Bret Michaels Confirms POISON Will Announce Massive Tour Featuring ‘POISON’s Greatest Hits’

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Bret Michaels, the iconic lead singer of POISON, recently shared his future plans in an interview with The Oakland Press. Having successfully completed “The Stadium Tour” with MÖTLEY CRÜE and DEF LEPPARD in the summer of 2022, Michaels is looking forward to regrouping POISON in 2025. This reunion promises not just more tours but also the exciting prospect of new songs.

Reflecting on his remarkable career, Michaels remains optimistic and grateful. He fondly recalls the journey so far, cherishing the experiences of meeting diverse people, performing at various venues, and sharing his music worldwide. Despite facing challenges, he’s always been adaptable, even venturing into country festivals.

Now at 60, Michaels is actively promoting his “Parti-Gras” 2023 solo tour. His passion for music and gratitude towards his fans are as strong as ever. He approaches every performance with the same zeal, whether it’s on a grand stage or at smaller venues like Harpo’s or Blondie’s.

With his unwavering determination and love for music, Bret Michaels assures his fans that there’s much more to anticipate. The planned reunion with POISON in 2025 holds the promise of thrilling tours and potentially new musical ventures.

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