Garbage’s Shirley Manson: ’It Was Outrageous To Call Lars Ulrich A Greedy Capitalist’

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During a conversation with NME, Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson came to the defense of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, addressing the impact of leaked music on artists. Manson highlighted the financial ramifications and the challenges musicians face when their work is distributed without compensation. She criticized the portrayal of Ulrich as a “greedy capitalist,” noting her own experience with backlash for speaking out on similar issues.

Reflecting on the broader music industry landscape, Manson underscored the challenges faced by artists, particularly those who emerged before the digital age. She emphasized the importance of fair compensation for musicians in an era where record labels and streaming platforms profit immensely from their work.

The controversy surrounding Metallica’s stance on music piracy originated when Ulrich testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Napster’s copyright infringement in 2000. Despite legal victories, Metallica faced criticism and accusations of being out of touch with younger audiences.

Ulrich himself addressed the issue of leaked music, adopting a pragmatic attitude toward the inevitability of leaks in the digital age. Despite anticipating leaks for their albums like ‘Death Magnetic’ and ’72 Seasons,’ Metallica managed to keep their latest release under wraps by maintaining secrecy until the moment of its official release.

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