Chris Broderick On Surviving In Megadeth, ‘I Just Tried To Put My Head Down And Play’

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In a candid conversation on the Scars and Guitars Podcast, former Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick opened up about his journey with the iconic metal band. Hired by Dave Mustaine in 2008, Broderick reflected on his six-year tenure, during which he was instrumental in creating albums like ‘Endgame’ (2009), ‘Thirteen’ (2011), and ‘Super Collider’ (2013). He recounted:

“My main focus was just to immerse myself in my guitar playing. That has always been my passion. I remember this one interview shortly after I joined Megadeth. This young interviewer had a great question.”

He elaborated on the memorable interview:

“He asked, ‘You’re the 22nd member of Megadeth. How does that feel?’ I couldn’t help but laugh. Whether I was the 22nd or the second guitarist, my goal was the same – to dedicate myself to the guitar. That dedication was my anchor throughout my time with the band.”

Broderick also opened up about his 2014 departure from Megadeth in a discussion with Ultimate Guitar. He clarified that while creative differences played a part, the main reason was a desire for more personal artistic freedom. He observed:

“Megadeth wasn’t structured as a democracy in terms of decision-making, which I initially accepted. It was a tremendous boost for my career and a thrill to perform for fans. But eventually, you have to ask yourself – are you content playing someone else’s tunes, or do you want to craft your own music?”

Broderick hinted that a greater opportunity for creative input might have influenced his decision to stay with the band. However, he acknowledged in a 2022 interview with that his time with Megadeth was more than just a musical venture; it was a lesson in the importance of an artist’s personality and public persona.

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