KERRY KING Says His New Band Is ‘An Extension Of SLAYER’, Debut Album Is Followup-To ‘Repentless’

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Kerry King, renowned for his work with Slayer, recently sat down with Metal Hammer to discuss his latest musical endeavor. He unveiled that the group’s inaugural album has been in the can since June 2023.

King shared his thoughts on the new band:

“Exploring different musical avenues isn’t a priority for me. If I wasn’t part of Slayer, I’d be one of its avid supporters. So, in essence, this project is a natural progression from Slayer. I believe many will view it as what could have been Slayer’s subsequent album.”

“Roughly 80% of the material aligns with what I had envisioned for Slayer’s next work. In my view, it’s undoubtedly a sequel to ‘Repentless.’ The album is not just about speed, although it does feature some blazingly fast tracks. I’ve dabbled in speed before, but here we’ve pushed it to Herculean levels. However, the album isn’t one-dimensional – it includes heavy, punk-influenced, and even doom-laden tracks. Essentially, it’s a melting pot of various styles we’ve explored throughout our career.”

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