David Lee Roth Disses Sammy Hagar In His New Song

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The Van Halen frontman is at it again! David Lee Roth’s latest YouTube escapade, “Where is David Lee Roth Director’s Cut?,” seems to contain more than a few lyrical barbs aimed at his long-time rival, Sammy Hagar.

Check out these lines:

“Sammy Hagar’s not the same / You can drop that singer from Extreme / But no matter where you walk around / There’s a little David in everyone.”

Roth and Hagar’s squabbles are the stuff of rock and roll legend. From Roth’s wild alien probing accusations to Hagar snubbing Roth’s tour requests, these guys love a good grudge match. But lately, Roth has extended his diss game to Wolfgang Van Halen. After their falling out over a shared tour, Hagar claims Roth’s barbs at Wolfgang come from a familiar place:

“Look, if you really think about what he said, it’s like do I sense a little tinge of jealousy in there or something? Does he feel like he’s left out or something?”

Only time will tell if Roth keeps the disses rolling or buries the hatchet. With a personality this unpredictable, the next round could erupt at any time.

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