Don Dokken Regrets Sharing Money With DOKKEN Members: “I Was Stupid, I Lost Millions”

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In a recent interview with the “On The Road To Rock With Clint Switzer” podcast, Don Dokken, the frontman of DOKKEN, shared insights into the band’s unique approach to songwriting royalties and shed light on the early decisions that shaped the group’s dynamic. Dokken revealed that when he formed the band, they agreed to an equal split of songwriting royalties among all four members, emphasizing simplicity and a “may the best songs win” mentality.

Reflecting on this decision, Dokken acknowledged that, in hindsight, it might have been a “stupid thing to do” as he ended up giving away a significant portion of royalties, particularly for songs he wrote. Despite personally contributing to many hits, he conceded to a 75 percent split with the other band members. This decision, while perhaps not the most financially lucrative for him, was rooted in the band’s humble beginnings and a desire for simplicity in their songwriting process.

The interview delved into Dokken’s experience during the audition for Metallica, where he recounted spending several hours showcasing his skills. Despite not getting the position, he left a lasting impression on the band during the deliberation period.

In another revelation from almost a decade ago, former DOKKEN guitarist George Lynch spoke about the band’s breakup in 1989, highlighting a shift in dynamics when the lead singer, Don Dokken, expressed a desire to claim the entirety of the renegotiated deal. Lynch explained that this move ultimately led to financial repercussions for the entire band.

DOKKEN’s current lineup includes Don Dokken, bassist Chris McCarvill, guitarist Jon Levin, and drummer BJ Zampa. The band’s 13th studio album, “Heaven Comes Down,” was released in October, marking another chapter in their enduring career.

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