James Hetfield Responds To Concerns About His Voice

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James Hetfield, Metallica’s frontman, addressed fans’ concerns about his vocal health in a recent episode of ‘The Metallica Report’. Hetfield, known for his ritual of enjoying a cigar before performing, reassured listeners about his condition, despite worries that this habit might impact his singing abilities. He confidently stated, “I feel that I am kind of singing the best that I have in a long time and I am doing my best, and I get to enjoy that as well, so we’ll see.”

In an interesting collaboration, Hetfield partnered with Blackened American Whiskey and Drew Estate to launch a Metallica-inspired cigar line, Blackened Cigars ‘M81’. This project was a collaboration between Hetfield, Jonathan Drew of Drew Estate, and the master distiller and blender of Blackened American Whiskey, blending their expertise over two years to perfect a unique flavor profile. This venture didn’t stop at one project, hinting at ongoing collaborations.

However, Hetfield’s passion for cigars might be taking a toll on his performances. Reports suggest vocal issues have led to adjustments in Metallica’s setlists. For example, during a concert at State Farm Stadium, the band had to modify their usual lineup, shortening it by a couple of songs due to Hetfield’s vocal problems. Notably, ‘The Day That Never Comes’ and ‘Master Of Puppets’ were omitted from their performance, as documented by Ed Masley of the Arizona Republic and While the direct cause remains unconfirmed, the impact on Metallica’s live shows indicates a potential link to Hetfield’s cigar habit, with further clarity expected in the future.

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