitar has an exceptional finish, excellent built, with an awesome tone! We have this guitar on our list because it has a monstrous tone in it and the special quality of the guitar is its spectacular finish.

The guitar itself is a beauty because it is crafted carefully and with quality. PRS is known for making some beautiful and impeccable guitars and the Mark Holcomb is one of their signature guitars. It will upgrade your tone and give you great success in your progression.


  • It is well-built and has the perfect finish that a person can imagine
  • You can play high-flying finger because of the speedy and sleek neck of it
  • It has the perfect organic tone


  • It is a heavy guitar and doesn’t come with lock-in tuners
  • It has a high price range
  • Active pickup players might have difficulty using it

Special Features

  • It is built to be a speed and finger agility guitar
  • The guitar has great quality, versatility, and great playability
  • It is perfect for progressive plays
  • It will upgrade your tone to a next level

2. Ibanez Gio GRG7221QA

Ibanez Gio GRG7221QA

Body: Poplar with quilted maple veneer

Neck: Maple, bolt-on

Scale: 26.5”

Fingerboard: Treated New Zealand pine

Frets: 24, jumbo

Pickups: 2x Infinity R humbuckers (neck and bridge)

Controls: Master volume, master tone, 5-way blade pickup selector

Hardware: F107 hard-tail bridge

Left-handed: No

Finish: Transparent Blue Burst, Transparent Black Burst

Looking to bend some different tones in the guitar with the seventh string but having difficulty with the budget? Ibanez Gio GRG7221QA is the perfet budget 7 string guitar for you!

The budget guitar doesn’t mean that it is low on features. In fact, Ibanez is the company that gave a flight to the 7 string guitars. We told them that it is a budget guitar but it’s not like a child’s playing guitar but has the best value for the money you’ll spend.

What kind of tone are you looking to play on your 7-string guitar? If you’re looking forward to that hard rock and metal tone that what else can be a perfect choice? In addition to that, it also has the classic Ibanez neck on it.

The F107 hard-tail is just gorgeous, it is a work of quality and great engineering. Perfect for budget and one of a kind.

Special Features

  • The guitar has a scale length of 25.5 which is rare on 7-string guitars
  • This is the best budget 7-string guitar
  • It is the perfect guitar for beginners in 7-string guitar
  • It has the F107 hard-tail bridge


  • It is affordable
  • Has high quality as for the price
  • Gives you various tones because of the 5-way pick-up selector


  • The Maple Vaneer looks pretty cheap with the close look
  • Many might not be a big fan of the fanned frets

3. Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK Modern Ash HT7

 Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK Modern Ash HT7

Body: Swamp ash

Neck: Maple/wenge, three-piece, bolt-on

Scale: 26.5”

Fingerboard: Ebony

Frets: 24, jumbo nickel

Pickups: 2x Fishman Fluence humbuckers (neck and bridge)

Controls: Volume, tone with push-pull coil-tap and voicings switch, 5-way selector

Hardware: Black, Floyd Rose 1000 Series 7-String Double-locking Recessed Tremolo

Left-handed: No

Finish: Baked Green, Baked Blue, Baked Red

If you’re looking for a 7-string guitar that is easy to use and has great playability then Pro Series Dinky will be just the right choice for your 7-string journey. When you’ll play the guitar, you’ll find the perfect comfort and a great design. Well, that’s the only appearance part that we’re talking about.

Usually, other 7-string guitars are bulky but in the Pro Series Dinky, there isn’t any sign of bulkiness in it. The fun part is it comes with a pair of Fishman Fluence humbuckers which contain a voicing switch, coil tap, and five-way selector.

The Pero Series Dinky’s pickups will handle all the heavy-bass riffs and with all the elements it comes with, it is just one great tone machine than the 7-string guitar.

If you’re having trouble with how your shredding, fat frets, and flat fingerboard radius will sound then, the guitar is begging for you to play. When you put the whole thing together, a single piece of beauty will be born. The guitar is perfect to take your guitar’s tone to the next level.

Special Features

  • It has the lightweight swamp ash body
  • It has the perfect heavyweight tone in it
  • It is best for sheer playability
  • It is perfect to play almost everything on it


  • It has the perfect comfortability
  • The guitar comes with a wide variety of tones
  • The pickups are just amazing
  • Isn’t bulky at all like other usual 7 string guitars


  • The guitar doesn’t have stainless steel frets
  • It lacks the Neck-through built

4. Cort KX500MS

Cort KX500MS

Price: $705/£699/€777

Body: Swamp ash with poplar burl top

Neck: Maple/amaranth, five-piece bolt-on

Scale: Multi-scale 25.5″-27″

Fingerboard: Macassar ebony

Frets: 24Pickups: 2x EMG 707 (neck and bridge)

Controls: Volume, tone, 3-way selector

Hardware: Black nickel, individual hardtail bridge w/6 single saddles, Cort locking tuners

Left-handed: No

Finish: Star Dust Green, Star Dust Black

If you’re looking for a guitar which is an affordable 7-string guitar that has the intonation of a traditional Fender style then KX500MS will be a great option for you. It is perfect for a great thickness and higher strings for the lower end.

The guitar has Swamp ash and a Poplar Burl Top which makes a perfect combination and working together it will produce a warm punchy high-midrange sound. The EMG 707 pickups of the guitar are in a standard trend-setting which will give you a sensitive, powerful, clear, and loud sound.

The guitar even has neck stability thanks to the nut hotrod truss rod and even eases the beck blow adjustment with it. KX500MS is perfect if you’re looking for a 7-string guitar at an affordable price.

Special Features

  • It is affordable for most people
  • It has a beautiful finish
  • It gives a high performance based on the money spent


  • It has the perfect Innovation
  • It has a beautiful finish and a great appearance


  • EMG-707 lacks a bit when we talk about firepower
  • Not many are fans of the Fanned Frets

5. Schecter Demon-7

Body: Basswood

Neck: Maple

Scale: 26.5”

Fingerboard: Wenge

Frets: 24, jumbo nickel

Pickups: 2x Diamond Active HB-1055

Controls: Volume, tone, 3-way selector

Hardware: Black, Schecter custom hardtail

Left-handed: Yes

Finish: Aged black satin, vintage white, crimson red burst

If you want to blast in your neighborhood with amazing metallic sound then Schecter Demon-7 might be your missing treasure. This guitar is absolutely no-nonsense and will blow the roof off with its awesome metallic tone!

This guitar is perfect in each way you take a look because they are from a good company. Schecter guitars are used by some of the great artists such as Synyster Gates, Dan Donegan, Zacky Vengeance, and Jerry Horton.

The guitar is beautifully crafted and comes with its amazing set of Schecter Diamond Active HB-1055 humbuckers. When the guitar is played in high frequencies, it will give you a quality sound and great low-end because of its high-output pickups.

Wait, the guitar is still not that metallic to you? Well, what if we tell you that its wenge fretboard appears with gothic cross lays which makes the guitar look like a monster in appearance? There’s no doubt that with its 24-fret maple neck, it will make you quite comfortable to use.

Want no-nonsense and only serious metal then you shouldn’t scroll any further and aim for this masterpiece right away!

Special Feature

  • Schecter is one of the popular companies which produce absolute beast guitars
  • It is the absolute demon version of the guitar
  • Perfect for metallic players


  • The guitar has a simple design which makes it looks the best
  • Looking at the price it comes with great pickups
  • Comfortable to use


  • It has a flat sound
  • The fret buzzes when it is played hard

6. Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty

Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Majesty

Price: $3,399/£3,599

Body: Mahogany with flame maple top

Neck: Mahogany, neck-through

Scale: 25.5”

Fingerboard: Ebony

Frets: 24

Pickups: DiMarzio Rainmaker-7 humbucker (neck) and DiMarzio Sonic-7 humbucker (Bridge)

Controls: Magnetic volume (push/push)/Magnetic Tone/Piezo Volume 3-Way Output Switch (Magnetic/both/Piezo)/3-Way Pickup Switch (Magnetic Pickups)

Hardware: Schaller locking tuners, Piezo-equipped floating vibrato, chrome

Left-handed: No

Finish: Enchanted Forest

If you have no problem with the budget then this is the perfect guitar for you. Well, if there’s only a limited budget in your wallet then it might be a problem for you. Well, if you can get this guitar then this is one of the dream guitars for most musicians.

The guitar portrays the incredible craftsmanship of the earliest 7-string guitar user, John Petrucci. The craftsmanship of the guitar is one of the most impressive works in the guitar and there’s also the built0in adjustable boost and byzantine switching system that will give you a great push whenever you’ll need it.

