Everything Jimi Hendrix Played Was Out Of Tune And Wrong, Buzz Osborne Claims

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Buzz Osborne, the iconic figure from the Melvins, recently offered his distinctive take on the legendary Jimi Hendrix. In an exclusive feature for Total Guitar, Osborne delved into the enigmatic guitarist’s techniques, sparking a conversation about conventional norms in guitar playing. While acknowledging Hendrix’s revered status as one of the finest guitarists in history, Osborne provocatively labeled his approach as ‘wrong’ and ‘peculiar’:

“In certain circles, Hendrix is hailed as the pinnacle of guitar virtuosity. However, his style defies conventional teaching methods. No reputable guitar instructor would advocate emulating his unorthodox technique.”

Osborne didn’t mince words, asserting that Hendrix’s performances were marred by a pervasive lack of tuning:

“It’s confounding. Hendrix’s playing is unconventional, his technique flawed. Everything seems out of tune, askew. Yet, he reigns supreme. If he epitomizes greatness, shouldn’t we embrace his idiosyncrasies as a lesson?”

During another interview, Osborne was prompted to list his preferred guitarists. Preferring a road less traveled, he opted against the predictable choice of Hendrix, considering it ‘too pedestrian’ given the universal adoration for the icon. Instead, he ventured into a realm of lesser-known virtuosos:

“Sure, I could rattle off the usual suspects—Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page—but where’s the thrill in that? Everyone loves those stalwarts.”

In a departure from the mainstream, Osborne spotlighted figures like James Honeyman-Scott, Dave Shepherd, Dave Davies, Eddie Hazel, and Robin Trower. He shrugged off comparisons to Hendrix, particularly praising Trower’s emotive masterpiece, “Bridge of Sighs,” as a testament to soulfulness transcending imitation.

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  1. Pugliese Bob Reply

    Buzz who? A iconic figure not guitar player says it all. I’ve been playing forty years never heard the name. It’s sad that ignorant statements has become a way of making one relevant. Consider the technology standing in front of cranked Marshall’s with a strat. Yes any live performance of that error has tuning issues. A great artist has his own style and sound. A average guitarist sounds like all the rest using the circle of 5ths. I can assure you the studio work is not out of tune don’t even go there

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