Bad Omens’ Noah Sebastian Slams Metalheads Over Their ‘Ignorance’

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In a bold conversation with Metal Hammer, Noah Sebastian, the lead vocalist of Bad Omens, sparked debate by critiquing metal enthusiasts for their rigid categorizations of music and expressing his dissatisfaction with their lack of understanding of metal’s diverse subgenres.

Sebastian shared insights into the band’s potential shift from their established heavy metal sound, indicating his personal growth and evolving musical interests might lead them in a new direction. He addressed the speculation about the band’s future sound, saying:

“Mentioning in interviews that we’re looking to reinvent ourselves or change our sound seems to trigger assumptions that we’re heading towards a pop direction.”

He went on to challenge the metal community’s narrow view of music, highlighting the rich diversity within other musical genres:

“There’s this misconception, especially among metal enthusiasts, that anything catchy or well-produced must be pop, and any electronic elements are quickly labeled as EDM. It’s strange because, just like metal, these genres are also split into numerous subgenres. It seems like metal fans often overlook this diversity. Our new material is shaping up to be exciting and genuinely reflects my current state of mind.”

Recently, Bad Omens made headlines by erasing their presence on social media, leaving behind a cryptic message and a video snippet on Instagram that featured Poppy along with images of a white rabbit and a butterfly, hinting at a new direction or project with the message:


Their latest track, ‘V.A.N,’ was performed live for the first time in Berlin on January 27, with its music video launching on January 24 through Sumerian Records.

Looking ahead, 2024 promises to be a landmark year for Bad Omens. The band is slated to join Bring Me The Horizon on their European tour and appear at premier music festivals, including Download, Hellfest, Rock am Ring, Welcome To Rockville, and Nova Rock, showcasing their evolving sound on grand stages.

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