In addition to its awesome metallic abrasiveness, there are also Piezo sounds that will give you the wooden, acoustic sound that you’re looking for. Its best will appear when the guitar is played in those seven strings!

Special Feature

  • It is crafted in an amazing way
  • It is one of the famous guitars
  • Can play from crystal clean sound to screaming metallic tone


  • It is crafted by John Petrucci
  • It is the dream guitar to play
  • It has the Petrucci tone in it


  • It is one of the most expensive guitars

7. Ibanez Premium Steve Vai Universe UV70P

Ibanez Premium Steve Vai Universe UV70P

Body: American basswood

Neck: Maple/walnut five-piece Wizard-7, bolt-on with KTS Titanium rods

Scale: multiscale 25.5″

Fingerboard: Bound Panga Panga with green dot inlay

Frets: 24 jumbo, Premium fret edge treatment

Pickups: 2x DiMarzio Blaze humbuckers (neck and bridge), DiMarzio Blaze single coil (middle)

Controls: Volume, tone, 5-way selector

Hardware: Cosmo black, Edge-Zero II-7 tremolo

Left-handed: No

Finish: Black

If you’re looking for the game-changer guitar in your tone then Steve Vai might the perfect one for you. The guitar was launched in 1990 and developed by Steve Vai. Soon, the guitar became one of the biggest game-changer guitars in the world with 7 strings.

Some of the coolest features of the guitar are its avant-garde Super Strat. And its HSH pickup configuration and the five-way switching give you the opportunity to go with a variety of tones. If you feel like the early 7-string guitars were the one for you then, you might need to go for this one.

The guitar is pretty impressive with its DiMarzio Blaze pickup which is simply amazing. And the craftsmanship that Vai has stuffed on the Wizard-7 neck profile is beautiful. The neck is wide and long and absolutely stunning if you want to explore the panga fretboard, a rosewood substitute.

Your finger will just start to take flight when you’ll play this beautiful Premium wizard 7 Neck. Whenever you’ll play the guitar, you will know the feeling that it was created with a guitar legend in mind on it. It is simply incredible to reach out.

Special Feature

  • The Edge Zero II-7 will give you excellent performance
  • The Wizard 7 neck will give you a sensational feeling
  • It will give you a tune like it was used to play in the days of the 1990s


  • It will give you a classic give
  • It has the premium fret edge treatment
  • It comes at an excellent price


  • You’ll need powerful outputs
  • It might not sound great for nonmetallic players

8. Charvel Vivaldi DK24 7 NOVA 7-string guitar

Charvel Vivaldi DK24 7 NOVA 7-string guitar

Price: £1,139

Body: Basswood

Neck: Maple

Scale: 25.5”

Fingerboard: Maple

Frets: 24

Pickups: DiMarzio Air Norton humbucker (neck and bridge)

Controls: Volume, tone, five-way pickup selector

Hardware: Custom 7-String 510 vibratos, gold

Left-handed: No

Finish: Satin Sage Green

With the great finish in Satin Black, the NOVA might just be the perfect one for your missing puzzle in 7-string guitar. The original was in Satin Sage Green which was the recommendation by Angel Vivaldi’s fans, but even the Satin Black is just perfect for you!

Whenever Charvel thinks to craft a new guitar with the artist included, the whole thing goes off the chart. The tilt-back headstock is one of the signatures and original features which the only Charvel contains that helps to enhance consistency to its string tension.

The guitar has the Gotoh vibrato which helps the guitar to give it a nice set of locking tuners which helps to keep everything in order. The guitar is special because of all the little touches.

Special Feature:\

  • The special guitar has every little touch which brings out the beauty of the guitar
  • It has the Gotoh Vibrato
  • The guitar has the signature tilt-back headstock


  • Because the Gotoh Vibrato will help to tune better
  • The looks of the guitar are one of the best you’ll find in 7-strings


  • Might not be the best metal guitar for you

9. EC-257


Body: Mahogany

Neck: 3Pc Mahogany

Scale: 25.5”

Fingerboard: Roasted Jatoba

Frets: 22

Pickups: EMG-designed LH-150

Controls: Two volume, tone (push/pull), three-way pickup selector

Hardware: Tune-O-Matic bridge, black

Left-handed: NoFinish: Black

This EC-257  is another perfect 7-stringed guitar that you might be looking to add to your 7-string guitar list.

It is just cool. One of the coolest features of this guitar is that is super cool. It has an old-school design if you love instruments from back in the day. It even has cool features which can be the perfect one for many players.

The guitar is also versatile thanks to its coil-tappable. If you trying to have great lead work on your 7-string guitar then its set neck will just be perfect because it has plenty of sustain in it.

The thin U is the most comfortable neck you’ll find in this guitar than in any other 7-string. If this s nee thing to you, then it might take a while for you to get used to it, but after you’ll get used to it, it will flow like a waterfall.

The design of this guitar is immaculate, the classic design will refresh you with full of memories. It is just the perfect beauty to play it, but if you are more into modern ones then don’t worry, you might want to check LTD EC-257.

Special Feature

  • It comes with a great craftsmanship
  • It is a balanced guitar for playing solos
  • It sounds amazing to play genres like heavy metal


  • It comes with expensive wood and great craftsmanship
  • It has the Coil Tap Pickups
  • It has a Slim neck profile


  • It doesn’t have stainless steel frets
  • It doesn’t contain High-Quality-Standards Country

10. ESP E-II M-II 7 NT


Price: $2,499/£2,499/€2,199

Body: Mahogany with buckeye burl maple top

Neck: Three-piece maple

Scale: 25.5”

Fingerboard: Ebony

Frets: 24Pickups: 2x Bare Knuckle Warpig 7st Black Battleworn

Controls: Master volume, master tone, 3-way selector

Hardware: Hipshot w/ string-thru

Left-handed: No

Finish: Purple natural fade

The guitar couldn’t be crafted any more perfectly, and the main reason for that is because it was made in ESP’s Tokyo factory.

This guitar has to be one of the best-made guitars in appearance but that’s only the thing you’ll notice at the first glance. When you take a look at it deeply, you’ll start to find things much more interesting.

Because of its string-thru-body and hipshot bridge, it will help you to give the maximum resonance. It comes with a pair of directed-mounted Bare Knuckle Warpig 7st pickups and with Schaller strap locks, Gotoh locking tuners, and an ESP hard case.

The pickup will help you to enhance and manage the sound and bring out the perfect music quality for you.

Special Features

  • It has quality features and tools that come with the price
  • The great comes with decent playability
  • The guitar is the perfect one for genres similar to Heavy Metal


  • It was made in Japan
  • It was made through expensive wood
  • It has a great build quality


  • It doesn’t have the stainless steel
  • It doesn’t have Push Knob or Extra Switch Option

16 Best Acoustic Guitars Under 2000 To Play 2022

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s take a look at some of the information that you should loop up to before buying any of the 7 string guitars.

Choosing the best 7-string guitar for you

If you are looking for some of the Kickstart guitars then try choosing some of 7 string guitars like; Ibanez Steve Vai Universe models of 1990.

These guitars are just the perfect ones that will help you get better during the kickstart. There are different models of such guitars and these have also gained a mass amount of popularity.

Well, if you are trying to begin your guitar journey for the first time in 7  strings then why not choose a comfortable one? The more comfortable the guitar feels in your hand, the more perfect you get through each day.

There are numerous things that you need to take note of while buying the 7-string guitars. If you’re confused about what to choose then we just have the perfect guide for you.

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Features you should look at on 7-string guitars

Find your element

If you are a musician who loves to give solid lead and rhythms on your guitar then you should give a look at the model that can provide you with both of these elements. If you’re looking for a mixture for both of these tunes then you might enjoy fanned fret model.

Choose a perfect pickup

Another feature that you should look after while choosing the best 7-string guitar is pickups. Pickups are an important feature of 7-string guitar and if you’re looking forward to playing some Heavy Metal then you might take a good look at its acoustic strums and distortions.


7-string guitars are often hard for people to jump into them after jamming with the 6-string guitars. It will take some time for you to play the added string guitar comfortably, but accomplish that you’ll need great playability.

The main thing you’ll need to look after for better playability is its neck. slim neck profiles help you to get your finger around the wider neck comfortably, so looking for good playability is a special feature that you should look after.

Are looks important while buying?

We all know that looks will not provide any kind of contribution to the sound of the guitar, and it won’t even affect the quality or its weight, but some people will find looks important on guitar, just important like their playability.

If you are the type of player that is looking for old-school guitars then you might need to finish some classic looks, or if you’re a modern player then and want something stylish then there are many outstanding 7-string guitars in terms of appearance.

