Kerry King Had No Contact With Tom Araya After Slayer Reunion Announcement

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In a candid interview with Metal Hammer, Kerry King addressed the lingering question of personal dynamics between himself and Tom Araya ahead of the upcoming Slayer reunion shows. Despite any private differences, King assured fans that it wouldn’t cast a shadow over their stage presence.

The band’s unexpected return to the limelight with performances slated for three prominent US festivals – Louder Than Life, Riot Fest, and Aftershock – marks their first collective appearance since their disbandment in 2019.

While King’s management advised steering clear of Slayer discussions amidst promotions for his solo endeavors, the topic naturally arose. King confirmed that the reunion hadn’t prompted any reconnection with his bandmate.

When probed about communication between them since the announcement, King’s response was succinct:


Elaborating on the apparent lack of dialogue, King emphasized that it wasn’t an anomaly in their dynamic. He clarified that despite their differences, there was no animosity between them, attributing their relationship to that of evolved business partners:

“What’s normal anyway? There’s no rulebook for this stuff. It’s not about harboring resentment. We’ve simply grown apart over time, becoming more like business associates. Our interests and perspectives diverged. Does that mean I despise him? Not at all. But daily conversations aren’t a necessity.”

Further addressing the issue, King highlighted the pragmatic aspect of their collaboration:

“It’s not strange. We just move in different orbits. When it’s time to hit the stage, I’ll be there without hesitation. We’re seasoned pros, and that’s our job.”

In a prior interview with Rolling Stone, King disclosed that Araya hadn’t reached out since the band’s dissolution in 2019. Reflecting on his interactions with other band members, King noted the absence of contact from Araya:

“Not a call. Not a message. I’ve conversed with everyone else from the band via phone, text, or email. If Tom reached out, I’d likely respond. The context would matter, of course, but I harbor no ill will towards him at present.”

Slayer is scheduled to headline Louder Than Life on the weekend of September 27th, Riot Fest on the weekend of September 20th, and Aftershock on Thursday, October 10th.

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