Foo Fighters’ Josh Freese Announces His Return To A Perfect Circle After 13 Years

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Exciting news for A Perfect Circle enthusiasts: Josh Freese is making a comeback! After a hiatus of 13 years, the drummer has confirmed his return to the band for a select number of performances. Freese will be part of the band’s lineup from the onset of the tour, contributing his talents to the first 13 shows.

Announcing his return via Instagram, Freese expressed his enthusiasm about reuniting with A Perfect Circle for the upcoming ‘Sessanta’ tour. He mentioned his commitment to the Foo Fighters will require him to step away after the concert at the Hollywood Bowl on April 20, with Gunnar Olsen from Puscifer (and potentially Tim Alexander) stepping in for the subsequent dates.

Freese highlighted the deep connection he feels with A Perfect Circle and his excitement to play their music once again. Although his schedule with the Foo Fighters limits his availability, he hinted at the possibility of making appearances at additional shows if his schedule permits.

The anticipation of Freese’s involvement had been building, especially after he teased his return by sharing a photo of his drum kit earlier in the week, remarking on the ease of returning to the band after 13 years.

Freese, known as A Perfect Circle’s original full-time drummer, contributed to the band’s first three albums before their hiatus in 2005. He rejoined the band briefly for their 2010 reunion but did not participate in the creation of the 2018 album ‘Eat the Elephant.’

His return coincides with the ‘Sessanta’ tour, a special concert event celebrating Maynard James Keenan’s 60th birthday. This unique show will feature A Perfect Circle, Primus, and Puscifer sharing the stage, scheduled for Keenan’s birthday on April 17. Freese will perform with A Perfect Circle from the tour’s start in Boston on April 2 until the April 20 performance in Los Angeles, after which Gunnar Olsen will take over for the remainder of the tour until May 4.

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