Looks will be important if you are in a band and you are trying to show off your guitar to your audience, but if you are a home person who likes to play his guitar inside, then don’t consider looks that much.

Are 7 string guitars worth it?

If you are trying to pursue much farther away from your usual 6-string guitar tone then, the extended range of notes that the 7-string has will make it just the perfect one for you.

If you are trying to play a different style of music, or if you want to switch to a heavier style of music you should try on jamming it with the 7-string guitars. The sensation you’ll get from one added string i just worth it to play!

Is 7-string guitar only good for metal?

The best use of 7-string guitars can be seen when you use it on Heavy Metal music, but it doesn’t mean that it is only made for them.

The seven-string guitars will offer you various choices of tones. You can perform heavy rock, classical tone, jazz music, progressive rock, and even rock. The 7-string guitar is just the perfect one for every occasion.

Why do metal guitarists use 7 string guitars?

Most guitarists who love heavy music like to use the 7-string guitar more than 6-string because it provides an extra low metal tonality to the power chords.

The extra low B string under the E is the perfect one that allows the guitarists to give a better tone while playing genres like rock and metal. The one string will affect the whole lower turn of your guitar.

Who made the first 7 string guitar?

The first 7-string guitar was constructed back in 1983 by Kirk Sand and was designed by Lenny Breau. This might an interesting fact for you that the 7th string guitar wasn’t a lower string and had the higher string above the high E. The string was tuned as A.

This idea seemed to be like a failure as it caused many troubles in the guitar industry, especially because of scale length. Then later it was changed and they added a lower string below the lower E.

While talking with BBC Radio 2 in 2019, Brian May shared some of his personal thoughts about other guitarists. Being a legendary guitarist it was interesting to know what were his prospective on other band peers.

But when the topic dives into the comparison of his own level regarding innovation, with another guitarist, Brain shares, that Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page always comes to his mind first.

“He’s almost my generation, but a little bit older, and we went to the same primary school, although he was, I think, two or three years above me,”. “And that’s a lot when you’re small. So I always looked up to him, I gotta say, because he’s kind of a local boy to me.”

The reason Brian called Jimmy a local boy is that both of them were raised in the same town and studied at the same primary school in their good old days.

“Strangely enough, we live quite close to each other at the moment,” “To me, he’s a master of invention, that’s what I would say. He’s a major, major force in defining what heavy rock became as it was being born. I never get fed up with listening to those Zeppelin albums. I never will.”

We all are big fans of Jimmy Page’s guitar-playing styling, the way he plays two-fret electric guitar has created some kind of new innovation in the music world.

Brian recalls, “So, in 1969, Led Zeppelin released Led Zeppelin I and Led Zeppelin II. They played five shows at the Lyceum Ballroom in London in October 1969. I was there with Roger Taylor. Seeing Zeppelin, for us, was kind of exquisite torture because they were what we wanted to be.”

Anyway, Brian May is also famous for playing guitar with coins rather than picks. He shares that playing strings with coins produce a much better tune than picks. May is no less than an inventor in the world of music, his riffs and solos with unique playing styles also, make him one of the greatest guitarist of all time.

Not every day is filled with joy and sunshine, somedays are filled with sorrow and rainy days, the perfect tune to play while you’re feeling low on yourself can be some of these sad songs.

When the feeling of loneliness hits you straight in the heart, What’s the first song that comes to your mind? “Wish you were here?” Well, that’s not the only option you have to satisfy your soul on your sorrowful days!

Let’s take a look at some of the saddest songs that will give you a warm and cozy feeling and will bring a sorrowful smile to your face. Get into our safari bus where we will get into the tour of slow melodies.

1. Nothing Compares to 2U

From the album ”I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got”, Nothing Compares 2 you is a song by Prince which was about a lost lover.

This was actually originally made as a breakup song. But the same song of another version by Sinéad O’Connor channels the intense sorrow after the death of her mother five years ago.

2. Hurt

Hurt by Johnny Cash is a song written by him while he was in the harshest situation of his life. While his health was failing because of autonomic neuropathy caused by diabetes, he recorded this beautiful yet sad song.

According to Rubin, it was a real struggle for him as he sounded broken multiple times because of the complexity he was facing.

3. Traitor

Released in 2021, the song Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo is from the album named Sour. Mostly, breakup songs are written as classic pop or rockstar songs.

Through the song, she brings modern heartbreak to the clump of people as it demonstrates the sorrow she faced while she was being cheated on by her partner in the relationship.

4. Teardrop

Teardrop is a hip-hop song by the massive attack. It is from the Mezzanine album released in 1998. This song tells the story of a woman that is on a dark and insane night of serious change in mental health and seeks true love.

The vocal of this song is done by Elizabeth Fraser who grieves the death of the love of her life.

5. Back to Back

Released in 2006, Back to Back is a song by an artist named Amy Wine house. She is recalled for all the negative seasons.

The writer of this song suffered from the most unimaginable problems such as the battle against daily grubby life and addiction overhauled the style of her delicate writing and lyrics.

Back to Black won’t let you hold your tears if you to it while suffering the sorrow of some kind of loss or breakup.

6. Time by time

Sung by a talented artist Cyndi Lauper, Time by time is a depressing song from the album She is so Unusual which was released in 1983.

This song is about someone whom you love but they are distancing from you because of the misunderstanding and confusion between both of you.

It is about the challenge that love puts on over a certain time either for the welfare or hardship of the relationship.

7. Piledriver Waltz

Released back in 2011 from the album Submarine, Piledriver Waltz is sung by Alex tuner. This song is from a movie where a teenage boy suffers from relationship distress.

Through this song, Alex shows the hopelessness of a young boy who gets aware that his first love life is about to end.

8. Just like Heaven

In distinction to the album Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, Just Like Heaven is a song that was released by The Cure back in 1987.

Robert Smith wrote this son when he was suffering the pain of love. He got married to his girlfriend whom he encountered at the age of 14 after a year of the delivery of this song.

The song is sad enough to make you cry as it portrays the saddest feelings and emotions of Smith.

9. Pink Moon

Released in 1972, Pink Moon is sung by Nick Drake. This song plays the brutal sadness of the British singer-songwriter.

Each and every line of this song demonstrates the distressing feeling a person has gone through. Apparently, this song is haunted by the melancholic hunch that can tear up your eyes without you noticing.

10. Into my Arms

Into my Arms is a song, sung by Nick and the Bad Seeds from the Album named The Boatman’s Call which was released in 1997.

The deep base of Nick along with the sweet melody of the piano has demonstrated that huge production is not needed to make a song sadistic and effective.

Nick is an impassioned and composite character who has put down the story of his tragic life into every sentence of the song.

11. What about us

What about us is a beautiful yet fiendish song from the album named Beautiful Trauma sung by Pink that got released in 2017.

We’ll know that heart aches every single moment it beats while going through a breakup and the songwriter of this music has been through multiple harsh situations.

Through this song, Pink has portrayed faith in her good upcoming days and how her lover shattered her dreams into pieces.

12. Everybody Hurts

Released in 1992, Everybody Hurts is a song by R.E.M from the album named Automatic for the People.

This song is a classic song by R.E.M about the tragic loss and the positive expectations that we all have about the upcoming days.

This song portrays the call of Michael Stipe with his high singing voice aware all of us listeners that although we’re having good days recently, there surely comes a day when we might feel drastically down.

13. A Case of You

Coming from the album Blue, A case of you is a song released in 1971 that was sung by Joni Mitchell. This is a classical song that relates to heartbreak.

Through this song, Joni Mitchell portrays the most distressing feeling of all of us at a certain point in our life. The soothing vocal Mitchell clarifies her departed love who called her “as constant as the Northern Star” before abandoning her.

14. Landslide

From the album Life becoming a landslide, Landslide is a song created by Fleetwood Mac. This song makes us realize that while we enjoy every moment, we don’t realize how fast time passes by.

This song demonstrates the change and hardships of life.

While Nick’s boyfriend was in Buckingham. Journey along with Don Everly, she wrote this song in 1974 at Aspen’s snow country.

15. Love is a laser quest

Sung by the Artic Monkeys, Love is a laser quest is a song from the album”Suck it and See”. This underrated band started its journey from a previously-punk band and has turned into a rock behemoth. Alex Turner clarifies the misery of lost love through the song.

16. The Boxer

From the album FM Broadcasts 1965-1970, vol. 2 (Live), The boxer is a song sung by Simon and Garfunkel.

Both of these artists carried out multiple concerts of this song during the fall of the World Trade Centre. Besides the misery of the song, it focuses more on a male fictional boxing character who refuses defeat from his competitors.

