Gene Simmons Is Open To Work With Ace Frehley Again

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Kiss legend Gene Simmons is surprisingly open to a reunion with former bandmate Ace Frehley, despite their past differences. In a recent interview, he even revealed helping Frehley with his 2018 solo album ‘Spaceman’.

“Sure, I’m open to new music with the guys,” Simmons said. “Problems happen in any family, right? But at the end of the day, we’re good.”

Simmons recalled how Frehley reached out for help while working on ‘Spaceman’: “Ace called me up needing some songs. I had time, so I drove out and co-wrote a couple of tracks for him. There’s always room to collaborate, you just have to make the time.”

Frehley Promises New Album That Will “Embarrass” Kiss

Despite the friendly collaboration with Simmons, Frehley has no plans to work with any Kiss members in the future. He’s already hyping his next solo album, claiming it will “embarrass” Simmons and Paul Stanley:

“This album will blow them out of the water. I said that before it even started, and I dare them to try and match it.” Frehley also claims Simmons and Stanley have damaged his reputation.

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