Judas Priest’s Glenn Tipton: Parkinson’s Disease ‘Won’t Beat Me’

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Glenn Tipton guitarist Glenn Tipton, diagnosed with Parkinson’s a decade ago (though symptoms started earlier), discussed his role in the band’s latest album, “Invincible Shield,” with Total Guitar magazine. Despite his illness, he’s proud of his contributions and commends fellow guitarist Richie Faulkner for his adaptability. Tipton, determined not to let Parkinson’s defeat him, continues to write and play.

Faulkner also shared insights with Total Guitar, explaining how Tipton’s illness impacted the album. They adjusted, ensuring Tipton wasn’t overburdened. Tipton brought in songs like “Sons Of Thunder,” showcasing his signature style. Although his involvement varied, the band made sure he felt included.

Tipton has made appearances on PRIEST’s recent “Metal Masters” tour, joining for encores. Due to his condition, he stepped back from touring after the “Firepower” album, replaced by producer Andy Sneap.

In a chat with The Aquarian, Faulkner discussed Tipton’s role in “Invincible Shield.” Ideas were exchanged among band members, with Tipton contributing developed concepts like “Sons Of Thunder.” Faulkner emphasized the importance of involving Tipton, reflecting on his influence and their collaborative process.

Tipton, in his first interview post-diagnosis, acknowledged the initial shock but remained determined to keep playing. Realizing the toll touring would take on him, he retired from that aspect to preserve the integrity of Judas Priest.

The band continues, with Tipton’s legacy enduring through their music and the support of his bandmates.

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