18. Slow dancing in the Dark

One of the exceptional artists of all time, Joji sang this song that belongs to the album named “Ballads”. This song talks about a relationship that is heading nowhere good.

The same artist played the role of an actor in the video who gets helpless because of crippling depression and misery.

19. To build a home

Build a home created by The Cinematic Orchestra is a song from the movie called Step Up Revolution.

This sad and depressing song is played during the most brutal moment in the movie where a male character is gripped by misery, and a part of him will turn to dust when two wretched paths stand before him.

20. Go home

Belonging to the album Sprained Ankle, Go home is a song by Julien Baker that was released in 2015. Dealing with anxiety, the importance of isolation and manipulation of one’s ugliest urge is shown in this song.

Through the song, she tries to demonstrate that she needs to have the hand of someone who helps her get over those mentally devastating circumstances.

21. No Distance Left

No Distance Left is a song that was sung and released by a band named Blur in 1999. Usually, the band was renowned for their stadium-rocking anthem, song 2.

However, the band showed a discerning side with the release of this song after the Lead singer, went through the breakup of his relationship that lasted had last for years.

22. Angie

One of the songs from the album Goats Head Soup, Angies is a song that was created by the Rolling Stones in 1973. This song is basically about craving for lost love.

We can sense the aching vocal of Mich Jaggers who’s crying over the loss of his lover in this song. Regarding the breakup relationship of Marianne Faithful, the body of this song is written by Keith Richards along with Jagger’s bestowing lyrics.

23. I’m so lonesome I could Cry

Sung by Hank Williams, I’m so lonesome I could Cry is a song that was released in 1949. We know that country song always moves between the thin line of both sorrow and joy.

The songwriter tripped over to the edge of the ridge with I’m so lonesome I could cry. The loss of William’s lover is shown by the depressing lyrics of this song.

24. Swim Good

This song is from the album same as its name that was released in 2011 by Frank Ocean. This song is quite saddening and bleak as it demonstrates the melancholy of Ocean’s main character.

The thought of self-harming and a sense of distress are not lacking on the show as he imagines suicidal attempts.

26. Tear in your hand

Sung by Tori Amos, Tear in your hand is a song from the album named Little Earthquakes which was released in 1992. In the early 1990s and 2000s, the songwriter survived the devastating heartbreak of her relationship.

This song says the story of a woman who is suffering from crippling depression and is trying to think about the meaning of life.

27. Wish you were here

Sung by the popular bad Pink Floyd, Wish you were here is a song from the album of the same nane that was released in 1975. The founder of this band was quite an unhappy and bizarre person.

His bandmate, Rogers Water corresponded this song for his unwell friend and gave creation to this epic classic song for his regret and loss.

The sadness of the song reach a new height when all of us heard the story of Barret approaching the recording unpredictably.

28. Shallow

Lady Gaga and Bradley is the creator of this song was released in 2018 and actually belongs to a movie named A Star is born. Cooper with such a great singing talent gave a heartbreaking opening to the song that no one expected.

29. Laura

Released in 2012, Laura is a song sung by Bat for lashes and it is from the album named iTunes Festival: London 2012. This is a song that indirectly hints to us that heartbreak is not necessary for a song to be distressing.

In fact, this classic music demonstrated the distressing story of her life and her continuous attempts of harming her own self.

30. Cat’s in the Cradle

Cat’s in the Cradle is a vigorously sad song, sung by Harry Chapin released on 1974. This song is from the album named Verities and Balderdash. This song may have fallen into the satire of itself, but it is sadistic enough to make you cry.

This song portrays the tale of a father who can’t give enough time to spend with his son. After a few, the same thing happens but in the opposite. This time the son is way too busy to spend time with his father.

32. Tears in Heaven

Sung by a talented artist, Eric Clapton belongs to the album named Rush was released in 1992. Eric wrote this song as a tribute to his late son who fell to death in an apartment in New York just at the age of four.

After the release of the original song Tears in Heaven, several other versions of this song were released and the songwriter had faith that it will fade into significance after being recorded.

This song succeeded to remain in the at the top of the list and as a result, got swept with different award events turn by turn.

33. Jolene

Via the album of the same name as the song was sung by an exceptional artist Dolly Parton that was originally released in 1974. This song focuses on a woman who desperately tries to hold onto her lover.

Despite the cheerful chorus, Dolly makes an emotional appeal to the title character not to snatch the love of her life. You might need a tissue while listening to this song as its sadistic vibe might lure you into a crippling depression.

34. I know it’s over

Released in 1986, I know it’s Over is a song sung by the Smiths from the album named “The Queen is Dead”.

The start of this song is quite vulnerable as it gives starts with a sadistic sentence sentence” I can feel the soil falling over my head”. The Band who released this song is mostly renowned for their depressing interpretation.

35. Nothing gets crossed out

Precisely sung by the Bright, Nothing Gets Crossed Out is a song from the album, Lifted or the Story Is in the Soil and Keep your Ear to the Ground. This song got released in 2002 and gained a remarkable number of listeners.

The creators of this song have always been famous for the sadistic shade of their kinds of music. This song turns back sentimentally in the past and along with the terror of upcoming days of life.

36. Something in the Way

From the album Nevermind, Something in the Way is a song sung by Nirvana. If we look back into the life of the highly proficient singer Kurt Cobain, loss and misery were flooded every day.

This song was the saddest song recorded by the band which portrays the early life events of Cobain in all melancholy. As this song exhibits sad vibes, this song is still popular among the distressed youngsters of the entire world.

37. He stopped loving her today

Song by the miraculous singer George Jones, he stopped loving her is a melancholic song from an album named I am What I Am was released in 1980.

When the songwriter created this song, he thought that the song was way too drippy but little did he know that its sadistic nature will make it surprisingly popular among dispirited people.

This song includes the story about Jones losing his lover and feeling the regretful feeling that shattered his entire heart.

38. When the Party’s over

Coming from the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where do we go?, is a song released in 2019 sung by a melancholic music artist, Billie Eilish.

This song basically is an emblem of hasty relationship habits where one agrees to be in a toxic relationship that his/her lover has made. This song gives us a brutal sadistic vibe that might make you cry if you recently had a breakup or heartbreaking events.

39. Angels

Released back in 1977, Angels is a song from the album named “Life thru a Lens sung” by a talented artist, Robbins Williams. This song gives an opportunity for all to surge in sufferings for three minutes. This is a pretty renowned song in Europe that is played at a funeral.

40. Under the Bridge

Released by the popular band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Under the bridge is a bleak song that was released in 1991. We’ve always been delighted by the spark that this band throws in a party in life or drives us to sadness.

This songbird Red Hot Chilli Pepper will possibly make anyone sob with its unhappy vibe which talks about the lead singer’s loneliness and unloved feelings.

41. Wicked Game

Wicked Game is a dispairing song sung by Chris Isaak that was released in 1989 from the album Heart Shaped World. This song was made with the track of David Lynch’s Wild at Heart which led it to be widely popular.

This song details Chris’s love life where he lost his lover and found her cheating in the relationship

43. Unchained Melody

A sad song released in 1965 by The Righteous Brothers belongs to the album named Just Once in my Life. This song declares the never dying and incessant love of a lover.

Miserable enough to make you cry, this is a classical song that stomps your heart with the hypnotic melody of the strings and heart-wrenching lyrics.

44. Yesterday

Yesterday is a song that is sung by the popular talented band, The Beetles. This song is from a movie called Help!! This band has always been remarked for its love that details the loss of a lover.

Likewise, Yesterday is a classic song about the regretful and miserable feeling of Paul McCartney after his relationship came to an end. Waiting to go back to yesterday and change things is a thought or feeling that everyone relates to.

45. Morning Theft

Belonging to the album Sketches for my Sweetheart, the Drunk, Morning Theft is a song by an exceptionally talented artist named Jeff Buckley that was released back in 1998.

In this song, the songwriter has probably written the lonely feeling that is haunting him every single moment and misses his friends.

The drawing age of Jeff adds extra sadistic feeling to any love song as he might have faced many complex love situations that are compelling him to create sadistic music pieces like this.

46. With or Without You

Via the album, The Joshua Tree, With or Without You is a song released by U2 in the early 1980s. When Bono wrote this song, he was having a very hard time coping with the Irish band.

He had to visit different parts of the world by being away from his wife and children. This song miserably details Bono’s want and desire to spend time with his children.

47. I will Remember You

Released back in 1993, I’ll remember you is a song from an album named Fumbling Towards Ecstacy sung by Sarah Mclachlan. This song is actually about a boy who is feeling miserable about losing his loved one. This song is so sadistic that it might make you sob by remembering your lost loved ones.

