David Draiman Blasts Disturbed Fans Over Taylor Swift: ‘Shut Up!’

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At a recent musical event by the band Disturbed in Peoria, Illinois, the lead vocalist David Draiman made an unexpected move by openly appreciating Taylor Swift amidst a crowd of rock enthusiasts.

In a clip that gained rapid traction on TikTok, Draiman brought two dads and their 12-year-old daughters up to the stage, lauding their decision to embrace a rock concert experience. He addressed the young attendees, acknowledging their choice to be at a Disturbed event rather than a Taylor Swift concert, and highlighted the importance of diverse musical tastes. He remarked:

“Choosing a Disturbed show over Taylor Swift indicates a rock and roll upbringing. But remember, Taylor Swift is remarkable in her own right.”

His statement initially received a mixed reaction from the crowd, leading Draiman to further emphasize his point:

“I respect any pop artist who performs live, sings, and plays guitar in front of thousands. Their dedication deserves recognition.”

This wasn’t the first time Draiman showed support for Swift. At a concert in November 2023, he defended her to a fan who seemed surprised by the mention of Taylor Swift at a Disturbed concert. He humorously distinguished between Disturbed’s and Swift’s music but firmly addressed any negative reactions, asserting:

“Enough with the negativity. Taylor Swift is exceptional.”

Draiman’s respect for Swift was evident even earlier, during an August 2023 interview with WMMR in Philadelphia, where he praised her songwriting prowess. He remarked:

“Taylor Swift is a standout songwriter of our era. Her talent is immense. I’m open to collaborating with her anytime. She’s not just brilliant; she’s a leading songwriter of our time.”

He also spoke highly of other pop icons like Pink and Lady Gaga, acknowledging their genuine talent and stage presence, with a special emphasis on Swift’s stature in the music industry.

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