Judas Priest’s Ian Hill: Mentally, ‘I’m Still 12 Years Old’

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In a recent chat with Riff X’s “Metal XS,” Ian Hill of JUDAS PRIEST shared insights into the band’s new album “Invincible Shield,” highlighting its complexity and evolution from the 2018 album “Firepower.” Hill described the latest project as “busier” with more intricate compositions.

He reflected on the band’s journey, noting their openness to experimenting with new recording techniques and technologies to stay contemporary and engage with both long-time fans and newer, younger audiences. The extra time afforded by the pandemic allowed for deeper exploration and innovation in their music.

Ian Hill also offered wisdom to young musicians, emphasizing the importance of patience and persistence in the music industry. He reassured that overnight success is rare and that most bands work hard behind the scenes for years before gaining recognition. Talent, self-belief, and the willingness to perform whenever and wherever possible are crucial to making a mark.

Regarding connecting with younger fans despite the age gap, the 72-year-old bassist shared a lighthearted take on age, saying that mentally, he and his bandmates don’t feel their age, which helps them stay mentally young and relatable to fans of all ages. Hill, the only original member left in JUDAS PRIEST since its formation in 1969, reflected on the band’s lineage and its ability to adapt and thrive through generations of rock music.

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