Bret Michaels Offers Lou Gramm A Free Private Jet Ride To Foreigner’s Rock Hall Induction

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Bret Michaels Promises Not To Disappoint Poison Fans With Lineup Plans For Upcoming TourBret Michaels is extending a heartfelt invitation to Lou Gramm for Foreigner’s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, signaling a potential reconciliation amidst the band’s historic milestone.

In celebration of Gramm’s birthday, the Poison frontman shared a photo of the two, accompanied by a generous offer in his Instagram post:

“As a birthday gesture to my friend Lou Gramm, I’m extending an invitation for him to join me at the arena show just outside Washington DC on September 18. Furthermore, I’ll be flying him on my private jet, ensuring he enjoys a selection of delectable snacks and beverages. I personally guarantee his safe arrival for Foreigner’s well-deserved induction into the Rock Hall… Tune in tomorrow at 9 am PST on The Show on Rock 105.3 with my daughter Raine and our amazing hosts – San Diego Seals rock!”

Amidst the anticipation of Gramm’s potential attendance, Foreigner’s induction into the Rock Hall marks a significant moment for the band, despite longstanding internal tensions. Mick Jones, in correspondence with Billboard, expressed his openness to reconciling with Gramm:

“On a personal level, I hold no animosity towards Lou. We did share the stage at the 40th-anniversary concert. It’s been quite some time since Lou departed from Foreigner, and I believe any lingering grievances belong to the past. There’s strength in releasing resentments and moving forward.”

However, Gramm revealed his ongoing struggle to reconnect with Jones, citing communication barriers:

“I had hoped our induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame would pave the way for reconciliation. It had been years since I last heard from Mick, but we had a fantastic time at the Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony, playing alongside the house band and basking in the honor. Despite that night, our relationship seemed on the mend, yet I haven’t heard from him since.”

As the induction ceremony approaches on October 19 in Cleveland, the question remains whether Gramm will join Foreigner on stage, heralding a potential reunion amid the band’s monumental achievement.

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