Kerry King Drops A Bombshell: Slayer To Perform Live Again?

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kerry King revealed that while a full-blown tour seems unlikely, the chance of Slayer doing a special one-time show remains open.

King shared his thoughts on the band’s future performances, stating, “A tour for Slayer? I doubt that’s in the cards. But a one-off show? There could be a situation where that works out. Am I actively seeking it out? Not at all. I’m gearing up for the next chapter of my career, which I see lasting at least another decade. So, if a Slayer show happens, it happens.”

Reflecting on his current relationship with ex-bandmate Tom Araya, King mentioned they haven’t been in touch since Slayer’s last concert in 2019. He hasn’t received a message or email from Araya, although he remains in contact with other band members. King noted, “I’d likely answer if Tom reached out, depending on what it’s about. I’m not holding any grudges at the moment.”

During a conversation last month with Heavy Consequence, King also talked about his forthcoming solo album, ‘From Hell I Rise.’ He pointed out that fans of Slayer would appreciate his new work, saying, “My style and writing are recognizable since I played a significant role in Slayer’s last album. I’ve put my all into this album, so if you’ve enjoyed my work before, you’ll find something to like here, maybe even love the entire album. I’m really proud of it.”

The album, which is eagerly anticipated for its May 17, 2024, release, features contributions from well-known artists like Mark Osegueda, Phil Demmel, Kyle Sanders, and Paul Bostaph, drawing significant attention from the metal music scene.

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