48. The Drugs Don’t Work

Coming from the album Urban Hymn, The Drugs Don’t Work is a song by The Verve with its release in 1997. The lead singer, Richard with his amusing vocal and meaningful lyrics demonstrates his own journey with the use of toxic substances and anxiety. This song reflects the moment when he was lost to the abuse of toxins.

49. Shipbuilding

Sung by an amusing artist Robert Wyatt, Shipbuilding is music released in 1982 that comes from the album named Nothing Can Stop Us. This is also a gem song that ultimately shows that every heartwrenching song doesn’t have to be about disastrous love life. This song encapsulates an exceptionally beautiful story about the men who faced their graves in Shipbuilding during the war. The miserable lyrics and the vulnerability of his vocals add another layer of melancholy to the song.

50. Famous Blue Raincoat

Belonging to the album Songs of Love and Hate, Famous Blue Raincoat was released in 1971 by the appreciated artist, Leonard Cohen. This songwriter is also regarded as the professor of melancholy who comes with songs that compels you to sob. This song will leave you crying from the start of the song to the end.

51. Someone Like you

Adele the popular music artist sang the song, someone like you coming from album 21 which was released in 2011. The love life of Adele has played a great role to be one of the most fascinating singers. Someone Like You states the story of the lost love of Adele who she dreamed of marrying. No sign of effort from her partner to love her back and her future-inspired thoughts encouraged this song that earned her fame.

52. The River

Coming from the album of the same name as the song, this music is sung by Bruce Springsteen and the E-street band that was recorded and finally released in 1980. Bruce is an incorrectly interpreted vocalist and songwriter who focuses on the critical financial situations of the fictional character more than giving importance to the lost love. The Harmonica used in this song is distressing enough to make you cry in an instant.

53. Mad World

Belonging to the album named Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets, Mad World is music sung by Gary Jules. This song was originally released in 2001. Gary unquestionably broke the mold of singers by covering classic songs in a hush and moderate way. With the unspoken misery of Mad World by Tears by Fear covered by Jules can shatter your heart with its sadness.

54. The Streets of Philadelphia

Sung by Bruce Springsteen, The Streets of Philadelphia is a song that belongs to the album named Philadelphia: Music From the Motion Picture. This song was released back in the 1990s. The movie Philadelphia brought the threat of HIV/AIDS to Hollywood. Springsteen encapsulated the mesmerizing soundtrack with a meaningful song about the tragedy of losing an entire community due to the epidemic.

55. Stay with me

Coming from the album Lifted, Stay with me is a song that was released in 2015 and sung by Sam Smith. This songwriter is an accomplished writer who wrote this song within the duration of 30 minutes. In this modern era, this song is popular for its sadistic nature that might make people cry.

56. The Shadowlands

Sung by a talented artist Ryan Adams, The Shadowland is a song that was released in 2003 which came from the album named Love is Hell pt.1. Despite its sadistic nature, This song is beautiful and shows Adam has a great storytelling ability.

57. The Living Years

Released back in 1988, The Living Years comes from the album of the same name as the song that was created by Mike and the Mechanics. This song encapsulates the story of a writer who felt disgusting pain as his father died several months before his own son took a step into this world by birth.

58. Say Something

Coming from the album named Is anybody out there, Say something is a song released in 2014 that was sung by A Big Great World. This song was written by two members of its artist who were suffering from the misery of heartbreak individually. One of the members, Axel says that writing this song was part of healing themselves from the loss and the duo is still getting great affinity for creating such a captivating tune.

59. Good Riddance

Belonging to the album named Nimrod, Good Riddance is a song that was released back in 1997 and created by the popular band, Green Day. This song might’ve been used as a pleasing ballad but it was written about heartbreak. This song details the melancholic emotions of Billie Joe Armstrong about the end of their relationship with his lover.

60. Ben

Released in the 1970s, Ben is a popular song sung by Michael Jackson that comes from the album of the same name as the song. What makes us cry?, the sadistic feeling isn’t it? So yeah, this young singer of this song demonstrated and made us believe the friendship between him and his pet rat. These songs detailed the theme of a movie where killer rats victimize a small town.

61. Candle in the Wind

Sung by Sir Elton John, Candle in the Wind was released in 1973 and came from the album named Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. No wonder why he is one of the most appreciated singers, either you enjoy the princess Diana song or the version about the death of Marilyn, Elton wrote an amusing classic. The intensity of this song compels you to grab the tissue paper while listening to it.

62.  Brick

Belonging to the album Whatever and Ever Amen, Brick is a song released in 1997 sung by the rock trio, Ben Folds Five. This trio has a gentle touch if the sentimental sweetness of a song is overflooded. This song encapsulates the story of abortion and the feelings of uselessness after the process came to an end.

63. Skinny Love

Skinny love is one of the underrated songs of 2011 that came from the album of the same name as the song. This song was by an exceptional artist, Bon Iver. The feeling of Skinny Love flows through the fine vocal of the singer and traps all of us in its fiendish vibe. This song has been appreciated by many artists but the version of Bon Iver is the best among the best.

64. Samson

Sung by a very talented artist Regina Spektor, Samson is a beautiful yet sadistic song that comes from the album named songs which were originally released in 2002. The writer details their feeling of hopelessness of Samson after he got into his love life with Delilah. This song is melancholic and you might get imbraced into the depths of sadness.

64. Green Grass of Home

Green Grass of home is an epic song, coming from the album by Tom Jones that as released early in 1967. Jones successfully became a satire for the mesmerizing ballads of the death in the 60s. His way of creating a classical ballad about the losses with his astonishing skill of soft speech and powerful singing voice is just amusing.

65. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan is one of the renowned and exceptional singers who sang Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door with his band members. This song was released in 1991 and comes from the album named Use your Illusion II. This song details the story of a lieutenant who’s about to face his grave from a gunshot wound. In the 21st century, this song became renowned as the anthem of sadness. No one can escape from the intensity of the sadness of this song. Here, Dylan sketches a picture with his words detailing the deputy calling his mother to be with him in the last few minutes of his life.

66. Black

Sung by Pearl James, Black is a song that belongs to the album named Ten which was released in 1991. Black has managed to maintain its reputation despite its 90s grime aesthetic. This song, Black details the emotions and feelings of a betrayed man for his lost partner.

What songs to listen to when you are depressed?

Generally, slow-tempo songs, downbeat melodies with a lower overall pitch, and soft and lower sound levels are soulful to listen to and bring warmth and comfort to yourself. It can help people to heal from the pain and give them a perfect feeling when they are feeling low.

Well, the songs can be beneficial for people who are fighting depression on a daily basis on their life.

What is the saddest song on Spotify?

  • How Do I Say, Goodbye by Dean Lewis
  • All For You by Cian Ducrot
  • Birthday Cake by Dylan Conrique
  • In The Stars by Benson Boone
  • go by Cat Burns
  • Another Love by Tom Odell
  • that way by Tate McRae

Who comes to your mind when I ask you about who’s the greatest guitarist of all time? Jimi Hendrix has to be one of the people that popped up in your mind because he has influenced the world of music in that way!

Hendrix was a gem in the music industry who proved that the six-stringed instrument had more potential than anybody could imagine. If Jimi says that he likes your band and you’re on his favorite music list then that could be considered an expensive treasure.

King Crimson guitarist, Robert Fripp was asked if Jimi Hendrix had actually shaken his hand during a Q&A event. He replied “Yes he did,” replied Fripp trying his best to downplay it before spinning his story of the time that the paths of the two great guitar wizards crossed”,

“The single time I met Jimi Hendrix was at The Revolution Club in Mayfair (London) when [King] Crimson were playing in 1969, and it was the first time I sat down,” Fripp revealed. “I have always been a seated guitarist,”

He continued, “But to be in a Rock group you couldn’t sit down.” This decision to defy rock and roll styling standards was met acrimoniously by the band’s frontman Greg Lake, who apparently yelled, “You can’t sit down, you look like a mushroom!” To which Fripp replied: “[It is my considered opinion] that the mushroom is considered a fertility symbol in many cultures.”

Back in 1969, King Crimson was only months away from their new beginning. Their new talent went on ahead and became an inspiration for the music industry. Fripp earned the eponymous seated musician on the 2nd of June.

During that crowded night, the legendary guitarist approached Fripp (Fripp describes him as the most “luminous man” he had ever met) and he said to him: “Hey, shake my left-hand man, it’s closer to my heart.”

