Courtney LaPlante Denies Mocking Metallica For Their ‘Uninteresting Metal Music’

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A music forum on X, known as Discog Discourse, found itself at the center of a heated debate in the music world after the 2024 Grammy Awards. The controversy ignited when the page shared a post with a fake quote from Courtney LaPlante of Spiritbox, inaccurately claiming she criticized Metallica’s music following their Grammy win for ’72 Seasons.’

The false statement attributed to LaPlante sarcastically praised Metallica, hinting that one could achieve Grammy success with “uninteresting metal music” at an advanced age. The quote read:

“I’m happy for Metallica! Who knows, maybe when we’re 80, we’ll also be able to put out uninteresting metal music and win Grammys for it!”

After this quote gained traction, it was eventually debunked and removed by Discog Discourse amidst fan outrage. LaPlante herself took to X to clear the air, denying she ever made such a comment and stating her admiration for Metallica. She clarified:

“This is made up. I wouldn’t normally respond, but I’ve received many messages about it. Actually, it’s the complete opposite of my true sentiments. Losing to Metallica is an honor.”

LaPlante also addressed the misunderstanding, lamenting the poor execution of what might have been intended as satire and recounting a pleasant encounter with Metallica’s Rob Trujillo:

“The attempt at satire here missed the mark, making it hard to see it as just that. Also, it’s a good moment to remember Lars’ dad’s advice, ‘I think you should delete this.’ Meeting Rob was a highlight for us!”

In response to the fallout, Discog Discourse apologized, acknowledging the misstep and their intention not to cause harm, stating they aimed for humor and music discussion, and announced plans to reevaluate their content approach.

At the Grammy ceremony in Los Angeles’s Arena, Metallica’s ’72 Seasons’ secured the award, with Robert Trujillo accepting it on behalf of the band, as other members were absent for personal reasons.

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