Eloy Casagrande’s Role In Slipknot Goes Beyond Just A ‘Hired Drummer,’ Jim Root Confirms

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Eloy Casagrande is gearing up for a fresh musical journey alongside his newfound companions in Slipknot.

In a recent conversation with Tone-Talk, Slipknot’s esteemed guitarist, Jim Root, delved into the band’s creative process, shedding light on the prospect of new music and Casagrande’s integral role:

“Eloy has shared some captivating drum loops with me. He’s been sending these… Eloy frequently records drum sessions and play-alongs in his personal studio setup. He forwarded me several clips ranging from a minute to a couple of minutes in duration, showcasing his drumming prowess. I transferred these files onto my workstation, converting them into formats compatible with Pro Tools.”

Root Set His Musical Imagination Free on Eloy’s Beats

Root elaborated on his process of incorporating Casagrande’s drum tracks into their creative sessions:

“I spent considerable time attempting to craft riffs around his drumming. Admittedly, it posed a challenge since Eloy essentially sent me two-minute drum solos. I’m not adept at pinpointing segments and seamlessly looping them to construct, say, an introductory riff or a verse section.”

“Given the nature of the drum tracks he provided, characterized by intricate and dynamic patterns, I managed to compose riffs for most of them. There’s one piece, in particular, that intrigues me. If it evolves into a full-fledged song, it promises to be a whirlwind of chaos, which could be rather exhilarating. So, in essence, yes, Eloy is making significant contributions, although we’re still in the initial phases. We’re focused on honing our live performances for now, but soon, we’ll dive headfirst into the creative process.”

Eloy’s Debut Performances with Slipknot

Casagrande recently made his debut with Slipknot, captivating audiences on April 25 at Pappy + Harriet’s in Pioneertown, California, followed by an electrifying performance on April 27 at the Sick New World Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some fans have already voiced their belief that he seamlessly fits into the Slipknot ethos, perhaps even surpassing expectations set by his predecessor, Jay Weinberg.

Reflecting on his audition experience for Slipknot, Casagrande shared insights during an interview. He received a call from the band’s manager in December 2023, initially uncertain about what lay ahead. However, after diligently learning the setlist and mastering a repertoire of 32 songs, he commenced his journey with a mix of nerves and determination, gradually finding his stride with unwavering support from his bandmates. Overall, the transition proved to be a smooth and fulfilling experience.

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