That had to be one of the most unbelievable moments for Fripp. When someone receives gratitude from Jim Hendrix, that’s the best wish they could’ve ever asked for. Hendrix is a talented guitarist and his playing style has influenced the whole world because of how original his playing style is. The iconic story of Fripp and Hendrix takes place again!

Many years later Fripp encountered King Crimson’s drummer, Michael Giles’s sister-in-law. She was also an audience while Hendrix and Fripp shook hands. And by luck, she sat right next to Jimi’s table.

She revealed to Fripp about that night and it might’ve made him so much happy that he started jumping. She revealed that  “Do you know that I was sitting at the next table to Jimi Hendrix. … He was jumping up and down and saying, “This is the best group in the world.”’

Fripp then continues “In all due modesty, that is one of the best calling cards any working musician is ever likely to be able to present.”

It might be seen like Hendrix and Fripp are different performances, their singularity binds them. Even the calling card of Fripp, Brian Eno stated: “Fripp’s contributions to the David Bowie albums are of a singular nature. He is a unique musician who doesn’t do ‘sessions’ in the normal sense: when people work with him it is not only for his prodigious gifts as a player,”

He added more, “but even more for his unusually fruitful and original imagination. He has the ability to send a piece of music into a quite different direction, and indeed did so several times on these albums.”

The style that Fripp played his guitar was amusing, he threw colorful melodies and journeys that many weren’t aware of. The main reason why could create such mystical sound was that he was borrowing from Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky, and others to create a pog-rock sound.

Fripp recently also gave their opinion on guitars amps and pedals and stated that he doesn’t have a single interest in gear.

“Whatever guitar, whatever amp I’m using I’ll get my sound,” he continued, “Here’s an example of this. I went to see Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea at Carnegie Hall: wow, breathtaking. Herbie Hancock on the left. They changed places and played, and their sounds went with them. I still don’t understand that. How can that be? It cannot be the sound of the piano changes. The sound of the piano is the sound of a piano, surely?” 

Hendrix and Fripp are the least peoples who send the whole message to the world with their great music. Everything about this story is truly inspirational.

Phil Collins has been the face of music. The work he has put in the industry has been mesmerizing and he is also knowns as one of the influential artists in the music industry. He is an important figure in the music industry, but what are his favorite songs and the band that has influenced him?

There have been multiple events where Collins has been asked about the artist that has helped him to influence his music career. The Young generation has been inspired by him and even the legendary drummer, Taylor Hawkins stated him as a major source of inspiration for him.

Collins also stated that Taylor Hawkins has played a huge part to influence him and he has also mentioned the popular band of all time, The Beatles. Collins once stated that Ringo Starr is one of the underrated ones.

Collins says “Well, I think he’s vastly underrated, Ringo. The drum fills in ‘A Day In The Life’ was in fact very, very complex things. You could take a great drummer from today and say ‘I Want It like that,’ and they wouldn’t know what to do.”

He knew Ringo was a great artist and respected him but on the other hand, Collins has different thoughts about McCartney. Let’s see what McCartney has to say on this, “He has this thing when he’s talking to you, where he makes you feel [like], ‘I know this must be hard for you because I’m a Beatle. I’m Paul McCartney and it must be very hard for you to actually be holding a conversation with me.’”

No matter the thoughts he has for McCartney, it won’t change the fact that Collins loves the music of The Beatles.

He was once asked to name his eight favorite songs during an interview with the BBC, and he mentioned the names of artists; Aretha Franklin, Paul Brady, and Tim Hardin, and The Beatles were the ones, only band to have separate songs on the list.

“Well, no collection would be complete without one or two Beatles records. I mean, The Beatles were the reason I’m in this business,” Collins declared. He named ‘All My Loving’ and ‘If I Fell’ among his all-time favorites, citing them as his favorite songs by the Beatles. According to him, their music inspired him to focus on his own journey.

Collins adds more, “Really although I’ve been playing the drums since I was five, it was The Beatles that suddenly gave a purpose, and this I think sums up that early-mid 1960s feeling from me when I was in school, really loving it.”

Well, what if we say that it is not the only song that Collins has mentioned on his favorite list? Let’s check it out!

Three best Beatles songs of Phil Collins

Without any delay, let’s take a look at the top three favorite songs of the Beatles that Phill Collins liked.

All My Loving

All My Loving is another favorite song of the Beatles from their second album “With The Beatles” (1963). Back in 1993, he gave his thought on the band during an interview with BBC Radio.

“Well, no collection would be complete without one or two Beatles records. I mean, The Beatles were the reason I’m in this business. Really although I’ve been playing the drums since I was five, it was The Beatles that suddenly gave a purpose. This I think sums up that early-mid 60’s feeling from me when I was in school, really loving it,”

“All My Loving” was one of the famous songs by The Beatles which was written by Paul McCartney and John Lenon. It became so popular that it earned its name as the top 45 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the USA.

“If I Fell”

Phil Collins stated that another favorite song of his from the Beatles was from “A Hard Day’s Night” album (1964). Back in 1993 in an interview with BBC Radio, he said “If I Fell” would be another song that he would take on a desert island.

“Talking about my acting career. I was at ‘Hard Day’s Night’ although you never see me. But I got paid for it. This is a song that they sang in ‘Hard Day’s Night’ when we were there doing the screaming at the end of the film. Again, like ‘All My Loving’, it all sums up the wonderful period of my life: the 60’s,”

Now, let’s take a look at the last favorite song of Phil Collins!

“A Hard Day’s Night”

“A Hard Day’s Night” is one of the biggest classical songs from the same name of their album (1964). This also became the first movie of the band which was released in 1964.

In 2016, during an interview with Rolling Stone, Phil Collins listed “A Hard Day’s Night” and even stated that he had a chance to be a part of the audience when the band was filming for their movie, “I got the chance to be in the audience when the Beatles filmed ‘A Hard Day’s Night’. They wanted kids that were screaming. I just sat still, which is probably why I was cut out of the film.”

“Thirty years later I was asked to narrate a documentary about the movie. I got to go through the outtakes. So I found a guy wearing a pin tie that looked just like me, sitting completely still. I remember thinking, ‘For crying out loud. Will you stop screaming? Let’s listen to the music!”

Love songs are one of the material that connects straight to our hearts. The melodies, lyrics, and the emotion of such moments hit us right straight into our hearts. Such kinds of songs give us a peaceful moment and help us be calm. If you also want to learn some love songs on guitar then don’t worry! We have the perfect suggestion for you.

Love songs with the melody of the guitar always give us peaceful moments and fill our hearts with emotions. Love songs are the best way to you express you’re songs to your significant one, but the best way to express is by playing the song yourself.

For those who want to play a love song on their guitar to their significant one but having a problem with choosing then don’t worry! You’ve arrived at the correct place. Without any delay, let’s jump straight into the topic and discuss some of the easy guitar lessons you can learn!

1. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Can’t help falling in Love has been one of the romantic songs that were released away back in 1961. The song is just the perfect one to express your emotions to your partner. Well, if you’re worried about the guitar lesson of it then don’t even sweat.

Can’t Help Falling in Love is the perfect song that is romantic and also easy at the same moment. It has the perfect beginning guitar chords for those who are just learning guitar at the moment. Let’s take a look at the chords.

To play the song you need to use a capo in the 2nd Fret. The tuning of the guitar is standard; E A D B G E. Even the chord of the songs is easy. Such chords like F G Am C. This is one of the simplest and easiest love songs that you’ll find.

2. All Of Me

Artist: John Legend

One of the famous songs of Hon Legen, All of me might be just the perfect song that you might be looking for. It has all the romantic tunes you need and the perfect lyrics for your significant one.

All of Me’s melody will hit straight into your heart and the melodic piano tune will make you cherish your partner. If you are looking to play this song on your guitar then it might just be the perfect one because of how easy the chords are.

This song has easy chords in the intro and in verse such as E minor, C, G, and D. The melody of this song is piano and when you’ll play it on your guitar, you’ll get the same balladic feeling which is the perfect tune for love songs.

John Legend’s All of Me is also an easy valentine’s song. If you’re trying to impress your crush with a balladic feeling but don’t wanna put much effort then this song is just perfect for you!

3. Wonderful Tonight

Artist: Eric Clapton

If you’re looking for a perfect love song to play on your guitar but you want the tune from back in the day then Wonderful Tonight is just the perfect guitar lesson you should consider taking on.

Eric Clapton from Wonder tonight is back in the 70s, and there’s a romantic story behind this song as well. He wrote this song for Pattie Boyd who was going through divorce statements.

If you want to play the same kind of romantic love song for your partner on guitar then Wonderful tonight might just be the perfect option. It even has easy guitar chords such as G, D, C, Em, and G7.

When you’ll play this song on your guitar, you’ll get a calm and romantic feeling. This song portrays the beautiful feelings that you have kept hidden in yourself. The melody and the song lyrics might just be the perfect song that you’re looking to play for her!

4. Perfect

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Now let’s talk about the song that was on the radio of everyone back in 2017. The song was a blockbuster hit and the perfect romantic love song to play on different occasions.

The song was so famous that every wedding, anniversary, or any kind of special occasion had this song on their playlist. If you want to show how much your partner means in your life then, Ed Sheeran’s perfect might just be the ‘perfect’ one for you.

Even the guitar lesson of this song is quite simple and isn’t complicated. The chords are simple such as Em, G, D, C, F#, and Dsus4. Even the strumming pattern from the song is just perfect for beginners.

Perfect might be the missing piece that your partner needs to hear you playing. This love song is perfect because you can fret it or even fingerpick it. It will give you the same angelic melody and your partner will be filled with emotions.

5. A Thousand Years

Artist: Christina Perri

Now let’s take a look at the song that is the most romantic and the favorite love song for most couples. Christina has written this song in a perfect way. The lyrics are so gorgeous and beautiful that you’ll start to imagine yourself and your partner in a Twilight Saga.

The song has a beautiful melody and the perfect chord that will express all the emotions and love you have for your partner. Even the chords of this song are easy and beautiful.

The chords of the song are such as G, Em, Cadd9, D, and Am. The strumming is also easy with the simple standard strumming tune of the guitar. Just the perfect song that you’ll need to play for your partner.

A thousand years of Christina Perri will make you fall in love with the melody and if you want your partner to fall in love just as the way you did then this might be the perfect opportunity.

Learn this easy love song on your guitar, play it for her, and make her fall in love with you. As simple as that.

6. Stand by Me

Artist: Ben E. King

You keep wondering in her thoughts and can’t stop wondering but an amazing future between you two then this song might just be the perfect one for you. This song is best because it has melodies and tunes that will take you back to 1961.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of R&B classic, pop, or soul. Thus melody song will touch your, heart because it is one of the popular songs from back in the day. This love song is elite and the perfect one for you to learn on your guitar.

The strumming is easy and not only it is easy to play, but it will also teach you many things and you’ll be eager to explore more of this song on your guitar. The bass line of that song is spectacular and the perfect one for you to learn fingerstyle.

The slow tempo of this song just might be the perfect one for your love song. Whenever you’ll play its melody on the guitar, you’ll feel like a cold breeze just kissed you in your cheek and left.

7. You’re Beautiful

Artist: James Blunt

James Blunt makes some extraordinary songs and “You’re Beautiful” was truly a gorgeous message for all lovers. The song was a big shot back in 2005 and was on everyone’s playlist. You also might need to put this one in your playlist.

The song is simple and has beautiful pickup lines. It gives you a slow melody and will make you feel like a ballad. Once you’ll start to play this song on your guitar, you’ll dive into its melody and forget about the lyrics and everything else.

The guitar is simple with easy chords such as C, G, Am, F, and B. The melody is so beautiful that it will even make you feel lonely at the same time because James Blunt has portrayed single-sided love in his song.

This is one of the easiest songs you can learn on guitar but be aware because its melody might give you a feeling of heartbreak.

8. It Must Have Been Love

Artist: Roxette

If you’re a fan of metal, or rock types of songs and having difficulty finding the perfect love song which can portray the same kind of melody and tone then congratulations! You just found the gem you were looking for.

It Must Have Been Love was a masterpiece back in 1987 which portrayed a beautiful story where love has no limitations and it doesn’t work with boundaries. This song is the perfect one for beginners as they’ll get a chance to learn soft rock as well.

The chords of this song are simple and only require basic strumming. Chords like G, D, Am, C, and Em, will make you feel comfortable playing the guitar and will give you a soft rock-tone experience.

 9. Fix You

Artist: Coldplay

Another Slow Medoci song that might be perfect for your guitar lesson can be Coldplay’s Fix You. The song was a hit back in 2005, especially because of the history and the romantic story it has behind those lyrics.

The lead singer, Chris had written this song for his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow and now you can sing this song to your amazing partner. This song portrays that you will always be with your partner even at the darkest times, and always support her.

Even the guitar lesson of this song is simple. It has simple chords 4 chords; D, Bm, G, and A, and even the strumming pattern is the basic slow ones.

As you start to learn the song, its melody will hit straight at your heart and you’ll completely fall in love with the song. Fix You is truly a beautiful love song with easy chords to play on guitar.

10. Always On My Mind

Artist: Elvis Presley

Always On My Mind is a love song that is composed by the king of rock n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley. This song really takes you back to the time with its ballad melody and will make you fall in love with it,

The song is gorgeous and even easy to play on your guitar. It has effective lyrics that portray the regrets and suffering you’ll have to face in a relationship. The beautiful melody is just the perfect one you’ll need to learn on your guitar.

The song is beautiful but while learning it the chords might be challenging for you. The chords of the song are G, Dsus, D, Em, C, A7, Am, and D7 the words might look big but the finger positions are easy, you’ll just need to remember its sequel.

This love song is the perfect one to impress your partner or make your crush fall in love with you.

11. Ain’t No Sunshine

Artist: Bill Withers

Ain’t no Sunshine is a beautiful love song from the past days. It has a great melodic tone and portrays the feelings and emotions you feel toward your partner. It delivers the message of love for you in a really poetic way.

The song is beautiful and even the chords are pretty simple with easy strummings. The song has 4 simple chords; Am, Em, Em/G, and Dm. You can use a slow strumming pattern that will give the song a more melodic tone. You can play it by strumming on beats 1 and 3.

The song is romantic but emotional at the same time. If you’re looking to play a song for your partner then this will be the right choice.

12. Beautiful in White

Artist: Shane Filan

Trying to look for a song that you can play for your beautiful bride on your wedding day? BINGO! You have just found the jackpot.

Shane Filan’s Beautiful in White might just be the perfect one for you to play on your wedding day. The song will express the emotions and feelings you’ll get when you’ll see your bride in that beautiful white dress.

The song might not be popular like other hits, but it is one of the gorgeous love songs which doesn’t have any kind of complicated chords like some love songs. The chords of the song are G, D/F#(add11), Em7, and Cadd9G, D/F#(add11), Em7, and Cadd9.

The chords might look scary at the first glance but trust me, they are so simple that you won’t even expect them to be that easy. Even the strumming pattern of the song is really simple as usual.

13. Someone Like You

Artist: Adele

When this song came back in 2011, almost everyone knew its whole lyrics. It was a very popular song by Adele and also a really beautiful which portrays the sadness that hides within love.

Adele has a fantastic voice and with this sad, love song, her voice couldn’t match anymore. If you want to express all those sorrowful feelings to your partner then why not try Someone Like You on your guitar?

The song is really beautiful and also easy to play on your guitar. The song has easy guitar chords such as G, Em, C, D, and Bm. The chords are easy and comfortable to use because of their easy finger placements.

Even the strumming of this song is was. The song is a classic love song that you can play it anytime you want to express your feelings to some special and make them feel their importance in your life.

15. Just The Way You Are

Artist: Bruno Mars

“Just The Way You Are” is the perfect love song to make your partner feel special about themselves. The song is so beautiful that it even won the Grammy Awards back in 2011.

The beautiful romantic song will make your significant fall in love with you within a minute. It has a beautiful melody and loving lyrics. The song will amaze your partner, but the more shocking thing, it is built with an easy chord.

The Grammy Award-winning song is incredibly easy with the chords;  D, Bm,7, and G. It even has an easy strumming pattern. Within no time, you can perfect this song and master it.

If you’re comfortable then you can also put a capo on the 3rd fret which will give you a realistic and better sound. This love song will deliver a romantic message to your partner for you.

16. Stay With Me

Artist: Sam Smith

Stay With Me

Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is one of the romantic love songs that you can play for your love. The song was released back in 2014 and many became a fan after listening to its beautiful piano melody.

The song tells you a story about how you fell in love with your partner after the night. Even the chord of the song is simple with  Em, Cadd9, and G. Cadd9. The placement of fingers on these chords is simple and within no time you’ll master it.

The song is just perfect to sing for your crush and the lyrics will surely touch her heart as well.

17. I’m Yours

Artist: Jason Marz

Back in the day, everyone who knew guitar used to play “I’m Yours” by Jason Marz because it was easy to play on guitar and had a beautiful melody in its song.

The song is beautiful and tells you the story of where you are perfect for your partner and the strumming of the makes the song very fun and interesting as well.

The song is very easy and only has four chords; G, D, Em, and C. These chords are some of the basic chords of guitar and you’ll have no problem learning it because of how easy the finger placement is.

The strumming pattern of the song is also beautiful and really fun to play. It has the triplet down and upstrokes, the strumming can’t be any easier than this. You’ll perfect this romantic song in no time.

18. Love Story

Artist: Taylor Swift

The year 2008 was really a big year for Taylor Swift and her romantic love song, Love Story.

“Love Story” is a perfect romantic love song that you can play for your partner. It portrays the story of Romeo and Juliet and their love story as well. It gives you the idea of how strong a love can be, just like in Romeo and Juliet.

The song defines the feelings of a couple and portrays them in a beautiful picture. The song is truly beautiful and even easy to learn on your guitar.

The chords are simple such as; C, G, Am, F, D, A, and Bm. Even the strumming pattern is pretty simple. Just take note that this is a fast-tempo song, so you might need to play it a little fast than you usually do in other songs.

Love Story is really a powerful song that expresses all the emotions you have for your significant one. The melody and the lyrics of the song will truly hit from inside, the perfect to play in front of your partner or loved ones.

19. Yellow

Artist: Coldplay

Coldplay is some of the most talented groups in the music industry and “Yellow” was truly one of their blockbuster songs. It has a slow melody and the song is really gorgeous when you place everything together.

The song gives you a feeling of being loved and fills your heart with joy. The song is perfect to play on your guitar and even fun to play it.

The song has easy guitar chords such as  G, D, C, and Em, which are the basic chords of the guitar but the chords changes during the outro part to Cmaj7, and Dm7. You don’t need to change it. You can ignore and play the same previous chords for the outro as well.

The song even has an easy strumming pattern with 8 beats of downstrokes. The song choice is just excellent to play in front of your partner. Because of its easy chords, you’ll be even able to master it in no time.

20. Fallin

Artist: Alicia Keys

Do you remember what made Alicia Keys famous in the music industry for the first time? It was one of the love songs that she made. The song “Fallin” was so beautiful and wonderful that it went and won three Grammys.

The song is perfect as it portrays the challenges that arise in relationships. If you’re facing the same challenge and need a song to express then “Fallin” might just be the one.

Guitar Chords of the song are easy and you’ll only need to master two chords, Em and Bm7. Both of these hordes are comfortable and won’t do any effect while you change the chords.

Even the strumming pattern for the song is simple and traditional which makes the perfect tone and melody for this Love Song. The only challenge with this song is that you’ll need to memorize the lyrics.

21. Iris

Artist: The Goo Goo Dolls

Now let’s take a look at another romantic song that was made to express your feelings to your crus and also for the movie City Of Angels. Wanna propose? Why not give her signs of your love by playing this song?

The chords of this guitar are really easy. First, you’ll play the D tuning for the opening and then you’ll need to learn 6 easy chords;  5, D, G5, Bm7, Asus4, and G. You might be getting scared after seeing the digit, but these are some of the easy chords you can find in guitar.

The strumming pattern is also simple with a conventional down-down-up-down-up pattern. The song is melodic and filled with emotions. A perfect love song.

22. Heaven

Artist: Bryan Adams

If Love has struck you right at your heart then Bryan Adma’s “Heaven” is the perfect one to practice. The 1983 song is romantic and filled with a melody that people who are in love should listen to at least once.

There are classic chords played in the song like; C, Am, G, F, and Dm. The finger placement of these chords is easy and if you’re having a problem with the barre version of F and then you can try the other comfortable one.

It has only a down strumming pattern which makes it easier to learn on guitar. Make your partner feel heavenly by playing “Heaven”.

23. With Or Without You

Artist: U2

If you’re having a complicated relationship with your partner and are emotional at the same time then U2’s With Or Without You will help you with that.

The song is filled 3with emotions and it will surely touch your heart in one way or another. It is also perfect for beginners as it has easy chords such as G, D, Em, and C, with the usual strumming pattern.

It has the down-down-up-up-down-up strumming pattern, which is one of the easiest and most fun to play strumming patterns in guitar. With easy chords and beautiful lyrics, it is sure to impress your love.

24. Thinking Out Loud

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud has been one of the most romantic songs in the modern generation. Ed Sheeran has portrayed this song beautifully and even you can portray and impress your crush by playing it on your guitar.

The chords of this song are easy and even the strumming pattern is easy. The chords of this song are C, E, F, G, Dm, and Am. These are some of the classic chords on the guitar.

It has easy and comfortable finger positions, you’ll master it within no time. You’ll even have no problem changing the chords. You’ll really be able to hear the emotions and the feelings from this song.

25. Dust In The Wind

Artist: Kansas

The incredible melodic song, “Dust in The Wind” is one of the perfect love songs that was released way back in 1977 and it is still considered one of the best and easy love songs to play on guitar.

The songs’ melody and lyrics will surely touch your heart in different ways and make you feel loved. It is even easy to play on the guitar as you’ll only need to master four easy chords;  C, G, Am7, and Dm.

The strumming Pattern is also easy with the down-down-up-down-up classic pattern. You can even do finger-picking on this song as the original version, but you can choose any comfortable way you want.

26. Hey There Delilah

Artist: Plain White T’s

If you are looking for a love song that is filled with melancholic tone and lyrics then Plain White T’s “Hey There Deliah” is the song that you should check out right now.

The lyrics are filled with one-sided love emotions and will make you emotional. The song is effortless to play on guitar because there are easy chords used. Such as D, F#m, Bm, G, and A.

One thing you need to note is that this is a finger-picked song.

The song is finger-picked, and this song just might be the easiest finger-picked song you have ever practiced. Perfect for every cause.

27. Love Me Do

Artist: The Beatles

The first thing that came to your mind must be the mind-boggling grammatical error after reading the title. But is certainly the hit song of 1962 with a beautiful message.

“Love Me Do” is a beautiful song to play on your guitar, and it also has three easy chords; G, C, and D. Very simple, right? Not only the chords, but even the strumming is in the classic pattern. You’ll have no challenges while learning its guitar lesson.

28. One Last Time

Artist:  Ariana Grande

Takes us back to 2014 when the world went crazy after the release of “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande.

The song is beautiful and portrays the story of how she waits for her love to hold her hands once again. There are only 5 simple chords used in the song which are G, C, Em, Am, and D. Keep a note that the song is on a fast temp, so play it a bit faster than you usually do.

It might look like it’s a bit hard for beginners, so you can start the song by playing at a slow tempo and then slowly start building up your speed.

29. Don’t Let Me Down

Artist:  The Beatles

“Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles was a popular romantic hit back in 1970. It was a very beautiful song and the story behind the lyrics is just gorgeous. John Lennon wrote this song for his future wife. You can sing it for her as well.

The song is easy and has the classic four chords, Em, D, A, and A7. The strumming pattern is easy and with such simple chords, you’ll learn this romantic song within no time.

The song describes the hopes you have for your partner. This just might be the perfect evening for you and your partner.

30. Dance The Night Away

Artist: The Mavericks

If you’re having a breakup then this song just might be the perfect one for you. 1992 release “Dance The Night Away” portrays a story about how you find your freedom from a breakup.

The song was really popular in big countries such as; US and UK. The guitar cho0rds of the song are also very easy. The song consists of only two chords; D and A7 major, which is perfect for beginners.

The strumming pattern of the song is also super easy you’ll master this song within no time and impress your audience as well.

31. Brown-Eyed Girl

Artist: Van Morrison

If you’re trying to play a rock-tone love song but also an easy one then you have just found your treasure.

“Brown eyes Girl” was a popular romantic rock song back in 1967. The song has been played at many events and on many occasions, and you can also play this song in front of many audiences and impress them.

The song is easy to play on guitar s it has the easiest five chords to be ever created in guitar; G, C, D, Em, and D7. The strumming pattern of down strum after every beat will give you the perfect melody and make it more beautiful.

If you’re looking to impress your partner or crush with a love song then this might be the perfect one for you. Does your partner have brown eyes? Secure the treasure by playing this song!

32. Summer Wine

Artist: Nancy Sinatra

Summer Wien was really a lovely and gorgeous song that every person had on their playlist. The 1966 song was really a popular song because of how cute it was. The attractive melody will surely attract your partner as well after you’ll play it for them.

The chords of this song are really simple as you’ll only need 3 chords; Am, G, and Dm. The Strummking pattern is also pretty simple with the down-stroke at the first beat then making the 8th note down, and up in the rest of the beats.